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View of Double Island at a distance.
With all the strife, wars, natural disasters and horrific incidents on the news each day, we've particularly enjoyed the Aussie TV news when the majority of it is fun and informative tinged with the typical Aussie playful sense of humor.

Of course, they do report on the heart wrenching international and local news keeping us well informed on worldwide events.  A portion of the Aussie news consists of small stories, such as a biker in Brisbane falling off his bike and breaking his arm.  Although we felt sorry for the biker, Brisbane is a long way from us and we chuckled over the how the national news carries such a simple news story.

Extra parking in the driveway where we live in Trinity Beach.
Australia's entire population spread out over this vast continent is over 23 million, comparable to the population of the cities of Beijing or Karachi.

Overall, the crime rate in Australia is low:

"Australia is generally a safe country with a low rate of crime. Statistics show that the homicide rate has actually decreased in almost every state since 2002. Crime statistics are monitored by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Australian Bureau of Statistics provide comparative breakdowns for different types of crimes.

As we plan traveling to new countries we check out the crime rate (primarily the murder rate) before booking anything.  Yes, we've made a few exceptions when motivated by certain aspects of a country we didn't want to miss. 

Unusual flat leaves on a bush.
In reviewing the chart below, a good placement on this chart doesn't mean one can be laissez-faire with their wallets, cameras, luggage, personal effects and personal safety. 

(Please excuse formatting issues on this chart due to poor connection, with rankings in far right column and #218 numbering not listed).  To see more detail on this site and inclusions for lost lives as a result of wars, please click here).

