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This flower appears to have the face of a fluffy white lamb.  Notice the eyes and nose.  We didn't see this until after we uploaded our many photos from our visit to the Cairns Botanic Gardens.
Today is 1000 days since we left Minnesota on October 31, 2012 to begin our new lives, our worldwide adventures, our foray into the unknown.  We'd marked the calendar that long ago for the 1000th day, at the time unsure if we'd ever reach it.  (Some time ago, we mentioned posting our 1000th post which is different.  We began posting seven months before we left so these are two distinct dates).

We had no clue when we posted today's reminder for the 1000th day if we'd tire of traveling, find our health prevented continuing on or if we found it financially impossible based on costs and inflation throughout the world.  None of these concerns have impeded the joyful continuance of our travels.

On the return drive from Cairns, we stopped to check out this roadside stand.  We didn't purchase anything when they only had fruit.
We are as enthusiastic in this life now as we were 1000 days ago.  The fear is gone with knowledge and experience in its place. We truly feel like experienced travelers and yet, we still have so much more to learn, to see, to explore. 

Many of our readers have been with us since the beginning and we commend you for your loyalty, diligence and input.  What a gift we receive everyday in knowing you are there!
We'd driven by this Farm Market many times on our way back and forth to Cairns, deciding it was time to stop to check it out.
Is it possible to imagine that some mornings I load my laptop, connect to the internet and start the app I use to upload this site without a clue as to what to put down in words and photos?

Can you imagine that some mornings when I study the folder on my desktop entitled "photos to post" that there's only a mishmash of unrelated photos I've yet to upload for lack of relevancy to a particular other batch of photos?

Their meat case was filled with many pre-seasoned and pre-coated with flour and breadcrumbs, none of which work for us.  But we did purchased a few bacon, chicken and spinach wrapped chicken breasts.
Do I panic?  Not at all.  Do I say to myself, "Gee...I wish I didn't have to do this every day?"  Not at all.  My little brain goes to work either from morning conversation between Tom and I, a tidbit on the news or at times a light bulb moment popping bright within my field of vision.

Sure, the day could come when the slate is blank and literally not a word, a thought, an urge or a nuance will waft through my head to reach my fingers on the keyboard, which are usually itching to be in action.  That could happen.  In reality, some day, this will happen.  But, its not today.

We hadn't seen cherries in a long time.  Some veg is organic and others are not which is not evident by signs posted.
Can you imagine that the photo file is nearly empty and we don't feel like going out on a sightseeing expedition?  That's a relatively common occurrence.  Why wouldn't it be?  Do any of us have enough "share worthy" information combined with photos to share every day of our lives?  Hardly.

Neither of us are into "selfies" which eliminates an entire category of photo taking.  Nor, am I continually updating my Facebook page with the "photo of the day or moment." 

This package of crocodile is AUD $15, USD $10.91.  Next time we stop by that store, I think we'll try buy one of these and try it.
On Facebook, I tend to post a photo of an inanimate subject that I find interesting such as in today's photo at the top of this page that I "saved" from the Cairns Botanic Gardens" to post. 

We aren't quite ready to try eating kangaroo and these sausages contained sugar and wheat.
The main photo was my favorite from the gardens tour day, saved in the same manner that one may save that last tender morsel on their plate to eat as the very last bite...a reward at the end for our patience?

There's a lot of things we could do today.  Sylvie and Andy purchased chaise lounges which they placed next to the pool so we could lounge there for our dose of Vitamin D, as opposed to sitting in a chair on the veranda.  We couldn't be more pleased with the kind and caring attention they've given to our needs and wants.  Today, we could lounge by the pool for awhile.

Tom put his hand out to show illustrate the size of this huge sweet potato.
We could take a drive to a new area further from Trinity Beach to return with hundreds of new photos which could see us through days of posting or, we could make several short trips to unseen spots in the area, although we seem to have already thoroughly scoured the immediate area.

Don't get me wrong.  We love getting out and taking photos.  Its getting us out the door that is always the challenge when its so easy to do nothing, one of our favorite pastimes.  And doing nothing is not really doing nothing.  We seem to be busy all day even when we stay home with the intent of doing "nothing."

We purchased some of the bacon in the rear middle of this case.  Once cooked we realized that the rind was still attached and we had to pull it off like a long leather boot shoelace.  Otherwise, the bacon was nitrate free and delicious.  As shown, many of the items for sale are pre-seasoned and coated.
I can imagine that many of our retiree readers totally get what we're saying here today.  Life doesn't always consist of busy, meaningful and active days filled with new discoveries and revelations.  And, many otherwise quiet days end up a flurry of activity.

So, we'll see what the day brings.  I imagine that tomorrow when you stop by, you'll see something new and shown for the very first time as we do each and every day. 

Ibis are commonly seen birds in Australia.
Happy day to all of you whether you stay in, head out on a walk or on an adventure.  It all matters.

Photo from one year ago today, July 28, 2014:

As we were fast approaching departing Madeira, we posted all of our final expenses as we do when getting ready to leave each country.  For details of those expenses, please click here.


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