Lava flow on the Big Island takes its first house...

The lava flow broke out again on the Big island and took it's first house yesterday.
Its hard to believe this finally happened, the lava flow from Mount Kilauea has taken its first house on the island.  Still miles from the houses we rented on the ocean and with the lava flow otherwise stalled, we'll be moving to the first of the two houses in less than three weeks.
Oddly, we aren't worried.  We're paid up in full, hoping and praying all will go well and our family holiday will not be interrupted other than the detours required  in order to get to the road to the houses.

RAW: Hawaii volcano lava claims its first house
This is the house burning in Pahoa on Monday from the heat of lava flow which was underneath the house.  Very sad for the owners.  Hopefully, they had good insurance and had removed most of their belongings.  They were prepared well in advance.
We take possession of the first house on December 1st and the second house, next door on December 20th.  Worrying does us no good.  Our family members seem accepting of the potential risk that we'd have to evacuate, although highly unlikely.  The lava flow is still a few miles away.
Life continues on, as we so well know. Still worried about the health of my sister as mentioned in yesterday's post, the last thought on my mind right now is sightseeing.
Here are a few links to videos of the house burning from yesterday's lava flow:
With less than three weeks until we leave Maui for the Big Island, also known as Hawaii, we'll have time if we so choose to see more of Maui than we've seen thus far. 
Honestly, with so much to begin preparing for our family member's first arrivals beginning in less than four weeks, our heads are wrapped around the excitement and preparations for their arrivals.
Adding the current worrisome state of the health of actually both of my sisters, one having just come out of the hospital a week ago and the other soon going in with big surgery on the horizon (which will most likely transpire while our kids and grandkids are with us), we realize that no matter the quality of the lives Tom and I live, life still happens having an impact on how we feel.
View across the ocean to another area of Maui.

I do not take lightly our frequent comments about "as long as we have our health."  Its everything.  Add the love of the people in our lives and a reasonable sense of financial security and we have it all.  As far as we're concerned, these are the "big three."  The rest is a bonus for which we are so appreciative and humbled.
No romantic full moon in the night sky or break of a wave on the sea, or the joy of watching wildlife at play can have much meaning without the "big three."  At any time, any of these can change and suddenly our lives are upside down.
 Last night's view of Maui just before sunset, as it makes an "L" shape from our vantage point.
Is it by chance that the three aspects may change?  In part, no.  We have control in our relationships, our financial security and our health to a degree.  And, yes, circumstances may prevail over which we have no control.  We always have control over how we choose to respond to life's challenges, however hard they may be.
None of us are exempt from loss of health, love and financial security in varying degrees.  Some people, although few, sail through life with little strife.  But, most of us, are faced with challenges.
As we age, at times, we worry over the mortality of those we love. And, of course, our own mortality and potential lack of good health as time marches on.
For us, that is a motivating life to the fullest...while we can.
 View of pool house and ocean from our lanai.
As we continue to travel the world we continue to make every effort to keep a tight hold on these aspects of our lives over which we do have control.  That's why we focus so much "conversation" on our health and our budget. 
Soon, we'll get out and further explore Maui and be back with more of our photos.  Until then, we grasp the realities of life with hope, prayers, love and aplomb!
Be well, dear readers.
Photo from one year ago today, November 11, 2013:
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