Merry Christmas everyone...Power is out...Very little battery left....No generator...a Christmas poem I wrote many years ago...

This must be the tree frog mom or dad as it croaks atop this branch a few feet from the white foam nest that is rapidly disintegrating.  We now doubt that they'll mature into tadpoles since the environment in the pool is not conducive to their maturing.
Yep, the power goes out here as often as it does in Kenya.  With no generator for this house and one hour of battery left on my laptop, today I'll post quickly wishing all of you a Merry Christmas with a few photos and a poem I wrote over 20 years ago, to read at our holiday table each year.
On our way to the Marloth Park Farmers Market, a few blocks from our home.  We count the days until they return to our yard.
This year, there's no holiday table. Leon, the owner of Jabula Lodge was so kind to introduce us to a lovely couple, Lynne and Mick, whom we so enjoyed on two occasions before they were scheduled to return to their second home in the UK. 
More on the way to the store...
Lynne and Mick, like Leon, have led us to meet yet another couple, good friends of theirs, Kathy and Donald, who also have a home in Marloth Park who have invited us for happy hour tonight on Christmas Eve.  We couldn't be more thrilled.

We wish each and every one of our readers and their families a holiday season filled with a special meaning that fills your hearts with love.  And to Tom's brother, my brother-in-law, Jerry and his family: May this sorrowful holiday season be one of great memories and story telling of dear Lee, whom we lost only a few days ago. Her love and warmth will remain with us forever.

Here's our poem that may be befitting for your holiday table:

                  OUR HOLIDAY TABLE
Elbow to elbow, we're all gathered here
Family and friends, sharing holiday cheer
Our plates are all filled, with tasty delights
Our appetites whetted, to take the first bites

The candle light glowing on each smiling face
As we look to each other, wondering who will say "grace"
The words are well spoken, as hands are held tight
The meaning so special, this holiday night

Elbow to elbow, we're all gathered here
At this table we've gathered for many a year
We've enjoyed fancy dinners, some romantic for two
And squeezed in so many, as our family grew

And now, here are our children, adult and attached
In love with their partners and very well matched
With room at the table, their children are here
As we show teach them the meaning of holiday cheer

A few are still missing, there always will be
Their gifts in the mail, not under the tree
We're feeling their love, across all the miles
Holding back tears while remembering their smiles

Elbow to elbow, we're all gathered here
Putting aside life's trouble and fear
The food and the merriment, the taste of good wine
The joy and the happiness, knowing their mine

Merry Christmas...


Ashley Dovell said...

What an awesome, heartfelt poem!! I'm sure your family is missing you this year, as is mine. But we have our closest companions by our side and can most certainly still feel that holiday cheer. Merry Christmas to you and Tom. I'm sure this will be a memorable one for us both.
Also, the giraffes are my favorite!!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for this sweet message. Yes, we do miss our families especially during this time of year. Making a move was a big event in your lives this year and I hope you are content in your new home. Memorable year? Unforgettable! And I too, love the Giraffes. Many more photos will come.

Thanks for being such a loyal reader. It's ironic that we used to live only 40 minutes apart and somehow we found each other here.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your little family in your new home.

Warmest wishes,
Jess & Tom

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