Our minds play tricks on us...Learning to avoid disappointment...

Thank you, loyal readers, for taking the time to read the relatively mundane story telling of the process of preparing to leave yet another country.  At this point, if we didn't share this process, our alternative would be to avoid posting for many days with little else to tell.

Nothing pleases us more than sharing photos and accompanying stories that seem to peak the interest of most of our readers.  What's to show or tell when the packing in itself is repetitious and boring?

But, wait!  A week from today we'll be lounging on our new veranda with a tower (see chart below) of giraffes only feet away nipping at the tree tops or a sounder (see chart below) of warthogs getting comfortable for an afternoon nap in the yard or a crossing (see chart below) of zebras staring at us in wonder as they contemplate a drink from the swimming pool.

A group is called a -
ZebraCrossing or Herd

Click!  Click! Click!  Will the camera be smoking' then or what? 

With much to do to prepare, to hopefully arrive safely in Marloth Park, South Africa next Sunday by late afternoon, as soon as we have an Internet connection, we'll be posting photos and the story of our arrival. 

If, for some reason you don't hear from us by then, please be patient.  Our flight may have been delayed. We may be delayed at immigration or customs.  Who knows what delays may present themselves?  We don't worry about possible delays as long as we arrive safely, hopefully with our luggage.

Of all the places we've visited thus far, I can honestly say, I've anticipated South Africa the most, mainly based on the opportunity to live in a wildlife reserve, bugs, heat and all. 

Invariably, when entering the new locations, we've discovered some disappointments that the house isn't exactly as we'd imagine.  Human nature.  You know how we get a picture in our mind, even with accompanying photos of what something will look and feel like, only to find something different upon arrival. 

This isn't to imply that the property description was inaccurate or dishonest in any manner.  It's just the fact that our brains play tricks on us, helping us paint of picture of "what we'd like it to be" as opposed to "what it is."  Moving as often as we have in the past 13 months, we've come to accept this fact as simply a part of the process.  In a few days, we'll be settled in, accepting the differences, but oddly never forgetting the image we'd conjured in our minds.  I guess this is true in life in every area.

So now, I imagine the plastic "vacuum sealed bags" containing all of our clothing, securely closed in our luggage with zippers working and walking out the door of the house in Diani Beach, Kenya five days from today. 

Carrying with us will be the memories of safari which in this case, were more breathtaking than any vision we may have had in our brains long ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi from Pat
Well, I like hearing about the process of leaving another country. Especially since that is one of my nemesis when it comes to traveling. And I know you try to write something everyday so your family and friends will know that you are okay. At least, I would want to know as much as possible.

Your chart of the names for the groups of animals was interesting. The only ones I knew were the elephant herds and zebra herds. I can't wait for your pictures of the giraffes wandering in or near your yard. What an experience that will be.

Didn't you say your next house will have air conditioning and an indoor living area? That is so exciting to be able to stay in so many different houses. Even if one is not what you had expected, you know that you will be moving on soon.

Today we tried to eat healthier. For breakfast I made eggs fried in coconut oil, turkey bacon, and we cheated with the toast with butter. It will take me awhile to be able to eat eggs without toast or a biscuit. For lunch I made a salad with romaine lettuce, canned chicken, walnuts and pears. We skipped the crackers but I really missed them. For dinner I made canned salmon with onions and an egg mixed in and fried them in coconut oil. Then I sauteed broccoli, zucchini and mushrooms, again in coconut oil. I really liked the flavor of the coconut oil. Dan said he enjoyed everything but he was still hungry. I will have to make more vegetables for him, but I felt well satisfied. So how did I do?

Tomorrow my daughter and her 6 kids and her husband will be here for dinner. I am planning on making a beef roast in the crock pot. Of course that means potatoes and carrots also and probably green beans but not in the crock pot. Before dinner we are going to her Jewish friend's baby naming ceremony so I have to have something that can be kept warm and then easy to serve. Dan will gladly stay home to watch over the crock pot. I love going to the Jewish ceremonies; you can really get the feel of the Old Testament through them. I have gone to several bar mitzvahs, a bat mitzvah, baby naming and several weddings. We live in a Jewish neighborhood so our 3 daughters all have Jewish friends that they still see regularly.

I am going to be really busy in the next few days with 22 people coming for Thanksgiving and then the Jewish ceremony tomorrow. I will try to write if it does not get too late.

Hope you get cooler weather soon and we get warmer weather so I can get my Christmas lights hung without freezing my fingers.

Stay happy,

Jessica said...

Pat, our next house has 2 living rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs and AC, an indoor and outdoor kitchen and much more. Sofas indoors! Yippee! Watch, we'll love it so much, we'll be outside all day anyway.

Sounds like you'll have a lovely and diverse Thanksgiving with your hands full with so many people to serve. Don't worry if you can't write but you will gasp when you see what we write tomorrow with photos that bespeak more "letting go of stuff."

As for the food you made, overall it sounds good. You can also use real butter if Dan prefers that. My sincerest suggestion is to read the books before starting and then make a commitment to exclusively follow along. The weight will fall off of Dan so fast but he never need be hungry.

Most likely the portions weren't big enough for Dan. It's OK for him to have a big plate of food. In time, his appetite will diminish but the bigger portions will help him get started and if not too huge, won't impede his weight loss. Notice the portion sizes of the meals I eat from photos we've posted, usually 2 plates of food. He can have that much or more. As for the food, check the labels on any processed foods. Turkey bacon often has sugar and wheat for flavor. Regular bacon is best but check the labels.Don't worry about FAT. Carbs are the enemy not healthy fats.

Having the toast with breakfast totally negates the fact of this way of eating. It is an "all or nothing" chemical reaction in the body to drop the blood sugar. Cut out the carbs, eat good fats, the weight falls off. If he eats carb rich foods with high fat foods, he'll gain weight. Plain and simple. Please read the science. It explains it all in simple (not boring) terms.

As for the salad, please don't add fruit. Fruit is metabolized in the body the same way as if one ate a candy bar...pure sugar, same for juice. It take about 3-5 days for the body to start using fat for energy instead of consumed sugar. It requires strict adherence.

You're trying to cook to help Dan save his life. It's not easy but I know you both can do it. Please also read Dr. Robert Lustig's book on how sugar is toxic to the body and Dr. William Davis' Wheat Belly. I can email you the links if you'd like. OK, enough preaching from me.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving. No turkeys here at Nakumatt. No pumpkin either. A few years ago I made fabulous sugar free, low carb, wheat free, starch free pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. They were wonderful. When the time is right, I can send you many great recipes.

Take care and enjoy your holiday table with family and friends.

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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