Preparing for tomorrow's expedition, weather permitting...

Our water shoes, Swarovski binoculars, sunglasses, shorts, bathing suits, tee shirts, sunscreen and of course, bug spray and the camera.
Tomorrow morning at 7:45 we'll be taking off for an expedition, subject to good weather.  Upon returning later in the day, we'll describe our experience and hopefully post many photos.  Above is a photo of the "stuff" we plan  to wear and bring along.
We'll take photos of us, before, after, and during our greatly anticipated exploration.  No, we won't be bungee jumping or, much to my dismay, zip lining.  My hope, at the time we booked our travels was to experience the zip line.

As we've treasured the opportunity to travel the world, we 've recently made a decision to avoid potentially injurious situations.  Let's face it, on Wednesday this week, I'll turn 65. Tom, who doesn't exercise, other than walking vigorously (as of late) is 60. 

Yeah, we know, travelers older than us take monumental risks.  That's not us. Although, throughout the world, we're definitely exposed to many risks traveling in certain lands.

View from beach outside our veranda of Robert's Grove pier bar.
Not athletic but generally fit and now in good health, no experience is worth risking damage to my delicate spine.  After being totally pain free for over 18 months based on the benefits of my strict anti-inflammation diet, we've decided that no adventure is worth ruining the remainder of the world travels awaiting us. 

Without a doubt, now that we're settled, relaxed and... our 2012 prep spreadsheet is in the hands of our accountant (as of this morning), we're anxious to venture out to further explore the amazing country of Belize, learning about it's people, wildlife, geography, vegetation and history, all of which we'll share here.

The past few days the weather's been unpredictable with a combination of high winds, fast moving clouds and some drizzles resulting in rough seas.  Yesterday, we avoided our usual lengthy walk along the beach.  It was cold!  Tom laughed at me shivering in 70 degrees but, after days of 86 degrees with 80% or more humidity, it felt chilly. 
Windy and cloudy on the beach today.
This afternoon, the clouds moved out.  Minutes later we were ensconced in our favorite lawn chairs, our phones loaded with multiple books on Kindle apps,  in order to lazily lounge for our usual one-hour of sun worshipping ending with a dunk in the pristine unheated infinity pool. 

I hadn't read a novel in years, never taking the time to "get out of my head" in a novel.  Instead, I read volumes of informational, educational non-fiction books.  Having completed an entire  mindless novel in the past few days, I felt refreshed and content to have allowed myself to relax to this degree.

Tonight, we'll dine in.  With a whole leftover roasted chicken, onions and carrots and homemade coleslaw (made with a tiny head of cabbage and a few giant carrots that I shredded with a knife) we'll partake in a pleasure from our past, watching  the TV show, The Bachelor.  Much to our surprise, in Belize, we have full access to US television shows broadcasting all major networks and cable channels from New York. 

Seldom watching TV since leaving the US, tonight's the night.  Freshly showered, in comfy clothes, we'll soon park ourselves in front of the flat screen TV, trays on our laps, great food on our plates, doing what we love the most, simply being together.'s fun to be retired!

Check back tomorrow for details of our outing. 


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