Does the fire at the Nairobi airport have an effect upcoming flight to Kenya?

As reported in the today's news, a fire at Kenya's main airport in Nairobi has shut down the airport. 

Watching the news on TV on the few English speaking channels we have access to in Boveglio, Italy, inspired us to consider how this may have an effect on our upcoming flight to Kenya on September 2, 2013, only 26 days from today.

Departing from the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy, we'll have two layovers on our flight, luckily none of which are at the Nairobi International Airport. 

Here's our flight itinerary:

9/2/13 - Departure   2 stops
Total travel time: 15 h 25 m
custom air icon
2 h 25 m 
VCE  10:45am
IST  2:10pm  
Terminal I
Turkish Airlines 1868
Economy/Coach (S) | Confirm seats with the airline *
Layover: 4 h 5 m
custom air icon
6 h 55 m   3,110miles
IST  6:15pm
JRO  1:10am +1 day  
Turkish Airlines 673
Economy/Coach (S) | Confirm seats with the airline *
Layover: 1 h 0 m
custom air icon
1 h 0 m   180miles
JRO  2:10am
MBA  3:10am   , Arrives on 9/3/13
Turkish Airlines 673
Economy/Coach (S) | Confirm seats with the airline *

In a prior post I had mistakenly quoted our flight as being 17 hours long (please excuse the error) when in fact it is only 15 hours and 25 minutes. That's good news! 

Reviewing our itinerary once more, it makes me cringe at the long wait we'll have on the second layover.  How in the world will we stay awake, waiting at the Kilimanjaro airport for almost 7 hours?  Yikes.  If we were on the plane, we could sleep.  I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The only issue for us could be delays when we arrive in Mombasa, Kenya at 3:10 am if flights are still be diverted to other airports.  As it is we've read online that any arrivals in Kenya may result in long waits going though customs and acquiring visas for our extended stay. 

Bottom line, if we arrive in Mombasa safely, subsequently to arrive at our rental house however many hours later, we'll be grateful.

With all the embassies and consulates closing in various parts of the world, there is no doubt cause for concern for travelers.  Kenya was not included in these closings which provided us with a little peace of mind.

The world is a scary place.  We don't take any of our travels lightly. With neither of us fans of flying, preferring cruise ships as a means of transportation, the less commotion, the better.

Hopefully, less than a month from now we'll be comfortably situated in our vacation rental in Diani Beach, the ocean a mere 300 steps from our door, feeling content and looking forward to arranging a safari to see the Great Migration, our major motivator for visiting Kenya.


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