Venturing out to another village on the steep and winding roads...A year ago...A photo from Mykonos, Greece...

This fenced garden we passed on a steep road.
Yesterday, we drove up to a few other villages to gain perspective of the views from another vantage point.  At times, we were within a foot, .3 meters, of an unprotected edge that a slight wrong move could result in falling off a steep cliff.

We drove the steep winding roads to Barreiro yesterday.
Luckily, I stayed preoccupied taking photos and not looking over the edge.  There was a haze of fog in the air preventing a clear view in some of our photos, although the sky was blue and clear.  We're constantly looking for changes in the weather that can occur in a matter of minutes.

Cactus growing out of a stone wall.  With the temperate weather in Madeira, its surprising to see cactus growing wild. One expects cactus to grow in desert climates.
As we drove through the steep winding roads, we realized that the roads that appear risky to us is everyday driving to the locals.  They zip around the curves, hairpin turns and up and down steep inclines at full speed, never giving it a thought.

Looking out at this view, we notice the point in the upper left.
There aren't any police cars in Campanario and few in other areas. The locals don't worry about getting a ticket, only in getting around quickly and hopefully safely.

Zooming in we got a better view of the craggy point.
Without a doubt Madeira feels like the safest place in which we've lived in our travels.  Of course, we're still cautious in locking doors at night and when leaving, more out of habit than fear.  It's a far cry from living in Kenya with gun toting guards everywhere.  How far we've come.

Homeowners often have to walk up or down elaborate stairways to get to or from their homes that are built on the steep hills.
Speaking of Kenya, last night we went through many of our photos from our travels  that are stored in Google+.  So far, since January 3, 2013, we have almost 10,000 photos stored.  Considering that we seldom took photos in our old lives, we sure have made up for lost time.

I have an app that allows me to remove wires such as these shown here.  But, Madeira has wires everywhere in an effort to provide great service to its residents.  We have the best WiFi connection here included in our rental that we've had since we were in Minnesota, 20 months ago.  Who's to complain?
Looking back, had we known we'd be traveling, I wish I'd have learned to take photos on a decent camera instead of my phone.  As a person with reasonable digital skills, the camera alluded me, intimidated me and I struggled along.  Now, the ease and enjoyment of taking photos reminds me of how many magic moments we missed that could have been documented in photos.

There we are in the sunshine on minute and then the fluffy clouds roll in.  The wonders of this gorgeous islands continue to astound us.
Oh, well.  One can only go forward as to wasting time with what "could have" or "should have" been.  Although I love taking photos, I don't take it seriously enough to want to let it turn into an obsession or to try to present more professional looking photos with editing and enhancements.  Most often, we take only one shot of each sighting unless it's a classic shot of a special location or moving target.  If it comes out, great.  If not, we delete it.

View over rooftops.
The only editing I ever do on a photo we present here is to remove the spots that appear in some of the photos from dirt or lint located on the lens of our camera.  I haven't removed those spots today, as we hope to head out the door soon.

Whatever the angle or the view, the beauty of the ocean is worthy of a shot.
When we arrive in Boston in three months, we'll purchase a new camera or wll pick one out online and have it shipped to Boston.   Our Sony Cyber-shot is showing signs of wear and tear after 10,000 photos especially when held in my  sweaty palms over many miles with hot and humid climates. 

The car was moving when we took this blurry shot. We were on a dangerous curve and couldn't stop.
Today, we're waiting for the produce guy's musical truck to appear before we head to the supermarket to shop for the week.  We'd rather buy produce from him as opposed to the grocery store. 
The dedication to farming and gardening is evident everywhere on the island.
He doesn't always have everything we need making it tricky to go to the grocery store without buying produce, hoping to catch up with him later.  We'll wait for him until noon and then we're off, having no choice but to purchase some of the items we need, filling in with him later in the week.

The blue sky makes for a blue sea.
Oh, we love the mindless drivel in our lives at times, the simple decisions, the time spent observing a flower, a passing bird or a wafting cloud.  Then, when the hard parts are imminent we know that soon they too will pass and we're back to the joyful ease of living this pleasing life we've chosen.

Few homeowners miss the opportunity to grow gardens on the hills.

Photo from one year ago, June 9, 2013:

The island of Mykonos, Greece was beyond our expectations.  So beautiful.  Due to a poor WiFi connection we were unable to post photos from the ship.  The next day, the 10th, we were in Mykonos Greece where we took many photos of the exquisite island.  Here is a photo from the 10th.  For more please check back tomorrow for more.  For the link to the post on the 9th, please click here.


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