We lost a friend, a reader, an adverturer...May he be remembered with great love...

Glenn and Staci had the opportunity to enjoy traveling together.
In many ways, the friendships we've been gifted in our travels have taken on a new meaning.  No longer is it the dinner parties at their homes and ours, the getting together for a barbecue or picnic or a dinner and drinks on the town.

The relationships we've developed over these years of world travel have morphed into an entirely different context.  Our friendships grow in short moments in time; on cruises, at public venues, in small towns and online.

The online aspect is most surprising to us but then, marriages and lasting relationships are often built and grown through the magic of the Internet, which had become a common medium for incorporating new people into our lives.

In no way can we diminish the power and significance of this means of making friends.  Through social media, including chat sessions, Facebook, blogs, and email, we're easily able to develop meaningful friendships through the written word.

Without the benefits of the inflection in one's voice or the expressions on one's face, somehow many of us who are comfortable communicating online, allow ourselves the privilege of becoming close and connected with those we meet along the way in cyberspace.

Such was the case with our online friends, Staci and Glenn whom we met a few years ago via our posts.  From a message online and in an email, dear Staci informed us that Glenn passed away a few days ago due to a brain injury.

Ironically, Glenn had sent us a beautiful email on April 13th which I won't re-post in its entirety with respect for the privacy of Staci and the family.  But today, we will share but a snippet that he shared with us for his love for travel. 

 Glenn wrote:

"Years ago I took off for a year and visited Africa riding hot air balloons over seven countries. I navigated some of the most terrifying rapids in the world under Victoria Falls and kayaked the Zambezi River for a month all the way to the Indian Ocean."

Glenn went on to share his myriad worldwide experiences making valuable suggestions to us for our upcoming return to Africa which we took seriously as we read that April 13th email, realizing his thoughtful suggestions were meant to enrich our experiences in every way possible.  That was who Glenn was.

Now after he has passed he's left the world another legacy, the generous donation of his liver and kidneys that are now ready to be transplanted into as many as three fortunate recipients when a transplant list is often lengthy and unyielding. 

As we continue to travel, we have the "world" with us, enriching us, embracing us and leaving us with memories that neither time nor place can strip away.  Thank you, Glenn, for being a part of those memories. 

May you travel on that river of eternity with the sun on your handsome face, fearless and passionate for the treasures this exquisite planet bestowed upon you and for the treasures you bestowed upon others both in life and in death.

Staci and family; no words can ease your sorrow.  May your hearts and minds flourish with good memories as you work your way through this sorrowful time.  Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with you always.

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia...Planning a get-together with our readers while in Minnesota...Please RSVP by email...

The beginning of the miniature golf course on deck 12.
Our ship, Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas has reached land after two and a half days at sea since leaving Sydney on April 22nd.  We plan to embark on a tender boat for a 20 minutes ride, to have an opportunity to browse the island and take some photos.

All is going well thus far as we thoroughly enjoy every moment aboard the ship, meeting more and more wonderful people, engaging in lively conversations while sharing endless stories of travel and life.

A small uninhabited island off the coast of New Caledonia.
Many passengers aboard the ship are from other parts of the world beside Australia and  are of varying ages.  We received the following information from the Diamond Club concierge where we're seated at this time.  See this information below:

Passenger stats
Australia:  1889
US:            830
Canada:     147
UK:            103
NZ:             81
Germany:    44
Brazil:         10
Ireland:       10
Other:         92
Total passengers: 3186
Diamond Club & above: 880

Ages of Passengers
22 - 30:         75
31 - 40:         89
41-50:          151
51-65:        1162
66-75:        1311
75 and over: 305

The basketball play area on deck 12.
Last night we had another engaging evening in the Sapphire Dining room while half of our table of 12 became engrossed in a discussion about politics.  Not precipitated by either of us, Tom was excited and animated to participate in discussing world affairs with a few other politically minded individuals at our table.  He was in his element.

