Another afternoon of exploration...

The water, the mountains, a blue sky.  What more could we ask for, here in Trinity Beach, our home for three months?  Lovely.
With plenty of photos backlogged from our exploration of a few days ago, we decided to head out another day when curiosity got the best of us.  An odd scenario we experience living in this house, is that the garbage bins for both recycling and garbage are located at the bottom of a very long, very steep hill from the house to the street.

The waterway continued through many neighborhoods in this lovely Trinity Beach location.
With the panoramic views we have from the yard, this steep incline is to be expected.  The steepness of the driveway is such that walking down the long distance carrying trash makes no sense as one would need to consider their balance on the steep decline. 

For a 20 year old this may be fun and challenging.  For us old timers, caution is more important that this type of needless trek.  As a result, each time we have garbage, we have to drive down the hill.

Lots of boats docked at the Bluewater Marine for those homeowners with boats but no water frontage.
In doing so, already in the car, we may as well drive somewhere and check out the exquisite area in which we're living.  Soon, we'll be planning a road trip as there's much to see within a day's drive that we'd like to experience in our time here.

Yesterday, the sun was finally shining so we were especially interested in getting out.  As a matter of fact, with the sun shining again today, we plan to spend our 20 to 30 minutes soaking up Vitamin D, a vital nutrient especially for seniors that cannot be derived from food to any great degree. 

Surely ocean going vessels require their own unique methods of maintenance due to the salt water.
Since carrying lots of vitamins is prohibitive in our lifestyle and having difficultly finding them in some locations, any source from which we can glean Vitamin D becomes vital to our health.

As we always state, we happen to be living in Australia, enjoying the culture, the way of life, the nuances.  Close to the beaches, parks and wildlife, if we never left the area of a one hour radius, we'd be content.  But, we feel a certain responsibility to our worldwide readers to share that which is beyond the scope of our immediate area. 

The houses were tightly packed to take advantage of the waterfront.
Thus, we'll visit some of the sites of Queensland during our three months here.  
Yesterday, as we drove though the gorgeous neighborhood where the Bluewater Marina is located, seeing all the lovely homes, many new and  many being built, we marveled over how we have no interest in living a life in a house, with a car, utility bills to pay and a lawn to mow. 

We felt no sense of desire or the coveting of such a life.  We had that life.  Now, we don't.  And, we love this peculiar life on the move.  We do enjoy reveling in the lovely properties, imagining what they'd be like inside their doors with no interest for our lives, whatsoever. 

Most homes along the waterway have this same type of dock to their boats.  Its winter here now and the docks stay in the water year round, not like in our old lives where we had to remove the dock during the winter to avoid its destruction from the ice on the lake.
Our interest in continuing on in our travels has only escalated instead of waning over these past 32 months.  A few weeks ago, we realized that I'd misstated how many continents we visited since the onset of our travels. 

Having both been boat owners in our old lives, we realize the commitment, efforts and costs required to maintain a boat.
Tom pointed this out to me after I'd posted that we've been to six of the seven continents, the only exception at this point is Antarctica.

Of course, we have much exploring ahead of us down the road and further exploration of the continents we'll eventually revisit.  Health providing, we have all the time in the world.  We feel no sense of urgency. 

It would be fun to take a boat out to the Coral Sea from this intercostal waterway.
What will be, will be.  The only control we have is over our ability to continuing to travel is the efforts we exercise (literally and figuratively) to maintain a good level of health and fitness through being active, engaged, having a positive outlook and eating a healthy diet of foods in their natural state; lots of fresh leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables, grass fed meats, wild caught fish, free range chicken and organic cheeses, eggs and raw nuts. 
This huge three story single family home was very impressive, also located on the waterway.
And yes, there are days that we're lazy, don't walk much and spend the better part of the day doing a "bunch of nothing."  Then again, who in our age group is always active?  Who in any age group is always active, even if they are sitting at a desk at work, standing on their feet performing a repetitive type job or simply sitting reading a good book?

Australians have a wonderful and diverse sense of humor.  After spending 17 days at sea with 1400 of them, we had an opportunity to experience this, finally getting some zingers that were thrown our way.  The name of this street reminds us of their playful side.
Living a good life encompasses many avenues of passion we each choose that provides us with the greatest joy and meaning.  Finding that passion is the greatest challenge.  We've found ours and this discovery alone had led us on this path.

Continue with us on this journey.  In many ways, its just begun. We have so much yet to discover and learn.

Photo from one year ago today, June 19, 2014:

The beautiful mountains and hills of Madeira was breathtaking to us each and every day.  For details from that post, please click here.


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