UNODC murder rates most recent year
Burundi8.0790AfricaEastern Africa2012
Comoros10.072AfricaEastern Africa2012
Djibouti10.187AfricaEastern Africa2012
Eritrea7.1437AfricaEastern Africa20124
Ethiopia12.011,048AfricaEastern Africa20125
Kenya6.42,761AfricaEastern Africa20126
Madagascar11.12,465AfricaEastern Africa20127
Malawi1.8279AfricaEastern Africa20128
Mauritius2.834AfricaEastern Africa20119
Mayotte (France)6.012AfricaEastern Africa200910
Mozambique12.43,133AfricaEastern Africa201211
Réunion (France)1.815AfricaEastern Africa200912
Rwanda23.12,648AfricaEastern Africa201213
Seychelles9.59AfricaEastern Africa201214
Somalia8.0819AfricaEastern Africa201215
South Sudan13.91,504AfricaEastern Africa201216
Uganda10.73,753AfricaEastern Africa201117
Tanzania12.76,071AfricaEastern Africa201218
Zambia10.71,501AfricaEastern Africa201219
Zimbabwe10.61,450AfricaEastern Africa201220
Angola10.02,079AfricaMiddle Africa201221
Cameroon7.61,654AfricaMiddle Africa201222
Central African Republic11.8532AfricaMiddle Africa201223
Chad7.3907AfricaMiddle Africa201224
Congo12.5541AfricaMiddle Africa201225
Democratic Republic of the Congo28.318,586AfricaMiddle Africa201226
Equatorial Guinea19.3142AfricaMiddle Africa201227
Gabon9.1148AfricaMiddle Africa201228
Sao Tome and Principe3.36AfricaMiddle Africa201129
Algeria0.7280AfricaNorthern Africa201130
Egypt3.42,703AfricaNorthern Africa201131
Libya1.7103AfricaNorthern Africa201232
Morocco2.2704AfricaNorthern Africa201233
Sudan11.24,159AfricaNorthern Africa201234
Tunisia2.2235AfricaNorthern Africa201235
Botswana18.4368AfricaSouthern Africa201236
Lesotho38.0764AfricaSouthern Africa201037
Namibia17.2388AfricaSouthern Africa201238
South Africa31.016,259AfricaSouthern Africa201239
Swaziland33.8416AfricaSouthern Africa201240
Benin8.4848AfricaWestern Africa201241
Burkina Faso8.01,311AfricaWestern Africa201242
Cape Verde10.351AfricaWestern Africa201243
Ivory Coast13.62,691AfricaWestern Africa201244
Gambia10.2182AfricaWestern Africa201245
Ghana6.11,537AfricaWestern Africa201246
Guinea8.91,018AfricaWestern Africa201247
Guinea-Bissau8.4140AfricaWestern Africa201248
Liberia3.2135AfricaWestern Africa201249
Mali7.51,119AfricaWestern Africa201250
Mauritania5.0191AfricaWestern Africa201251
Niger4.7803AfricaWestern Africa201252
Nigeria20.033,817AfricaWestern Africa201253
Senegal2.8379AfricaWestern Africa201254
Sierra Leone1.9113AfricaWestern Africa201255
Togo10.3684AfricaWestern Africa201256
Anguilla (UK)7.51AmericasCaribbean201257
Antigua and Barbuda11.210AmericasCaribbean201258
Aruba (Netherlands)3.94AmericasCaribbean201059
British Virgin Islands (UK)8.42AmericasCaribbean200662
Cayman Islands (UK)14.78AmericasCaribbean200963
Dominican Republic22.12,268AmericasCaribbean201266
Guadeloupe (France)7.936AmericasCaribbean200968
Martinique (France)2.711AmericasCaribbean200971
Montserrat (UK)20.41AmericasCaribbean200872
Puerto Rico (US)26.5978AmericasCaribbean201273
Saint Kitts and Nevis33.618AmericasCaribbean201274
Saint Lucia21.639AmericasCaribbean201275
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines25.628AmericasCaribbean201276
Trinidad and Tobago28.3379AmericasCaribbean201277
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)6.62AmericasCaribbean200978
United States Virgin Islands (US)52.656AmericasCaribbean201079
Belize44.7145AmericasCentral America201280
Costa Rica8.5407AmericasCentral America201281
El Salvador41.22,594AmericasCentral America201282
Guatemala39.96,025AmericasCentral America201283
Honduras90.47,172AmericasCentral America201284
Mexico21.526,037AmericasCentral America201285
Nicaragua11.3675AmericasCentral America201286
Panama17.2654AmericasCentral America201287
Bermuda (UK)7.75AmericasNorthern America201288
Canada1.6543AmericasNorthern America201289
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)16.51AmericasNorthern America200990
United States4.714,827AmericasNorthern America201291
Argentina5.52,237AmericasSouth America201092
Bolivia12.11,270AmericasSouth America201293
Brazil25.250,108AmericasSouth America201294
Chile3.1550AmericasSouth America201295
Colombia30.814,670AmericasSouth America201296
Ecuador12.41,924AmericasSouth America201297
French Guiana (France)13.330AmericasSouth America200998
Guyana17.0135AmericasSouth America201299
Paraguay9.7649AmericasSouth America2012100
Peru9.62,865AmericasSouth America2012101
Suriname6.133AmericasSouth America2012102
Uruguay7.9267AmericasSouth America2012103
Venezuela53.716,072AmericasSouth America2012104
Kazakhstan7.81,263AsiaCentral Asia2012105
Kyrgyzstan9.1494AsiaCentral Asia2011106
Tajikistan1.6126AsiaCentral Asia2011107
Turkmenistan12.8660AsiaCentral Asia2012108
Uzbekistan3.71,060AsiaCentral Asia2012109
