Becoming a reality...Only a short time away...A wonderful memory...

Tom, standing at the beach enjoying the early evening sky and the sea.
When I was a little girl, all but two of my growing up years were spent living in California.  My father's mother, my dear Grandmother, lived a long way away in Boston, was often on my mind.

Across the bay, its still Maui based on the island's shape.
We only saw her once every two or three years, my parents driving all the way across the US in as few days as possible to see her where we'd spend one week or less at her beautiful home in a fine area of Boston.  On a rare occasion, she took the long and arduous flight to see us.

To this day, I remember how she let me play with her costume jewelry and the three or four coconut heads with faces that hung from the ceiling in her basement, a beautifully finished area for entertainment and card playing.

Hawaii is a treasure trove of exquisite vegetation.
Although I spent little time with her, she influenced me in many ways that have become a part how I've spent a lifetime striving to be like her; her warmth and kindness, her quiet elegance, her hearty laughter and her passion for playing cards.

Now, as the time nears that Tom and I will see our six grandchildren after being away for 26 months, I recall my Grandmother and can only hope and pray that even a tiny bit of that legacy will carry on into the lives of our grandchildren.

This almost looks like a scene from new England by the sea.
Sure, we chose to live away from the day to day interactions as they thrive and grow.  But, in Minnesota, it is not unusual for grandparents to move to warmer climates dreading old age in the frozen tundra, although they may see them a few times each year on visits.

As much as we'd love to see the sunset wherever we may live, we're content to see the effects of it on the horizon.
With the easy use of Skype for face time as a means of communication, it isn't as it was many years ago, an expensive long distance call lasting only one or two minutes.  With Skype, not only do we hear their voices, we see their faces and they can show us anything they'd like us to see; a favorite toy, a report card, a funny face, a favorite pet or a pool in the backyard

Another pretty tropical flower.
In a little over three weeks they begin to arrive, some staying until January 9th. Other than the time I'll spend early each morning posting photos and stories here and some necessary household tasks, our time will be spent with them as much as possible. 

At around 5:30 yesterday, Tom spotted this rainbow.  It hadn't rained.
Like sleep, "they" say you can't make up for lost time.  Perhaps, with enough love, you can. Besides, whenever I'm exhausted from poor sleep, I know one good night's sleep remedies it all.  Maybe "they" were wrong after all.  Maybe we can make up for time we've lost with loved ones, after all.

In these upcoming weeks with our adult children and grandchildren, we hope to spend every moment we can making up for lost time.  The easy part is that the love is firmly in place, deeply ingrained and ready to spew out of our pent up hearts.

Photo from one year ago today, November 13, 2013:

Tom, drinking a locally made Tusker beer while we were out to dinner in a cave. On this night a year ago, we had a scary incident as told in the story.  Please click here for details.


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