More to see, new and old...The wonder of it all never disappoints...Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate...HB RL!!

Plumeria growing on a sparse tree.  Spring is in the air.
Recently, Julie and I have visited many locations I'd already seen with Tom.  Kauai is not a huge island but I've been pleasantly surprised when I've been equally ecstatic to see these points of interest yet another time. 

We arrived in Kapaa town around noon.  After stopping at the local health food store to restock almond flour, the cashier explained that this resort across the street was definitely worthy of a visit and bite to eat.  She was right in her assessment.  The resort has great reviews at TripAdvisor.

The entrance to the resort was totally empty when we entered although we saw guests by the pool, in the restaurant and walking on the paths.
Never bored for a moment, my eyes peruse the same beaches, same scenes and same popular spots with a renewed curiosity as to what I may have missed last time.  And of course, we've discovered new spots as shown in today's photos.

The beach at the resort is easy to access and pristine.
On each occasion, something new was to be discovered, to be photographed, with a totally different perspective.  It's funny how excited we can become showing someone we love, something we love.  Over these past days, soon to end, we've seen a lot.

The resort's grounds include easy walking paths parallel to the shoreline.
On Friday night, a mere three days from today, Julie returns to Los Angeles to an entirely different world, a world to which I no longer connect, nor have I for 50 years. 

Seating provided at the beach for resort guests.
I grew up in Long Beach, California which is as far removed from my reality than anyplace I can imagine.  The traffic, the people, the cost of living (Julie says not unlike here in Hawaii) is something I can't imagine we'd ever want in our lives again.

The food in the Oasis restaurant at the resort was delicious according to Julie.  Her lunch of fish taco was prepared perfectly and fresh.  Unfortunately, there wasn't one item on the menu that worked for me and I wasn't hungry enough to ask for special modifications.  I ordered an iced tea and was content to be with my sister as we looked out at the sea.
Looking back at the rush hour traffic, the long lines, the crowds, we now realize that living in any big city in the US or, outside the US, is not a life for us after living this simple life in the world in more remote locations, always anticipating a move to yet another exciting location.

A Kolea bird, common along the shoreline.
We can only work at good health and hope and pray that it will provide us with the opportunity to continue on in our travels for many years to come.  We accept that not worrying about it is our best option, in actuality our only option.  Worry only creates bad health, not improves it.   And...we both choose not to worry. 

More walking paths in the Waipouli  Beach Resort and Spa.
Sure, from time to time we suffer with maladies which even my diligent way of eating, which greatly reduces inflammation, cannot defer.  We each have a few age related issues that at any point could immobilize us. 

The pool's waterfall.
With our healthy way of eating, staying active, walking a lot, exercising (me, only) and maintaining an upbeat attitude, we hope we can hold off the ravages of bad health commensurate with old age for a few years, extending the quality of life well into our 80's, 90's and more...God willing (or your choice of higher power, or not).

A portion of the pool with a waterfall. 
Today is St. Patrick's Day and a part of the world celebrates this day with merriment and celebration.  Today is also eldest son's birthday and that has always superseded St. Patrick's Day in my mind on this particular date.  Happy birthday, Richard!  We're thinking of you with love and good wishes.

Beautiful beaches never disappoint.
Please bear with us over the next many days, in that we're sharing new photos of places we may have shared in the past, considering the new eyes that beheld them with an renewed degree of excitement and awe.

Even on cloudy days, one will always find beachgoers, hoping for a bit of sunshine.  Often, the clouds clear, if only for a short while.
The world is an amazing place.  We find that wherever we may be, there is always a treasure to behold right before us, whether big or small, scary or gentle for which, we are always eternally grateful.

Have a safe playful day!

Photo from one year ago today, March 17, 2014:

It was one year ago today, that we decided to stay put.  The intestinal virus I'd acquired from the salad in the first few days in March upon arriving in Marrakech had gotten the best of me.  It was time to begin taking the Cipro which I tried to avoid for weeks.  Getting weaker by the day, I began taking the antibiotic which began working in less than a few hours.  For details from this date, please click here.


Anonymous said...

I have now caught up to today's post, after spending every spare minute these last few weeks reading from day 1 of your journey. I marvel at how many parts of your previous life parallels mine - real estate agent/broker, the love of entertaining and setting the perfect table, enough clothes and shoes to open a store, little travel (except for work), the list goes on. You are an excellent writer and I am enjoying your waftings vicariously as I try to figure out how we can do this. My partner is also younger than me so I'm gently encouraging him to think about early retirement so we can travel while both of us are still able to get around. Part of my retirement income is from rental properties so I don't think we would be selling everything like you did. With all your readers I'm sure you get many comments from those who can only dream of doing what you are doing. I hope that my dream will turn into reality sooner than later. Dorothy and Bob

Jessica said...

Dear Dorothy & Bob,
Tom and I couldn't stop smiling after we read your message. Knowing you took the time to go all the way back to the beginning warmed our hearts. How wonderful that you have rental income to aid in your future expenses should you decide to travel. And in reality, us "cougars" as Tom calls m,e have the benefit in having our guys around longer in old age, Hopefully you can get him to retire early but, if he doesn't it's never too late provided one has reasonably good health.

We do hear from many readers who enjoy reading about our nomadic lives but have little interest in making the huge commitment it requires to make it work. Its not only about the money, desire and possessing organizational and computer skills. It takes a certain emotional state that thank goodness we both posses concurrently; no drama, ability to live a life with a profound desire for low stress, able to get along being together 24/7 and enjoying the same types of activities. That's not always possible for some couples.

Plus, understandably so, many people won't let go of their "stuff." Keeping a house and the maintenance and expenses associated with it, wasn't possible or logical for us, nor was having to pay monthly fees for storage. For those people who can do both, it becomes an entirely different scenario, traveling and going home to regroup, repack, doctor appointments and planning. We had to forgo all of that at a "home base." For us, the inability to do that, makes it all the more exciting and challenging, adding to the adventure. Well, listen to me carry if I don't do enough of that already!

Thanks, dear and loyal readers, for sharing our journey with us. Without all of you, it wouldn't be nearly as meaningful and enjoyable.

Please let us know what rolls our for the two of you as time progresses. We'd love to hear your story!

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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