Settling in...Paradise continues to please...A wonderful memory from one year ago...

The Red Crested Cardinal is native to South America with this bright red head, crest, face, chin and upper breast. The upperparts are gray with an incomplete white collar that nearly meets at the back of the neck. It has white underparts, a light gray bill and gray legs and feet. It mainly feeds on plant seeds, fruits, berries and insects. It has an undulating flight. Sexes are similar. This is a common bird in the Hawaiian Islands and yet each time we see it, we're in awe as we were when we took this photo from our lanai.
We must admit we were concerned.  Four months in one location was a frightening thought.  Not only had we decided on staying in Kauai for four months to "lick our wounds" from the holidays but also, the decision was based on our booked cruise from Honolulu to Australia on May 24th and subsequent plans in the South Pacific for the upcoming two plus years.

Vegetation from the lanai of the condo. Hearing the birds singing from inside the condo is a pleasure!
Our original plan had been to stay in Princeville from January 15th to May 15th returning to Honolulu for nine days, staying in a hotel.  After our 11 day experience in busy Waikiki/Honolulu, we reconsidered.  
By the minute the sunset view changes, inspiring us to run back and forth outside.
The only way Honolulu would be appealing to us would be to stay in a hotel. Our last condo in Waikiki wasn't our cup of tea and for only nine days it's not worth booking a vacation home, having to stock groceries and household supplies.
The ever changing view of the mountain from the lanai drives us outdoor to check frequently.
As a result, we've asked the considerate owner of this lovely condo if we can extend our stay until May 24th. With his booking calendar online, it appears these extra days may be possible.  If not, we'll head to Honolulu and as always figure out a solution.

A touch of blue sky brightened the view.
Speaking of stocking groceries and supplies, yesterday we drove back to Lihui, the town where the airport is located (45 minutes plus traffic) to go to Walmart to use up a $400 gift card and to Costco to use a $500 gift card from credits on two returned laptops neither of us found acceptable.  We saved this gift cards to use for this specific purpose, stock the condo in Kauai with household products and groceries. 

At sunset, the sun's rays beaming on the ocean. 
After spending $1249.75 combined at both locations, filling the tiny no-automatic-door-locks-vehicle to the brim we were back on the road to Princeville. This condo, although beautiful, has limited storage space.

As the sky clears we have a better view of the green mountains.  That's why Kauai is known as the "garden isle," for its lush greenery.
Utilizing the utmost of creativity we'd both used filling the car, once again we did so in putting away all that stuff.  Multiple rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry supplies, cleaning apparatus, and even dish towels and an electric teapot, found their way into tucked away places.  The perishables easily fit into the refrigerator and freezer into the roomy new refrigerator.

Unfortunately, we have a little more organizing of ancillary "stuff" from our luggage in order to take interior photos of the interior of the condo.  We'll do this soon and post the photos.

This morning's hazy view.

Last night for dinner, we each had a giant slab of prime rib we'd purchased at Costco for a mouth watering experience.  Adding salad, fresh green beans and a half of an avocado (for me) stuffed with one of Costco's delicious low carb dips, we were full and content.

And still today, after a walk in the neighborhood once this is posted, I'll need to head to the local Foodland for the first time, located in the Princeville Shopping Center for yet more foodstuffs, when neither store was able to complete our lengthy grocery list, longer than usual with this extended stay.

These nearby billowy clouds reminded us of both Tuscany and Madeira where we spent five month collectively, surrounded by mountains and often these low lying clouds.
Ah, I bet our readers are wondering what we'll write about for four months.  We've already started a list of topics and its running wild.  We plan to do a fare share of sightseeing, beach visits, researching plants and vegetation unique to this island, historical facts, cultural facts and an upcoming story for tomorrow that may make you smile.

Enjoy the weekend!

Photo from one year ago today, January 17, 2014:

It was quite the traffic jam in Kruger Park as we made our way to the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa for a three day mini vacation.  For details and many more photos, please click here


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