Based on the fact that we prefer to keep our views under wraps in our posts, he was thrilled to be able to spew his opinions with other like-minded individuals.    I listened intently occasionally interjected a short blurb into the conversation. 

Another island in New Caledonia.
When the dining room was about to close, we wandered to the Palace Theatre to see a comedian performing a late night "adult" show.  Both of us dosed off during the show.  I awoke with a stiff neck and rattled Tom's shoulder stating, "Let's go to the cabin and get some sleep." 

Off we went to our cabin for what proved to be a good night's sleep.  By 7:30 am we were seated in the Sapphire Dining Room with two couples at a shared table for breakfast.

Rock climbing wall.
As for the upcoming date for our get-together in Minnesota, we're shooting for Friday, June 9, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm.  We'll get back to our readers with a location once we have an idea of how many people may be able to come. 

The location will be near Highways 394 and 494 located close Minnetonka/Plymouth.  The exact location will be posted over several days as the time approaches. 

Please email me if you'd like to attend at the link on our web page on the right side of each day's homepage or by clicking here.

Today is ANZAC day, a day of remembrance for lives lost in wars in Australia and New Zealand.  A presentation was conducted on the ship's pool deck at 5:45 am.  We didn't attend but later watched the event on TV. 

We'll be back tomorrow with photos from our visit to Isle of Pines, New Caledonia.  Have a blissful day!

Based on the poor Wi-Fi signal aboard the ship, it appears we won't be able to post any "one year ago" photos until after we arrive in Vancouver on May 15th.   Thank you for your patience.

Settled in at last...Tomorrow's post will include date and time for upcoming get together with our readers in Minnesota!

Musical instrument display in the stairwell.
We're finally feeling settled in.  Wandering about the ship, we familiarized ourselves with all the many venues, bars, restaurants and shops and theaters.  My FitBit is practically smoking with all the steps we're taking walking throughout the ship off and on all day.

It feels especially good to be moving about as much as we have each day when in Fairlight, there were days I wasn't quite up to getting out as I've been over these past few days since I changed my diet even further.

Staff preparing the Star Lounge for the nightly Diamond Lounge.  We're Diamond Club members after collecting sufficient points to warrant access to many services provided to members including a nightly ""party" which includes complimentary food and drinks from 5 pm to 8:30 pm.  Last night, we left in time for an enjoyable dinner in the Sapphire Dining Room, sharing a large table with other friendly passengers.

In sheer desperation, I adopted the FODMAPS diet including only those foods that are acceptable for my usual way of eating.  The elimination process was a challenge after cutting out most dairy, cream, onions, garlic, cauliflower, avocados and more.

Within 24 hours I was almost totally pain-free, can now consume hot tea, eat a normal sized meal and have even managed to have a small breakfast and dinner.  The bloating is reducing a little each day and I can go almost the entire day without thinking of my gut discomfort. 

Each passenger finds a groove which enables them to participate in activities they find most pleasurable.  Many sit quietly and read or play games on their iPads, tablets, and phone with little interaction with others.  We're both social butterflies. That's our groove!
Hopefully, as time passes, I'll be completely free of any discomfort from the annoying Helicobacter Pylori, its resulting ulcers, and its varied symptoms.  The ship is doing a fine job of preparing my meals including the new exclusions I incorporated into my usual food list.

For information on the FODMAPS diet, please click here.  Ironically, this scientifically backed approach to intestinal health was developed by the Monash University in Australia.   So far, so good!  Our fingers are crossed.

Stairways to the Promenade Deck where many passengers gather throughout the day and night.  (It's also easily accessible by multiple elevators).
At the moment, we're seated in the Diamond Club Lounge on deck 14 that has a constant flow of complimentary food and beverages.  The seating is inviting and comfortable, the conversation welcomed and easy flowing with other members who've had many similar cruise experiences to ours.

Busily, I'm typing in an attempt to complete today's post considering the Wi-Fi issues that continue while we're out to sea.  We have no idea if this will improve or worsen along the way.  It's simply a part of life "living at sea" as we have on many cruises, this as #18 since we began our travels.

