We made it to Morocco! Can't wait to share photos...

This diverse ancient city and country will surely provide us with much fodder for our upcoming two and a half months while living in Morocco.

Tomorrow morning we'll start posting photos of our first foray into the Medina and the souk, a dizzying experience that made my head swim with visual overload.  Add the intoxicating smells and sounds to the mix and it leaves us begging for more.

Please stop back tomorrow.  We need to get to bed to catch some much needed sleep after 29 hours of travel.  See you soon!


Malia said...

Can Not Wait!!! You are living my dream!!!

Jessica said...

Malia, you dear girl! How sweet you are! It's 6:30 am in Morocco. We're going up on the roof to check out the sunrise. This is unreal. By the time you awaken Sunday morning our new post will be up.
Thanks for writing!

Hugs to you both!
Jess & Tom

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