Albatross chicks at last...What a joy to behold...A big spider from one year ago...

It was only a few days ago we'd driven by this nesting site, not seeing any chicks.  And yet, yesterday, we returned again to see this adorable chick safely under the shelter of hers/his parent.
By no means are we experts on birds or the Albatross.  In our world travels we glean tidbits of information sharing those morsels as we move from country to country.

Often learning the finite details of a species takes more time than we may have in any given locale.  Also, our diverse readership worldwide has varying tastes and interests.

As we drove by slowly we thought we spotted a fuzzy chick at the parent's feet.  Patiently waiting, we finally were able to take a few photos.
As a result, we share that which we discover along the way, less from an esoteric perspective or any degree of expertise than that of the simple love of wildlife.  We are truly "Jack of all trades and master of none."  That's us.

In time, we may consider ourselves masters of travel in general.  But, we still have a long way to go.  But, mastering the many aspects of life we encounter along the way, much of which remains a mystery to us is not from a lack of a desire to learn. In reality, our lives consist of myriad interests and pastimes that ultimately appeal to us and fall within our time frame.  That's the magic of the freedom we've chosen for our lives. 

It wasn't easy getting a good photo of the chick when it was busy preening itself almost continuously. How quickly they learn to manicure their beautiful array of feathers.
One could truly spend a lifetime studying a single species and some do with a passion few of us possess.  We commend those amateur aficionados and or scientists for their dedication. For us, we look at wildlife with childlike wonder for the curiosity and feeling we derive in their presence. 

This, dear readers, is what we share with you each day, not expertise, not vast knowledge, all in a hope to peak the interest in our readers to perhaps inspire them to seek more knowledge on their own or to simply sit back in their armchair or at their kitchen table traveling along with us in spirit.

Possibly, a mom and dad, awaiting the special day.  Or, possibly there's already a chick nestled under the fluffed up feathers on the Albatross on the left.
And, in our wonder, we continue to share the magic of that which not only crosses our path in happenstance but that which we pursue with joy in our hearts.

Yesterday, afternoon such a situation transpired when we drove back to the neighborhood where our friend Richard had gifted us with a tour and the joy of seeing the annual occurrence of the majestic Albatross nesting in the yards of his neighbors, particularly those closest to the sea.  And there they were, two weeks later, closer to that time that any hatchling may be visible, hoping somehow we'd see even one.
This "nester" was busily clacking its beak at whatever had garnered its interest.  It wasn't
us since we were at quite a distance during this shot.
And see one, we did, only one, inspiring us to return again and again in the future in hopes of seeing more.  Keeping our distance by staying in the car, we managed to get these few, albeit imperfect photos as evidence that a hatchling was nuzzled closely to its parent, whether male or female, while the other had most likely headed out to sea to return in due time with the next meal.

How fortunate, these homeowners, that at any moment they can meandered their yards and neighborhood to behold this blissful sight, life in the making.  For us, its not unlike the similarly exquisite pleasure we beheld in the bush of Marloth Park, when the visitors came to call with their young in tow; a newborn zebra, a giraffe on wobbly legs or even a mongoose closely trailing behind its somewhat jittery parent. 

In the late afternoon, on our way to visit new friends in the neighborhood, we stopped one more time to see if we could get a better photo of the chick.  Its evident that based on the wing placement of this mom (or dad) that the chick was safely ensconced beneath her feathers. 
The joy of life.  It inspires us.  Whether its a hen and her chicks of which there are many here in Kauai or a budding flower in bloom, its all worthy of deriving pleasure and sharing it with our readers each day.

And each of our readers can pick and choose that which appeals to their liking and their personal interests.  It is from this open heart of sharing that we present today's post and every day's post.  For this, we thank each and every one of our readers for stopping by to see what's on the agenda for the day.

The oceanfront neighborhood that attracts the nesting of the Albatross each year.
Terrific Tuesday!  Have it.  We will along with you.

Photo from one year ago today, February 10, 2014:

It was one year ago today, that Louise and Danie moved us to yet another fabulous house in Marloth Park, aptly named "African Reunion" when the owner has another home on Reunion Island.    This Golden Orb spider was hanging out in the carport enabling us to take this photo.
For details of this date and our new residence, please click here.


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