Cancelled plans for today's outing...I'm sick...

Colorful scarves are one of the major items for sales in the souks and in the Medina.
Our plan was to meet Samir at noon for a half day outing. Over the past few days I've felt hot, cold and tired, going to bed early.  Add the intestinal bug I've had since a few days after arriving in Marrakech, I'm a mess.  
Colorful dresses are also offered in many shops in the souks and the Medina.
Somehow I'd thought (or hoped) I'd feel well enough to go out today.  But, after a dreadful night of feeling hot, cold and feverish, I knew that going out today wasn't an option.
Breads and baked goods are offered in big pots and bowls.
I haven't had a "sick day" since we arrived in Dubai, UAE, last May 21st when I caught a virus on the cruise that brought us there.  Luckily, we have plenty of antibiotics with us.  After a five day Z-pack I started to turn the corner. 
Hand painted plates and prints are offered for sale throughout the souks and Medina.
Now, I wonder what I have wrong.  Finding medical care outside the US is tricky with the language barrier and concerns in some locations as to the quality of care. 
Handmade baskets and pots are a common site.
I remind myself that if we were still in the US, I wouldn't have run to the doctor feeling like this.  I would have waited it out for a week if there was no escalation of symptoms.  Now, I'll do the same.
This particular display is located where one of the souks enters into the Big Square, a seeming
ideal location.
Of course, all kinds of potential illnesses run through one's mind after spending six months in Africa.  After all, I am a mosquito magnet although I wore repellent around the clock and we took Malaria pills for more than a year, starting before we went to Belize last January only stopping them here only a few weeks ago. There's no risk of malaria in Morocco.
These vendors on the ground are often women selling their handmade wares.  It's been cool lately but this must be brutal in the heat of summer as they wear their traditional Muslim attire.
Taking Malaria pills is no guaranty of avoiding mosquito born illnesses.  For now, I can't worry about that instead choosing to focus on getting better on my own if I can.  Tom is running circles around me to make sure I'm comfortable and hydrated with hot tea at my side, pillows under my head and the kind of loving care we all long for when under the weather.

Tonight, we requested food with no spices.  At this point, I can't imagine spicy food.  For that matter, Tom will welcome a spice free meal with salt and pepper at the table.

Hopefully soon, this will pass, and we'll get back into the groove with more photos and stories.


liz said...

wishing you a speedy recovery!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for you kind wishes. Hopefully, soon I'll be on the mend. But, as anytime we are ill, it feels as if its a terrible waste of precious time.

Thank you for writing to us. It means more to us than you can imagine.

Warmest regards,
Jessica & Tom

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