Countries we'll visit, real estate to explore, plus photos..

Famous long sidewalk in Placencia Village with houses scattered along the way.
After spending most of my career as a real estate broker in Minnesota, USA, real estate in Belize peaked my curiosity and Tom's as well.  With our possible plan to "settle somewhere" when and if we tire of traveling, we've decided to research real estate when we find an area particularly appealing. 

An excellent example of local property design, the restaurant, the “Caribbean Breeze Coolspot,” offers sweeping views of the lagoon and the mountains from the deck.

With our newly discovered wanderlust, we can't imagine living in one locale for an extended period.  But, let's face it, advancing age may require a fixed location some time down the road

House along the drive into Placencia Village.
How can we make this potential eventuality fun and exciting, rather than a dreaded eventuality of aging?  Taking care of our health is firmly implanted in our lives.  As we all know, unforeseen medical issues can occur in a flash, no matter the attempts one has made to avert it.  We're products of our genes, our environment and past bad habits, that can haunt our DNA for a lifetime.

House on the way to Placencia Village.  There's a tremendous amount of poverty in Belize.
Keeping a positive attitude isn't a guaranty either, as much as we'd like to believe it is.  So, we've decided to live now, as if we'll live long and healthy lives, full of energy, full of passion and full of hope.

House we see each time we walk along the beach heading south on the Placencia peninsula.
This hope precipitates a desire to explore what options will be available to us for not only our pleasure but also for a certain degree of ease of living.  Would Belize fill that bill?  We don't know.  We're yet to define a frame of reference from one locale to another.

Occupied house near the pier at Monkey River.

We will have visited the following countries including many of their cities and regions in the next two plus years.  Health providing, we'll add many more in the years to come.  With a three and a half month unplanned gap in Europe in 2014 and a plan to explore more countries during that time, perhaps we'll add three to four more countries to this list.  (These are listed in no particular order).
1.       USA
2.       Belize
3.       France
4.       Italy
5.       Spain
6.       Turkey
7.       Greece
8.       United Arab Emirates
9.       US Virgin islands
10.   Honduras
11.   Grand Cayman
12.   Bahamas
13.   Puerto Rico
14.   Grand Turks and Caicos
15.   Portugal
16.   Egypt
17.   Jordan
18.   Kenya
19.   South Africa
20. Panama
21. Mexico
22. Guatemala
23. Costa Rica
24. Columbia

With ten upcoming cruises from April 2013 to November 2014, we'll have an opportunity to look at properties while in port along the way, both for sale and for rent.  This process may not give us a definitive view of our eventual long term location but may inspire us to return to live in a particular locale for a number of months to better acquaint ourselves with the lifestyle.

House along the canal leading to the lagoon, leading to the Caribbean Sea.
So often, while on vacation, we've all fantasized about moving to the location to live an idyllic life lounging on a pristine sandy beach, with the waves lapping at our feet. 

In only a short time, we've come to realize in our own naivety, that however romantic and inviting a location may be, in time, we all settle in to the comfortable and the familiar which hopefully brings us a sense of contentment, fulfillment and a certain degree of happiness.


Anonymous said...

The little blue/green house on the lagoon in the third picture from the top is a restaurant, the “Caribbean Breeze Coolspot,” with excellent views of the lagoon and mountains from the deck. It’s operated by Wendy & Denise, two sisters originally from Canada who previously owned the Pickled Parrot restaurant in Placencia Village, Facebook page:

Jessica said...

Thanks for the correction. I will post this under the photo.

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