Finally, I broke the awful cycle of awakening between 3 or 4 am and staying awake.  To help with this process, I've been listening to podcasts on my new smartphone when I go to bed instead of staring at the screen. 

These passengers were in the queue at the guest services desk for a variety of reasons.  If and when we have a customer service issue, we call rather than stand in this long slow queue.
If I awaken during the night, again I'll listen to the podcasts and am lulled back to sleep.  My phone has a timer to turn off the podcast automatically.  As we all know having sufficient sleep it vital to feeling well during the day.

Apparently, there's a lot of truth to the fact that staring at screens before bed has a bad effect on sleep.  Once I received my own phone, my sleep habits worsened.  Now, as of several days ago, I'm getting back on track.

Oh well, a part of the aging process may result in a variety of health issues, including a variety of conditions, sleep problems and generally not be feeling as well as we may have felt decades ago. 

One night soon, the staff will entertain us while dancing and singing from this upper walkway.
But, making every effort to combat these "afflictions" can be highly instrumental in ensuring we build ourselves back up to optimum performance and health.  It's an ongoing process that, if ignored, can result in permanent disability and a lack of opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Need I say, we're grateful and happy to be able to surpass some of the issues that come our way.  Oftentimes, it requires more than just a good attitude.  In our case, it's required analyzing the circumstances, searching for solutions and implementing a new and comprehensive plan. 

No, it's not always easy or convenient.  Not being able to eat many foods I like with my already limited diet is annoying.  Giving up coffee and caffeine was hard.  But, in this life, we have little time or patience for wasting even another day feeling less than ideal.

We continue on with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hopefulness for the future.  May you also find peace in your journey to wellbeing.


Photo from one year ago today, April 24, 2016:
Here again, we're unable to get into our site to post the "year ago photo" due to the nature of the Wi-Fi signal aboard the ship.  This issue may continue through these remaining 22 more nights on this cruise.  Once we're settled in Vancouver, we'll go back and make all the corrections including line spacing and other errors we're unable to correct at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

No Wi-Fi all morning...Late posting...Cruising along...Immigration issues at the port...

The Promenade deck is a favorite of ours.  Its comparable to a long street in the ship where there are bars, dining establishments and shops.  Great people watching!
It's almost 5 pm and the first time today we've been able to get online except for a few instances on our phones.  Its been frustrating to say the least. No doubt, its due to the vast number of passengers of this ship using their phones and iPads..

We'd hope to get today's post uploaded close to our usual time but based on the 3,825 passengers on this ship, the connection  is and will continue to be sketchy to say the least.

Our standard balcony cabin is small but we're fine with it.
After paying over US $500 for the VOOM high speed unlimited Wi-Fi for two devices for this 24 night cruise, we expected a little more.  There's no point in bringing it up to customer service since its clearly outlined that the ship's service may be unavailable at times.

Beside that inconvenience we are doing FABULOUS!  Although the ship, Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, is old and a little dated (built in 2000, refurbished in 2015) its in good condition with all the amenities a passenger could expect for this cruise line. 

Our toilet seat had a huge crack in it.  Last night they replaced it upon our request.  The bathroom is tiny with little storage space but we make it work.
Yesterday's boarding process was relatively easy except for one not-so-surprising glitch...immigration.  With copies of all of our bridging visa documents on hand, we still got whisked away to be "reviewed" in a separate area. 

The agent mistrusted what appeared on the computer and refused to look at our documents.  Weird.  However, neither of us panicked when we were certain we had the correct documentation.  Instead, we waited for over 30 minutes while the agent satisfied her curiosity that her superiors in Sydney had in fact done the documents correctly.

I offered the name of the supervisor in Sydney suggestion she contact her for confirmation.  Instead, she plodded along trying to read the laws while we waited to ensure it had been done correctly. 

