Part 1...It was a Bollywood night at the Uprising!...

The sun was already behind this hill when we arrived but the colors remained long enough for me to take a few shots.
Going out to dinner last night proved to be more fun than we'd expected.  We always have fun when we go out and also when we don't, but we had no idea that Saturday night at the Uprising Beach Resort would include Bollywood entertainment.

As we entered the Uprising Beachside Resort.
We (me, particularly) became fans of Bollywood dancing having watched it years ago on a few dance competition type shows and also after scenes in the popular movie, Slumdog Millionaire.
Signs were posted for the night's specials.
Once we arrived at the Uprising Beach Resort for dinner we discovered that it was Bollywood night.  Preferring reservations early in the evening is a must if we plan to take photos before dark so a 6:30 reservation always seems to work well.

As we entered the bar, we spotted this gingerbread house.
It was raining when we arrived but soon cleared in time for the 7:30 Bollywood performance on the lawn, a short distance from where we were seated at a cozy table for two.  I took many photos which we'll share over the next few days.  By the final setting of the sun, we were able to grab a few shots of the amazing sight we're sharing here today. 

The menu options befitting my way of eating were reasonably good, especially when our waitress summoned the chef to our table.  Showing him the food list on my phone, he shook his head acknowledging the good and the bad.  
The pool and deck at the resort was packed with guests.  While we dined, a guest playing ball in the pool dislocated his shoulder.  It was quite a painful sight to see as they whisked him off for medical care.
He seemed excited to make me a suitable grilled seafood platter atop a bed of roasted vegetables.  Assuming the portion would be too small to satisfy my appetite, I ordered a Caesar salad with both the croutons (for Tom) and dressing on the side. 

The bar at the resort.
Tom ordered the burger and fries which looked delicious although he thought it was bland and unseasoned.  Go figure.  The guy who doesn't like spices likes some seasoning on his meat.  (I always well season protein sources to avoid bland tasting food).

Arriving early, we had several options as to which table we'd choose.  As it turned out, we chose a table that gave us ringside seats to the Bollywood show.
My meal was over the top.  Since I don't consume any vegetable oils, only butter, coconut and olive oil, dining in restaurants can be tricky when most foods are sautéed in who-knows-what-kind of cheap vegetable oil.  The chef promised he'd cook my seafood in a spotless skillet using butter, olive oil and fresh garlic. 

We could only imagine how pretty it would have been on a sunny, cloudless evening.
With big chunks of squid, a half dozen head-on prawns and a variety of unknown locally caught fish it couldn't have appealed to me more.  My Caesar salad, with huge uncut Bibb lettuce leaves, bits of bacon and a soft cooked egg on the top would have been more enjoyable had the leaves been cut into pieces as opposed to each entire leaf. 

We chose a table near this two seater close to the lawn.
Served on a large square wooded platter as were all the meals, it was awkward cutting the leaves.  I always eat salad the European way, after the main course.  That way, my entrée is warm while I eat it.  Having salad after dinner tricks my brain into thinking of it as "dessert" when I don't order any sugary desserts.

It was raining as I took this photo while close to the water's edge.
In essence, I ordered two entrees when the salad was listed an a entrée portion.   Rarely do any type of starters (appetizers) work for me.  This wasn't the first time I'd ordered two entrées. 

Tom's big burger and fries.  Our total bill for dinner with bottled Fiji water for me and one beer for Tom, including tax and tip was FJD $91.08, USD $42.72. 
When one doesn't include any starchy sides with a meal, only the protein and a few veggies, it's often inadequate to feel satisfied when the entrée portions are small.  When cooking at "home" I can easily add a number of suitable sides and control for adequate portions.

My Caesar salad on a wooden board.
In any case, the food was good and we'd consider returning on another occasion.  The atmosphere was ideal with the Uprising Beachside Resort.  The service was friendly but included way too much "hovering" over our table with little knowledge of the menu offerings.  We assumed the waitperson was new and we treated her kindly and appreciatively.

My entrée of seafood atop a bed of roasted vegetables.  It was delicious.
The chef stopped back at our table to see if his "special" entrée was satisfactorily.  I enthusiastically assured him it was perfect (which it was) and didn't bother to comment about the salad.  As always, we attempt to avoid being the "ugly American" by maintaining a friendly and appreciative stance.  

In the long run, staying positive even when products or services aren't perfect has been our motto which ultimately avoid us experiencing angst and frustration. Unless something we're served has bugs on it, is spoiled in some manner or is uncooked, we don't ask for a refund. 

It was almost dark as the sun made its final descent.
We stayed longer than we'd expected, almost to 9 pm when we had a little difficulty getting the taxi driver back to pick us up.  He'd gone to the wrong restaurant, leaving us waiting outside the Uprising for 15 minutes, finally calling him a second and a third time.  Oh, well, in the realm of things, its no big deal.

Today, another walk is on the horizon when and if the rain stops.  If the sun stays comes out, it may be a good day to spend time by the pool.  We're content to spend a day at "home" while looking forward to two outings planned by Wednesday.

Tomorrow, we'll be back with a fun Bollywood video and lots more photos.

Have a fabulous day!

Photo from one year ago today, December 13, 2014:

Tom and grandson Jayden walking to an secluded scenic spot we stumbled upon.  For more details, please click here.


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