China1.013,410AsiaEastern Asia2010110
Hong Kong0.427AsiaEastern Asia2012111
Macao0.74AsiaEastern Asia2010112
North Korea5.21,293AsiaEastern Asia2012113
Japan0.3442AsiaEastern Asia2011114
Mongolia9.7266AsiaEastern Asia2011115
South Korea0.9427AsiaEastern Asia2011116
Taiwan3.0686AsiaEastern Asia2011117
Brunei2.08AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012118
Cambodia6.5964AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012119
Indonesia0.61,456AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012120
Laos5.9392AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012121
Malaysia2.3652AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012123
Myanmar15.28,044AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012124
Philippines8.88,484AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012125
Singapore0.211AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012126
Thailand5.03,307AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2011127
Timor-Leste3.639AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2010128
Vietnam3.33,037AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012129
Afghanistan6.51,948AsiaSouthern Asia2012130
Bangladesh2.74,169AsiaSouthern Asia2012131
Bhutan1.712AsiaSouthern Asia2012132
India3.543,355AsiaSouthern Asia2012133
Iran3.93,126AsiaSouthern Asia2012134
Maldives3.913AsiaSouthern Asia2012135
Nepal2.9786AsiaSouthern Asia2011136
Pakistan7.713,846AsiaSouthern Asia2012137
Sri Lanka3.4707AsiaSouthern Asia2011138
Armenia1.854AsiaWestern Asia2012139
Azerbaijan2.1194AsiaWestern Asia2010140
Bahrain0.57AsiaWestern Asia2011141
Cyprus2.023AsiaWestern Asia2012142
Georgia4.3187AsiaWestern Asia2010142
Iraq8.02,628AsiaWestern Asia2012143
Israel1.8134AsiaWestern Asia2012144
Jordan2.0133AsiaWestern Asia2011145
Kuwait0.412AsiaWestern Asia2012146
Lebanon2.295AsiaWestern Asia2010147
Palestine7.4312AsiaWestern Asia2012148
Oman1.134AsiaWestern Asia2011149
Qatar1.123AsiaWestern Asia2012150
Saudi Arabia0.8234AsiaWestern Asia2012151
Syria2.2463AsiaWestern Asia2010152
Turkey2.61,866AsiaWestern Asia2011153
United Arab Emirates2.6235AsiaWestern Asia2012154
Yemen4.81,099AsiaWestern Asia2010155
Belarus5.1486EuropeEastern Europe2010156
Bulgaria1.9141EuropeEastern Europe2012157
Czech Republic1.0105EuropeEastern Europe2012158
Hungary1.3132EuropeEastern Europe2012159
Poland1.2449EuropeEastern Europe2011160
Moldova6.5229EuropeEastern Europe2012161
Romania1.7378EuropeEastern Europe2012162
Russia9.213,120EuropeEastern Europe2012163
Slovakia1.475EuropeEastern Europe2012164
Ukraine4.31,988EuropeEastern Europe2010165
Denmark0.847EuropeNorthern Europe2012166
Estonia5.065EuropeNorthern Europe2011167
Finland1.689EuropeNorthern Europe2012168
Greenland (Denmark)19.411EuropeNorthern Europe2009169
Iceland0.31EuropeNorthern Europe2012170
Ireland1.254EuropeNorthern Europe2012171
Latvia4.797EuropeNorthern Europe2012172
Lithuania6.7202EuropeNorthern Europe2012173
Norway2.2111EuropeNorthern Europe2011174
Sweden0.768EuropeNorthern Europe2012175
United Kingdom1.0653EuropeNorthern Europe2011176
Albania5.0157EuropeSouthern Europe2012177
Andorra1.31EuropeSouthern Europe2010178
Bosnia and Herzegovina1.351EuropeSouthern Europe2011179
Croatia1.251EuropeSouthern Europe2012180
Greece1.7184EuropeSouthern Europe2011181
Italy0.9530EuropeSouthern Europe2012182
Kosovo3.664EuropeSouthern Europe2010183
Malta2.812EuropeSouthern Europe2012184
Montenegro2.717EuropeSouthern Europe2012185
Portugal1.2122EuropeSouthern Europe2012186
San Marino0.7xEuropeSouthern Europe2012187
Serbia1.2111EuropeSouthern Europe2012188
Slovenia0.714EuropeSouthern Europe2012189
Spain0.8364EuropeSouthern Europe2012190
Macedonia1.430EuropeSouthern Europe2011191
Austria0.977EuropeWestern Europe2012192
Belgium1.6182EuropeWestern Europe2012193
France1.0665EuropeWestern Europe2012194
Germany0.8662EuropeWestern Europe2011195
Liechtenstein0.00EuropeWestern Europe2012196
Luxembourg0.84EuropeWestern Europe2011197
Monaco0.00EuropeWestern Europe2008198
Netherlands0.9145EuropeWestern Europe2012199
Switzerland0.646EuropeWestern Europe2011200
New Zealand0.941OceaniaAustralasia2012202
New Caledonia (France)3.38OceaniaMelanesia2009204
Papua New Guinea10.4713OceaniaMelanesia2010205
Solomon Islands4.324OceaniaMelanesia2012206
Guam (US)2.54OceaniaMicronesia2011208
Cook Islands3.1xOceaniaPolynesia2012213
French Polynesia (France)0.41OceaniaPolynesia2009214
There is no country, city, locale or venue that is entirely safe.  We need only keep an eye on the news to discover this reality.  For us, a vital aspect of travel has been being as diligent as possible in regard to our personal safety and yet, we still run the risk of becoming victims of crime, no matter where we may travel. 

