Would've, could've, should've...Not for us...Lots more photos...

How beautifully nature provides for its creatures!  Look at the lack of fat on this male impala and it's fine musculature that we spotted in the yard at Khaya Umdani.
In a perfect world I could easily let go of my thoughts of leaving Marloth Park.  That was the plan.  Now, with only 26 days until leaving for Morocco, a sense of loss keeps flitting through my mind.  Quickly, I push it back. 
Another impala nibbled on this sharp spiny bush.
Last week, while at Jabula Lodge we met a local man, chatting with him for a few hours.  A kindly gentleman, in our age range, he couldn't encourage us enough to go to Capetown, South Africa for all its vast experiences and varied cultures.  He explained that we'd be doing ourselves a disservice not to go while we're already in South Africa.
The bed in the master suite in Khaya Umdani is comfortable and appointed with lush bedding.

This is the seating area in the master bedroom where we've lounged the past three nights before heading to bed.

A Jacuzzi tub such as this would have been a must for me in my old life.  With no tubs available in most of our past vacation homes, I've lost interest in soaking instead preferring a quick a shower in order to get outdoors.  None the less, this large tub may have considerable appeal for a weary guest after a lengthy game drive in Kruger National Park.
Understanding his thoughtful determination to convince us, it was a losing battle.  As much as we've been told to explore Capetown we don't want to leave Marloth Park.
Seating for 10, this hand made dining table and chairs could easily accommodate a few more
if necessary.  With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, Khaya Umdani can easily accommodate
a good sized family or group.
If one died, awakening in Heaven, would one say, "Is there somewhere I can go that will make me happier?' (Excuse the analogy.  It was the best I could muster this early in the morning).  Why fix it when its not broken?
Tom lounging in the shallow side of the splash pool.  After putting down the camera, I joined him.
But, that's how we feel.  Why leave when we're happy?  Why spend more money when the money we've spent here has been well spent for another dream come true? 

Tom was worried that the mom would revolt when this baby warthog worked his way through the little fence.  I laughed hysterically as I grabbed the camera.  Moments later, the mom started pushing through the fence to get to the baby.  Tom scooted them both off.  We had left a few pellets on the opposite side of the fence but the baby noticed the "grass was greener" for munching on the other side!
After all, isn't the reason we're traveling the world, homeless, free of "stuff", affording it via a strict budget, for fulfillment and happiness? Isn't a part of the pleasure, the sharing it with those that may enjoy a tiny piece by traveling along with us via our posts and photos, or for those who may consider it for themselves for a week, a month or more.
Tonight, after dinner we'll try out this loft entertainment area with flat screen TV and comfy seating areas.
Why do any of us have a cabin in the woods or on a lake, or take a trip to Las Vegas to play at the casino, or take a river cruise down the Seine other than for our own pleasure?  Do we remind others that they need to go elsewhere if they are already happy with what they have?  Hardly.
This huge covered ottoman is the perfect spot for putting up one's feet for "power lounging."
Attempting to convince our newly made well intentioned acquaintance at the Jabula Lodge bar that we are content in Marloth Park was pointless. Although, we appreciated his concern and his love for his country, eventually we smiled, shook hands and were on our way, never faltering for a moment that our remaining time in South Africa would be as  wonderful as it's been thus far.
Also on the second level is the aptly named bush baby room with its own private veranda in close proximity to where a number of the nocturnal bush babies reside.
Yes, there's the heat, near mid-summer.  There's some nasty insects and crawling things, avoided with a modicum of respect for their existence and watching where one walks.  Every morning I continue to tip my shoes upside down, banging them on the floor in case someone is residing therein.  And, we shake our towels and clothing when showering and dressing. We always turn on a light when entering a darkened room.

Coffee and tea supplies are readily available in the bush baby room making a beverage on the private veranda a must, morning or night.
All of these simple precautions have become routine after living in Africa for five months so far.  We accept that whatever precautions we may take may not be enough to prevent injury or illness.  But, isn't that the case no matter where you live; falling off a ladder, on the steps in your own home or cutting your finger chopping vegetables for dinner?  Life is filled with risks.
The modern vanity area in the en suite bathroom of the Bush Baby room.
As our time at Khaya Umdani continues, we find the same contentment that we've found in the smaller house; filled with awe and wonder over our surroundings, the bush and its varied gifts of nature.

The veranda off the bush baby room is a perfect spot for a morning beverage or a night cap.  The opportunity to see the bush babies at night is enhanced by leaving them a few bites of a banana over a period of several nights, increasing the likelihood they will reappear.
Yesterday afternoon, the sky cleared after a few hot, humid and misty days and we decided to try out the swimming pool. With the pool in the sunlight, its less occupied by insects than the pool at the little house.  Also, the thought of getting back a touch of color on our now pale skin was as appealing as splashing in the cool water of the pool.  It was refreshing to say the least.
We were excited to see another tree frog foam nest hanging over the private watering hole
in Khaya Umdani.
Today, another sunny day, we'll do the same as we continue to treasure every moment in Khaya Umdani.  More than anything, we'll be spending yet another glorious day in Marloth Park without giving a thought to where we "should be," where we "could be" or where we might find more contentment that we already have found.

Tomorrow, we'll share the rental rates for Khaya Umdani, more wildlife photos including an invasion by the Vervet Monkeys and, the safari room where guests can sleep outdoors to embrace the nighttime wildlife sounds, a true bush experiences especially enjoyed by children.


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