What??? We joined a golf club! One year ago...A stunning pot hole...

The sign upon entering the Makai Golf Club in Princeville, Kauai.  Its odd to think that we're members although we don't play golf.
We don't play golf, neither of us able to do so with our bad right shoulders and, lack of skill.  In a way, not playing golf is a good thing in our way of life.  Imagine the additional expenses we'd incur in our travels when playing a round of golf is so expensive especially here in Princeville at over $350 per person with rented clubs and a cart.

But, we do love to do two things; for me, working out at a fitness center and for both of us, spending our token one hour in the sun soaking up vitamin D (vital for seniors) and catching a bit of tan preferably by a pool.

The fitness center although small had all the equipment I'd need for working out.
With no pool or easy access to a beach in the immediate area, we were looking for a double whammy.  Where could we find a pool and a fitness center in Princeville, where there definitely wouldn't be a community center? 

We're surprised that with all the seniors in this area that there isn't a health club when in the past, I'd seen many seniors at various fitness centers in our travels and in our old lives back in Minnesota. 

During my time working out not another person joined me.
After an extensive search, I was unable to find a single stand alone fitness center in the entire area.  The only options available included pricey sessions by the hour with a fitness trainer. 

Plus, the thing about working out, it requires a close proximity in order to commit to doing it.  Its hard enough to do it, let alone having the necessity of driving far in traffic.

With a flat screen TV, hand weights, exercise bands, a locker room and AC, it was perfect for me.
Plus, after stopping by the St. Regis Hotel (pricey at $550+ a night) which we heard had a pool and fitness program, we were sorely discouraged to discover  the cost at $250 per person/per day to workout and use the pool. Both the St. Regis and the Princeville Westin have an affiliation with the Makai Golf Club.

Back to the drawing board (pc) I went to work trying to find an option.  Web searches kept bringing me back to the Makai Golf Club.  Online, they advertised a $100 per person, per month program for both using their small fitness center and their huge lap pool.

Tom was rounded out his tan lying on his stomach on the chaise lounge by the pool at the golf club.
Calling to verify this information, I was told the website information was wrong.  It would cost $125 per person per month to use both the fitness center and pool. We didn't care for the fact that they wouldn't honor the online price but when our options were so limited, we decided to accept this reality.

Tom doesn't work out, nor does he care to start now no matter how much encouragement I might throw his way.  However, there was no program offering a pool only membership.

Tom never naps in this position and provides a good bit of conversation to keep me entertained.
Yesterday afternoon, we decided to check out the golf club, a mere 1.8 miles from our condo, a five minute drive down the busy Ka Haku Road, the road that leads to everywhere in Princeville.

Hesitating to spend $250 a month for both of us, we entered the golf club with a bit of trepidation, thinking most likely, only I'd sign up, desperately needing to work out after a hiatus of many months, only walking during the absence which isn't quite enough for me. 

The pool is only 4 feet deep but a perfect lap pool.
No more than five minutes after we arrived and discussed the program with the staff at the pro shop, a kindly manager offered that we follow him in a golf cart  the to the nearby fitness center and pool.  Tom drove the cart with me sitting next to him as we followed Eric to see the facilities. 

The golf course borders the pool and fitness area.
I couldn't help but giggle all the way to the pool area when "overly grumpy" Tom made negative comments to me about the golf cart traffic while he was driving the cart.  This made me laugh over and over.

After we saw the facilities I was certain we'd both join the club.  It's a fun playful atmosphere with friendly animated staff members.  Once we entered the small fitness building, located in the pool area, we were both "sold."

View from the chaise lounges at the pool.
In addition, our membership includes a social membership enabling us to attend parties and activities should we chose to partake.  Back at the pro shop, we paid our first month's dues, even reserving our spot for the Super Bowl party upcoming a week from Sunday.  What a great opportunity to meet people!  The only cost for the party is food and beverages purchased in the Makai Grill during the game if we so chose.

After we were introduced to more staff at the pro shop, we were excited to have made this decision.  With our swimsuits with us and me already dressed in workout clothing, we grabbed the key and headed back to the pool area when, for the first time in many months I worked out, doing my usual HIIT (high intensity interval training).

We have our two new Costco chairs which we'll keep in the car.  If it so happens that the chairs are all occupied at the pool, we were told, we could bring in our own chairs.
There's no doubt it will be many weeks before I return to my prior level of fitness. But, when it comes to working out, there's not time like the present.  I can't wait to see those little muscles return to their former shape and size and find myself at a much higher level of health and fitness.  How I've missed this after having worked out most of my adult life.

Add a beautiful blue sky and palm trees to the mix and the scenery is astounding.
After my workout, I struggled to get my swimsuit on.  It was hot and humid and I had trouble drying off in the steamy ladies locker room that is attached to the fitness room.  Trying to pull up the swimsuit was quite the challenge in my sticky state.  Going forward, I'll workout in my swimsuit and workout pants and rinse off in the shower with my swimsuit on.

It always seems to be hazy by the mountains here in Kauai, most likely as a result of the vegetation cover.
Tom waited for me in the shade reading a book on his phone.  Once I was finished, we grabbed two comfy lounge chairs to languish for our hour in the warmth of the sun, enjoying the exquisite view, occasionally dipping in the pool to cool off.

We'd have been content with a pool with no views.  But this, is beyond all of our expectations.
Joining the Makai Golf Club a perfect addition to our lengthy stay in Kauai.  Most likely we'll head together to the Makai Golf Club each sunny day, while I'll go on my own to workout on cloudy days.  With HIIT, its not necessary to workout everyday but visiting the pool itself will not be unlike other locations where we've had a pool drawing us in for a dip on sunny days.  We're thrilled.

Greenery to take one's breath away.
Now, we feel the long four month stint in Kauai will be easier than we'd expected.  Besides, its not hard to hang around Paradise for an extended period.

Hump day.  Enjoy!

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