After all, our own home country, the US is ranked #91 on this list, certainly on the higher end of the scale.  Seeing Australia ranked as #201 is not surprising to us.  Also, with Fiji ranked at #203, which we'd checked long ago before booking Fiji, gives us peace of mind.

The beginning of the driveway heading down the hill doesn't look steep in this photo, but its very steep.
Although we don't spend time worrying about crime, we feel that knowledge is power.  Protecting our stuff has been relatively easy with all the safety measures we have in place, which we'll be sharing in tomorrow's post along with a horrific vacation rental story that was in the news.  Its in protecting our physical selves that leaves us at the most risk.

Traveling to relatively safe countries certainly reduces that risks and staying away from high risk cities, especially at night reduced the risk. No matter how diligent any of us may be we're never exempt from risk.  We often hear of tourist attacks on the news and pay considerable attention.  The fact that we seldom dine out, walking streets at night to get to our car or a taxi, also reduces the risk. 

We've yet to use the hot tub in the yard for a few reasons, one neither of us cares to use hot tubs and secondly, the cost to heat the hot tub and to keep it heated, if we used it, would be outrageous for the owner who pays all the utilities. 
We're not implying that one shouldn't dine in restaurants.  (We tend to avoid restaurants when the food is a potential risk for me which varies from country to country based on how they season and add sauce to their protein sources.  Australia is big on marinating and saucing their food).  However, it may be safer dining out during daylight hours and avoiding dark spaces at night. 

The side yard off of the kitchen.  Many of the huge plants in Australia are used as small houseplants back in the US.
Then again, we hear horrible stories of daylight hours incidences in cafes and on buses. One could make themselves crazy worrying about every potential situation.  We ran some of the same safety risks in the cozy town where we lived in Minnesota, USA.

It's difficult to climb up to the rainforest in the backyard.  Without trails, it would be tricky to explore.
For us, we choose to opt on the side of seeing that which we'd love to see, whether its a busy high risk marketplace, a stroll along a potentially risky beach or a visit to a country in which we can see wildlife.  After all, we've already been to Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Tanzania and on and on...all in the higher risk categories.

We'll continue to stretch ourselves to see that which appeals to us.  Last night on TV, we watched a fabulous TV show, "The Lost City of Petra (Jordan)" which seeing in person was one of the major highlights of our journey to date.  We'd have missed this life changing experience had we let fear rule our decisions.
Had we been too cautious in our travels, we'd have missed the opportunity to see this unbelievable site and to enjoy our photos for the rest of our lives of The Treasury in Petra, Jordan.  For our Part 1 Petra on this memorable day, please click here.  For Part 2, please click here.
If you have the opportunity to review these two above referenced posts, it becomes evident why we often choose to pull something out of the "bucket list" although there may be some risks, resulting in an extraordinary experience that we'll never forget.

We continue on tomorrow with a scary vacation rental story, a must see for all travelers who use online vacation rental sites.

Photo from one year ago today, August 17, 2014:

The Eurostar, formerly referred to as "The Chunnel."  We were excited for a chance to travel on this train, one year ago, when we needed to get from Paris to London.  Traveling in a train under the ocean was definitely a mode of transportation we anticipated with excitement.  We weren't disappointed, although many of our perceptions were dispelled.  For more details, please click here.


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