View of the Sydney Opera House from our balcony prior to sailing away.
Finally, she let us board the ship reminding us we'd have trouble if we wanted to get back into Australia at any time in the future..  With no plans to return, we weren't worried.

Back on track, we boarded the ship to warm welcomes from staff, glasses of champagne (we declined) and with a short waiting period until our cabin was ready.

In no time at all, our bags were delivered to our door, except for Tom's suitcase containing two power strips (referred to as "power boards" in Australia).  Later in the evening he had to go to security to retrieve his bag after the power boards were confiscated.  They aren't allowed to be used on ships.  Instead we're supplied with extension cords.

I started shooting a few photos before we made a mess unpacking our bags.
Most passengers don't have everything they own in their cabin, like us and don't have power boards in their possession.  For our lifestyle, we need them and our adapters in our possession everywhere we travel.  We have to way to "leave them at home." 

Once we unpacked, neatly folding and hanging our clothes, we began to feel settled and comfortable.  As Diamond Club members we're provided with free drinks in the Star Lounge each evening.  Usually this runs from 5 pm to 8:30 pm but last night's muster drill at 5 pm, caused the happy hour time to be from 6:15 pm until 9 pm.

Alas, we had so much fun, the time slipped away and suddenly, it was almost 9 pm.  By the time we made it to the dining room it was closed.  Immediately, we took the elevator to the buffet, the Windjammer Cafe only to discover it too was also closed. 

Most likely, this was the last of many photos we'll have taken of the Sydney Opera House.  Goodbye Sydney.  Aside from a few glitches, it was grand.

Then, we headed back to our cabin to order room service only to find there wasn't a single item on the menu that I could eat.  Since I haven't been able to digest raw vegetables these past months, salads were out of the question.  The remaining options were sandwiches and wraps.  No good.

Tom refused to order anything with me being able to eat which was entirely unnecessary as far as I was concerned.  Who misses the first night's dinner on a cruise?  Isn't food what cruises are always about for many passengers? 

The perception that cruises have food available 24 hours a day is not necessarily true.  Sure, there was food but nothing either of us wanted to eat.  We laughed.  Only us!  Fun over food!  We went to bed without a morsel after haven only eaten a few bites of cheese back in fairlight before we left for the cruise terminal. 

Tonight, if we stay at the Star Lounge until happy hour ends at least we'll make it to the dining room well before the 9 pm closing.   Since we always select "My Time Dining" we can eat anytime we want before the 9 pm closing.

Surprisingly, we were starved this morning and we each had a good breakfast in the main dining room.  The head maitre'd met with me to review my food list and fully understood my restrictions.  My usual meal consists of fish, chicken, beef or pork (no sauce) and two sides of non-starchy vegetables.  Its not filling but the hunger abates in no time at all.

This afternoon when we couldn't get online to post.  Instead we went to the main theatre, The Palace, to see the movie, "La La Land."  What a fabulous movie!  If you haven't seen it we couldn't recommend it more.

Now, we have to get ready for "formal night" with another upcoming happy hour and tonight...dinner in the main dining room.

Cruising is fun and we're not missing a beat.  Today at noon,we experienced our first one hour time change.  There will seven one hour time changes plus one entire day.  Ha!

Have a wonderful day or evening wherever you may be.

Photo from one year ago today, April 23, 2016:
The signal is too weak to post the one year ago photo.  We'll add it tomorrow if we can.  Thanks for your patience.

Final expenses for Fairlight/Manly Australia...40 days gone...On to cruising...Favorite photos...

Beautiful sky at sunset, taken from our veranda.

Tom's shot of a stunning sunset.
Its about 10 am Saturday, April 22nd on this side of the International Dateline.  During our upcoming cruise, we'll cross back to the opposite side of the International Dateline gaining a day.  We'll post this peculiar phenomenon when it occurs on May 1st during the upcoming cruise.
The Sydney Opera House at night, taken from the Manly Ferry.

