Guests for breakfast at African Reunion House...Visitors in the bush...What more could we want?.

It was fun to set the table with the quality dinnerware, flatware, placemats and linen napkins.  The last time we'd entertained guests for a meal was in Kenya.
Yesterday, late afternoon, we had our first visitors to African Reunion House.  "They" say the number of visitors increase the longer humans stay at a house in Marloth Park. 

We sat at the end of the table and the seat to the left to allow our guests a great view of the pool and the bush.
Much to our delight, a Warthog family of four stopped by, not a family that we recognized, although the little house is only a few short blocks away.  It is easy to identify the moms and babies when they each have their own distinct features, as humans.

The bedroom we chose to use at African Reunion House on the main floor overlooking the veranda.
They visited only seconds after Okee Dokee stopped by to drop off a flash drive that she had purchased for me in the town of Malelane, for me to use to make Windows 8.1 reboot set for this new computer which I had yet to do. Not wanting to carry four discs with us as we travel, a flash drive was a more sensible option. 
The king sized bed has provided a great night's sleep for both of us.  The comfortable mattress, bedding, size and coolness of the room has been highly instrumental is uninterrupted sleep.
When she and I shopped yesterday morning in Komatipoort, we stopped in a office supply store to discover they didn't carry anything over 8G. I'd decided we'd buy one to be included in our next supply order to be shipped to Morocco shortly after we arrive.
The addition of this zebra backside only adds to the gorgeous décor in not only this bedroom but is carried throughout the entire house.
Lo and behold, Okee Dokee, who originally was suggested to us by Louise and Danie, never ceases to amaze us, called me from a computer shop while out and about, asking if I wanted her to purchase it.  Unreal.  A few hours later she appeared at the door, 32G flash drive in hand.   Reimbursing her promptly, she stayed for awhile for a much deserved cold drink. 
This soaking tub is located in the bedroom we chose.  It's unlikely I will use it when there's a special Jacuzzi room upstairs that is outrageously appealing.  Tomorrow, we'll post photos of that special area.
We're lucky to have met such wonderful people in Marloth Park.  And, as we sit here now overlooking the lush greenery of the bush, our breakfast guests having left for Kruger National Park for the afternoon, we are once again reminded of how fortunate we have been to have the opportunity to enjoy new friends and, another luxury home.

I chose this bedroom for showering and dressing in the mornings to avoid waking Tom who
usually stays up an hour later than I, and sleeps in a little longer in the mornings. This beautiful bedroom has an en suite bathroom with double shower.
Entertaining guests in African Reunion House was seamless with all the amenities for setting a lovely table and cooking a great breakfast. 
The formal dining room off of the kitchen, seats eight.  Dining outdoors each night its doubtful we'll dine at this table.  Instead, we've used it for my now defunct laptop as shown. 
Ken had recently gone gluten free making it easy and familiar to make an entirely gluten free meal consisting of GF Coconut Flour Pancakes (click for link to recipe we posted some time ago), scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, bacon (referred to as "streaky bacon" in South Africa), orange juice and fresh fruit. 
This tree frog on the rafters on the veranda has been watching us all day, occasionally sticking out his tongue in a feeble attempt to grasp a flying insect.  We laughed how he has his front legs tucked under himself.
 Of course, I don't drink juice or eat fruit due to the low carb aspect of my way of eating.  It had been a long time since we'd cooked breakfast which turned out to be a very pleasurable meal, added to the enjoyment of the companionship of our guests.
Local art is highlighted throughout African Reunion House.
Ah, the simple things in life hold so much more meaning to us now than they ever in the past. 

The work of a local artist are a fine addition to the dining area.
And even then, we found great pleasure in the gathering of family and friends.  I suppose the difference now is based on how little we take for granted in this life; the kindness of a friend or a stranger, a thoughtful gesture, four linen napkins delivered by Louise, and the peaceful beauty of this new environment, now our third house in Marloth Park.
Danie hand crafted the bar and the barstools.  Both Louise and Danie are creative and artistic.

African Reunion House is difficult to compare to Khaya Umdani.  They each possess their own unique features and appeal.  Would we choose one over the other?  As difficult it was for us to choose which bedroom we'd sleep in, it would be impossible to decide which of the two houses we'd select.  As a tourist the only necessary consideration would be sleeping capacity. 
The door free cabinets makes finding items in the kitchen easy.
While Khaya Umdani can sleep eight to ten guests, African Reunion House can accommodate eight guests, each with two guests per bedroom.  For us, both houses have been perfect.  We love the spacious feeling, although we tend to use only the bedrooms, kitchen and verandas.

We feel as if we are on vacation/holiday until we return to the little house containing the rest of our belongings, and to begin packing to leave Marloth Park in a mere 17 days.  How did three months pass so quickly?

As "they" say, "time flies when you're having fun!"

Tomorrow, we'll be back with more photos including the "surprise room" upstairs and more wildlife photos as we begin wind down our time in Marloth Park.


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