More new photos today...New artistry photos tomorrow from a visit to a neighboring home...Cramming it all in!

Beautiful steeples dot the scenery at the tops of hills in Madeira.  It was cloudy on the day of our boat trip.
Yesterday, when we were buying produce from the produce guy, Gina hollered down to us from the house above the wall, which she and her husband Carlos own among others.  She had new guests coming to stay and was busy cleaning.
At the marina in Funchal as we waited to board the catamaran.
We'd yet to see that house which Carlos had designed and built.  She invited us up to see it. We dropped off our veggies and headed over anxious to see the gorgeous home.  Once inside, we were enthralled by the unbelievable artwork on the walls that we'll share in tomorrow's post with photos. 

We never tire of the terraced farms ad garden on the hillsides in Madeira.
It's funny how we continue to stumble on new story and photo ideas as we make our way through each day, doing a bit of this and that.

There's a long bridge over a gorge in the background of this refinery.
When we returned home, Judite was busy cleaning the house so we decided to get out of her way taking off on a several hour drive along the shoreline.  We were able to get a number of photos of unexpected scenery we're excited to share on Sunday.  Please check back over the weekend for two refreshing topics with photos.

Better view of the long bridge.
With only 13 days remaining in Madeira, we're hoping to spend as much time as possible savoring in that which we loved so much about living in Campanario;  walks up the steep hills, trips to the local market, spending time on the veranda simply relishing in the scenery, explorations to other villages, and a fine sense of appreciation for the often unique (to us) vegetation and flowers.

This restaurant may have formerly been a lighthouse based on its design.
When we look back over countries and homes in which we've lived I think we both would say we've loved Belize at Laru Beya only a few steps from the sea, two of the homes in which we lived in Marloth Patk, South Africa with the wildlife roaming free and here in Madeira with an exquisite view of the sea. 

This house has been perfect for us.  Click here for the link to Gina's listing on Homeaway if you're interested in a fabulous Madeira holiday/vacation sometime in the future. 

The low lying mist and clouds are ever present in the hills of Madeira, even on otherwise sunny days.
Yesterday while on our drive, we discussed how Madeira is an ideal vacation or holiday location.  The people are friendly, the scenery is beyond belief, there's plenty of activities for those that prefer to constantly be on the go and, then there's the weather, a temperate climate, never uncomfortably hot. 

Passengers were less interested in the scenery than possible marine life sightings.
If one is seeking a "baking in the sun" type of experience, such as can be derived from a trip to Mexico, Madeira may not be the best choice.  At times, the cool temps may deter a visitor from sunbathing. 

Although the catamaran had only 54 passenger on board out of a possible 98, it still was crowded, making photo taking a challenge when everyone stood during the marine life sightings.
Another factor we've loved, is how safe we've felt everywhere we go. We've yet to see any run down areas or areas of high crimes.  Of course, one can never be too careful, locking doors when leaving, keeping money and documents in secure places and driving with the utmost of caution.
Ocean view vantage points are the location of many resorts and hotels.
As for the hills, they may not be for everyone or those prone to carsickness.  Luckily, other than the first week of our arrival when I had a sinus infection, I've had no problem, even with Tom's occasional jerky driving when he was first driving up the steep hills in the rental cars with manual transmissions.

Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is a busy harbor with many barges, fishing and pleasure boats.
The sounds as well as the sight in Madeira have been a source of great pleasure; the goats next door baaing all day, the musical food trucks driving through the hills, the church bells and clock towers ringing, the roosters crowing and often the sounds of chatter and laughter wafting through the hills.  We've loved it all. 

This could have been a condo or apartment complex or a hotel, designed to maximize the ocean views.
With 13 days remaining we're cherishing each moment, trying to avoid projecting too far into the future, making an effort to remain present in the moment as the time quickly withers away. 

As we approached the airport to swap rental cars, we drove under the runway.  Madeira's runway at the Funchal Airport has won awards for its design but, is still considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world.
Today, we share the final photos from Tuesday's outing and look forward to sharing more stories and photos.
It's an experience in itself, driving under this sophisticated artfully designed runway structure.
Have a glorious weekend.  Stop back when you can.

Photo from one year ago today, July 18, 2013:

The vegetable truck arrived once a week in Boveglio, Tuscany, Italy as it does here every Thursday morning around 10 am with fresh organic produce.  We can count on the arrival time here in Madeira but it Boveglio, it played no music, arriving at inconsistent times.  Thus, in Italy we make purchased infrequently.  Here in Campanario, we've purchased produce every Thursday morning since we arrived.  For details of the story from that date, please click here.


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