Luna Park in Sydney Harbour at night, taken from the Manly Ferry.
Saying we're excited is to minimize the extent of our raging enthusiasm.  It's not that we're anxious to leave the South Pacific after almost two years.  It's simply that we're excited for what is yet to come.

A Cockatoo visitor in the yard.

Our friend, Mr. Magpie, who visited us inside the house.
In reviewing how much time we spent since arriving on land in Australia on June 11, 2015, is shown below using the online "date to date" app at this link:
"From and including Thursday, June 11, 2015
To, but not including Saturday, April 22, 2017

Result: 681 days

It is 681 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date or, 1 year, 10 months, 11 days excluding the end date."

Hand feeding Kookaburra in the yard.

The interior of the Sydney Opera House as we waited for the performance to begin.  In a short time, almost every seat was occupied.  We had excellent center seats four rows from the stage.
Wow!  We've been in this part of the world for a very long time although the diversity of our experiences have been vast.  We won't take the time to list them all here today but feel free to review our archives during these above dates. 
The cafe where we had a beverage the morning of our final appointment at the immigration department.
Now, packed and ready to leave for the port at noon today, our hearts are filled with joy and satisfaction for the time we spent in this part of the world.  Even with the fact that I'd been "under the weather" since a spine injury on June 1, 2016, which followed with the exacerbation of the Helicobacter Pylori infection I acquired in Fiji in 2015, we still had a great time.
The scene in Manly near the ferry.
These two difficult scenarios confirmed how resilient and dedicated we are in continuing our journey, even with stumbles along the way.  Never once during this extended period of less-than-stellar health, did either of us lose hope and faith that we'd be able to continue on.

Offseason bloom on the grounds of Fairlight Gardens.
Nor did we ever get on one another's nerves, not for a day, not for an hour.  Mr. Overly Grumpy never reared his ugly head.  Then again, Ms. Overly Bubbly made fewer appearances than usual.  Now, we're both in the Overly Bubbly mode with plans to stay that way going forward.
Ken and Tom drinking beer.

Me and Linda toasting at lunch.

We met friends Linda and Ken from South Africa in Sydney for lunch.  It was a perfect day among friends!
Our experiences in Fairlight, although limited as I was slowly improving, were delightful with opportunities to meet with old friends as shown in today "favorite photos."

St. Patrick's Estate in Manly, a popular event venue.
Of course, no experience compares to the daily sense of comfort and companionship we spent with our kindly landlord, Bob Reed. This morning,  Bob sent us the following email as posted below.  It warmed our hearts to be able to develop such a fine relationship with this kindly man, now a lifelong friend.  There's no doubt we'll stay in touch.
The grounds at St. Patrick's Estate were prepared for a wedding.
Bob wrote the following:

"Good morning Tom and Jessica, welcome to your new adventure upon the high seas and continuing adventure that most of us only dream about. 

