Final cruise expenses...Disembarkment day....Off to Bali this morning...

Due to the poor wifi signal, we're unable to post any photos today which should all be changing in the next few days once we're on land.  Thanks for your patience!

The cruise has ended!  By the time you see this post, we'll be disembarking the ship, heading to the Singapore International Airport and boarding our plane which departs at 10:45 am. 

We're excited to be on our way to Bali. It seems as if we made plans for Bali a very long time ago.  To actually be heading there at long last leaves us with a little trepidation but a lot of excitement to once again be settled in a beautiful location.

Once the long four hour drive to the house is behind us and we're unpacked and feeling settled with an adequate wifi signal, we'll be able to catch up on our missing year-ago-photos and conduct research to be more detailed in our information. 

The cost for the cruise itself was as follows:

Total Cruise Costs including all on ship expenses: $4,475.34

Cruise Costs:
Total Cruise Bill: $606.24

Cost for Cruise for Balcony Cabin #7618

Cruise Charges (includes port charges)    $ 3,846.00
Senior Rate                                                      - 259.00

Government Taxes                                              282.10
Pre-paid Gratuities                                              336.00
Pre-paid Gratuities                                            - 336.00
Total Cost (US)                                           $ 3,869.10

As for incidentals we spent when off the ship:
FitBit Device for Jess:                                    $     177.47
Insect Repellent for Bali:                                        17.67
Grand Total for Incidentals:                        $   194.14

Total Transportation/Hotel Costs:
Airfare Auckland to Sydney:                           $    377.00
Hotel Sydney                                                      188.00
Taxi Sydney Airport to Hotel                                  68.47
Grand Total for Transportation/Hotel         $  623.47

Breakdown of Cruise Bill by Category
Port Merchant  (toiletries)                              $      8.25
Laundry (2 times)                                               55.00
Beverage Packages (2-10 drinks each)                138.00
Beverages not included in fare                            347.99
Shuttle bus                                                         20.00
Mascara (3)                                                        82.00
Internet                                                            255.00
Cabin credits                                                   - 300.00
Total cruise bill                                            $  606.24

Grand total for all above expenses        US $ 5,292.85 

Due to the poor wifi signal aboard the ship, we're unable to convert to Australian dollars at this time.

Well, folks, the next time we "see you" here, we'll be in Bali writing and sharing better photos of our new home for the next two months.  Thanks to all of our loyal friend readers who followed along with us and to our many new friends we've met along the way who we hope to see here soon.

Once again no year-ago photo until we get situated with a better signal soon.
Happy day to all.


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