Rough seas...Port of call, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia has been cancelled...

The dance staff is practicing for tonight's aerial show.
We were looking forward to the Isles of Pines, New Caledonia where we were scheduled to anchor this morning to take the lifeboats, as tenders, to the shore.  With rough seas with high winds and 25 foot swells, there was no way the captain would put the passengers at risk.

View from Fiji as we pulled away.
As a result, he made the call not to stop at today's planned port.  Of course, we appreciate his concern for the safety of the passengers and will find ways to keep ourselves busy on the next three days out to sea.

After all, we're using cruise ships as a means of transportation and we'd rather spend a quiet day at sea than fight the crowd and commotion at an airport any sooner than required. 

Calm seas a few days ago.  Not so much today.
On Thursday, (Wednesday for many of our readers in the opposite side of the International Dateline) we will disembark the ship for our flight to Cairns at 1:30 pm, arriving at 4:30 pm.

We were particularly interested in New Caledonia.  Who visits that relatively obscure island in the South Pacific.  In reviewing our upcoming four cruises over the next 21 month, we've noticed we'll return to New Caledonia, hoping to see it at the time.

A calm day out by the pool.
In the interim we continue to enjoy our cruise mates during meals and at other times as we visit many areas on the ship.  Whether working out, lounging in the Centrum watching afternoon live entertainment or in the "That's Entertainment Theatre" watching movies, more live entertainment or seminars, its easy to stay busy.

More practice by the aerial staff.  The show is tonight.
Spending little time in the cabin, we aren't ever bored.  Then again, that's just us.  We have no trouble finding ways to be entertained even if we simply resort to a good book on our phones or idle time online. 

The wifi signal is actually very good in the public areas with few interruptions although the signal is very poor in the cabin.  As a result, we seldom attempt to get online in the cabin, getting kicked off every couple of minutes when we actually are able to connect.

The cables are hooked up and ready to go.
Although we've encountered a number of passengers with complaints ranging from quality of service, the ship's design, the lack of refrigerators in some cabins, (we have one, thank goodness, which keeps our ice buckets chilled overnight), the quality of the food and the options.  Also, many have complained about the loud "current" music playing in the bars and other venues.

None of these items have been an issue for us.  We'd gladly go on another cruise on this ship.  We've loved the small size of this ship at a maximum of 2076 with only about 1800 on board at present. 

More practice over the Centrum.
A few guests have mentioned that the ship is missing certain amenities that may be available on larger ships, such a zip lines, bowling alleys, ice rinks, bumper cars and more. 

We wonder based on the demographics of this passenger list, mostly over 60 years old, how many would have actually used such amenities.  We like to basics never missing a single amenity as long as we have a balcony cabin with the fridge, storage space for clothing, shoes and toiletries, reasonable good food and good service and a movie theatre all of which we've had through every nautical mile.

Beautiful sea and mountain view in Fiji.
We've never seen one person on the rock climbing wall as many times as we've walked past it as we walked the deck.  Actually, many ships on which we've cruised, have never seen a person on the rock climbing wall.  I think many cruise ships add these amenities to attract passengers when in fact many are seldom used once on board.

We've yet to try a specialty restaurant with little interest in doing so.  At the cost of US $60 a couple and our satisfaction with the food in the dining room we've had no interest.

Once we arrive in Australia in three days, we'll begin to post all expenditures in both US (USD) dollars and Australian dollars (AUD) for the benefit of our fast growing Australian readership which will rapidly grow as we spend more time on the continent.

The bow of the ship on a sunny day.
That's it for today, folks.  We'll be back with updates on the rough seas as they appear to escalate.

Have a great Sunday which is Monday to us here on the opposite side of the International Dateline! We're still in awe of that!

Photo from one year ago today, June 8, 2014:

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Staci Finch Thompson said...

Sounds like you all continue to have a fabulous time, cancelled port and all. I know you all are getting so excited about your new temporarily permanent home. Can't wait to see how it goes!

Jessica said...

Staci, its been quite a wonderful cruise. And yes, we're so excited to get to our "temporarily permanent home" as you so appropriately call it. I may use that again, if I may copy you!

Hope all goes well with you both.

Before we know it in a few days, we'll be on land heading to Cairns and Trinity Beach.

Hugs to you both,
Jess & Tom

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