How lucky I have been to have met you both and have had the pleasure of your company for the past 40 days.
Those happy memories will stay with me forever.
Even though I cannot be with you as you travel the world, your wonderful website will be my companion to where you are and what exciting places you are visiting.
May good health be your constant companion during your world travels.
Jessica, I will also miss the wonderful dinners you cooked for Tom and me and our daily conversations solving all the problems of the world.  Well trying anyway.
Hopefully one day our paths will cross again and we can spend time together reminiscing about the happy times we spent together.
You both left a little bit of your hearts here at Fairlight Gardens.
Lots of love as you travel the world.
Bob Reed"
Tom in a pub with me for dinner in Circular Quay.
Reading Bob's thoughtful message brought tears to our eyes.  How did we get so lucky to become friends with yet another very special person?  We truly are blessed.
Giant surf at Manly Beach on a gorgeous day.
Rather than write back to Bob in an email, we decided to write back here:
Dear Bob,
No words can express how much we've appreciated your kindness and love and for of your constant and thoughtful attention to our needs.  Above all, your efforts at building a lasting friendship among the three of us will always be treasured as one of our favorite memories of the time we spent in Australia, here in beautiful Fairlight, a gem amongst towns throughout this fine nation.
Thank you for your lovely property, your attention to detail in every aspect, driving us about town and spending time with us.  You truly optimize the essence of friendship and generosity.
We hope that someday our paths will cross again but if they do not, no worries, we'll always carry you in our hearts wherever we may be.
Much love and good health always,
Jess & Tom
Bob and Tom at Dobroyd Head.
Should any of our readers decide to visit Sydney, we assure you an excellent experience if you book Bob's lovely property, either Fairlight Gardens private apartment, as we did with this link here. For Bob's Fairlight Gardens Bed and Breakfast, please click here.
Bob and I a Dobroyd Head.
There's no doubt in our minds that Bob will ensure an equally exceptional stay for our readers as well.  If you have any questions, you can be assured he'll reply promptly.
Bob, Bev, and Colin (a popular name in AU and UK) when they all joined us fo dinner at our apartment.
As for our final expenses, current to the last expenditures of two days ago, they are listed below.  We've found Australia to be more expensive than many parts of the world but have found staying in holiday homes is much less costly than staying in a hotel. 
Christine, Tom and I at dinner two nights ago.
With the excellent public tranportation services in Sydney and surrounding areas including buses, trains and ferries, its not necessary to rent a car.  We managed very well taking advantage of the affordable public transportation and of course, Bob frequent insistence on driving us on many occasions.

Expense US Dollar Australian Dollar
Vacation Rental $ 4,564.08  $ 6,053.92
Airfare  $    217.00  $    287.83
Taxi  $    105.01  $    139.29
Ferry (OPAL Card) $   140.00  $    185.70
Shipping $   460.00  $    610.16
Groceries $ 1,014.25  $ 1,345.33
Dining Out $    361.43 $    480.24
Entertainment $    102.06  $    135.38
Medical & Pharmacy $ 1,230.26 $ 1,534.68
Total $ 8,197.09 $10,891.59
Average Monthly Cost $ 6,233.20 $ 8,282.22
Avg Daily Cost - 40 days $    204.93 $    272.30
In less than two hours, we'll be out the door and on our way by taxi to the Sydney Cruise Terminal arriving in about 45 minuter.  Our next post will be uploaded aboard the ship tomorrow with photos for the next 24 nights. 
Out to dinner with friends Christine and Colin, who we met on our last cruise which ended 40 nights ago.
We hope our readers will continue to travel along with us during these upcoming 33 nights at sea, plus an additional two night gap while we stay in a hotel in Vancouver.  We plan to share many new stories and exciting photos along the way.
Cruise ship in the Sydney Harbour.

This morning while still dark at 5:45 am, we could see our ship, Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, entering Sydney Harbour.  What a sight!  We can hardly wait to board!

A bunny we posted on Easter Sunday, spotted on a walk with Bob.
Happy day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, April 22, 2016:
Due to poor signal aboard the ship one year ago today, we didn't include a photo. Instead we posted a list of some on the freebie on the ship, Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas.  Here they are:
Some of the "freebies" included on this particular cruise are:
  • Fitness center to include a few free classes and activities
  • Trivia games
  • Daily Mass
  • Men's Shed
  • Water aerobics
  • Mensa challenge
  • Movies shown daily inside the large theatre and outdoors on giant screen by the pool
  • Dance lessons
  • Mini golf tournament
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Singles gatherings
  • Bridge lessons and tournaments
  • Shuffleboard, ping pong, video games
  • Napkin art workshop
  • GLBT meetings
  • Ice Skating and skating shows
  • Rock climbing
  • Paper aeroplane making
  • Drama class
  • DreamWorks characters on display in Promenade Deck
  • Voyager Scavenger Hunt
  • Karaoke auditions and eventual show in theatre
  • Shows in the main theatre in the evenings at 6:45 pm and 8:45 pm, different each evening
  • Live music at various bars both during the day and in the evenings