Part 1...South America, here we come!..A new continent...A new leg in our journey...

This is the first leg of the "back to back" cruise on the Celebrity Infinity, which we'll board after leaving Costa Rica (Central America) on November 22, 2017 (19 months from now). We'll fly to Fort Lauderdale where we'll spend one night, boarding the cruise the next day.  This will be our first foray to South America.  We're enthused about going through the Panama Canal again, this time from the opposite direction, hoping the new locks will be completed by that time.
With only one week until departing New Zealand and with an upcoming cruise beginning next Saturday, the 16th, we decided to wrap up a few bookings for the distant future while we had a good Internet connection.

When we reviewed our itinerary ending on our five year travel anniversary on October 31, 2017, a mere 18 months away, we knew it was time to pin down what was next on the horizon. 

In the past few days, we were able to extend our vacation rental in Costa Rica to November 22, 2017 (19 months from now) making all of this planning work well.  Costa Rica has a 90 day visa maximum for US citizens.  Halfway through our stay we'll leave the country for a day and re-enter providing us with a new visa end date.
ThuNov23Fort Lauderdale, FL 4:30pm
FriNov24At Sea
SatNov25Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 8:00am5:00pm
SunNov26At Sea
MonNov27Panama Canal (Full Transit) (Cruising)
TueNov28At Sea
WedNov29Manta, Ecuador 7:00am2:30pm
ThuNov30At Sea
FriDec1Lima (Callao), Peru 9:00am
SatDec2Lima (Callao), Peru 7:00pm
SunDec3Pisco, Peru 8:00am6:00pm
MonDec4At Sea
TueDec5Arica, Chile 8:00am5:00pm
WedDec6At Sea
ThuDec7At Sea
FriDec8Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile 5:00am

Although pre-planning to the extent we do may not appeal to some, without a home to return to, we find tremendous peace of mind in planning well into the future.  In any case, its always delightful anticipating future plans and adventures. 

In reality, most of us take great comfort in knowing where we hope (and plan, if possible) to be in the next few years.  Its can be a little unsettling not knowing what the immediate future holds. 

No doubt, everything can change in a moment or in a day.  But, that reality seldom prevents us humans from planning for the future and comfortably settling into the present.
This is the type of 2A Balcony cabin we booked for both the back to back cruise on the Celebrity Infinity.
For our way of life, however quiet or adventuresome it may seem at times, we find packing our itinerary with future plans a huge source of excitement and anticipation while we're fully embracing our lives at the moment.

Now, with leaving this glorious location one week from today, we decided to wrap up a few bookings to place us well into the future, after we've left the US for the family visit and after over three months in Costa Rica living in the fabulous villa owned by our friends Bev and Sam whom we met in Kauai.

After accepting their generous offer of an excellent "friend" rate for the Costa Rica property we realized that keeping our costs down during this period enables us to plan a few pricier plans for the future when after Costa Rica, we planned to head to South America.
This second leg of this "back to back" cruise continuing on the Celebrity Infinity allows us to visit much of the southern tip of the continent, traveling through Cape Horn.  The total cost for both of us for both cruises for 30 days of cruising is NZ $17,216, US $11,666 (NZ $6,111, US $4,141 for the first leg and NZ $11,105, US $7,525 for the second leg) at an average daily cost at NZ $574, US $389).
In today and tomorrow's post, we'll share these few cruises that will be instrumental in taking us to the perfect locations in South America as a segue into our possible two year tour of the continent where again, we hope to fulfill more of our dreams.

In another post upcoming this week, we'll be including our itinerary for the next 666 days that contains only a few gaps we'll fill in months to come.  If life proves to be quiet while in Bali and the wifi is adequate, we'll be able to spend time searching for bookings to fill the gaps.

Then of course, we'll be posting our total final expenses for New Zealand on the morning we leave to drive to Auckland, one week from today, to take the flight to Sydney, Australia, where we'll once again spend one night before the cruise the following day.

Sure, we've thoroughly enjoyed quiet farm life here in New Zealand.  But now, as we continue on, we look forward to "shaking it up" a bit while seeing more of the world as you'll observe in the upcoming post with the itinerary.

FriDec8Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile 6:00pm
SatDec9At Sea
SunDec10Puerto Montt, Chile 9:00am6:00pm
MonDec11Chilean Fjords (Cruising)
TueDec12Strait of Magellan (Cruising)
WedDec13At Sea
ThuDec14Punta Arenas, Chile 7:00am5:30pm
FriDec15Ushuaia, Argentina 10:00am7:00pm
SatDec16Cape Horn (Cruising)
SunDec17At Sea
MonDec18Puerto Madryn, Argentina 8:00am5:30pm
TueDec19At Sea
WedDec20Punta del Este, Uruguay 9:00am7:00pm
ThuDec21Montevideo, Uruguay 7:00am5:00pm
FriDec22Buenos Aires, Argentina 5:00am
SatDec23Buenos Aires, Argentina Disembark
These two cruises we're posting today are "back to back" which we hadn't posted at an earlier time.  To explain "back to back" for our less experienced cruisers, its when passengers stay on the ship for its next cruise continuing on later in the day.

In most cases, we're required to get off the ship for a short period, leaving all of our belongings in the same cabin while the ship is prepared for the next barrage of passengers embarking a few hours later. 

In most cases, we won't need to stand in long lines when we re-board and will be pushed along to easily gain access without any commotion since "back to back" passengers are given priority re-boarding.

On two other occasions we've booked back to back cruises, once in Belize in April, 2013 and another in Barcelona in May, 2013.  In both cases, it worked well when we were able to keep the same cabins except mid-cruise when we asked to be moved to a different cabin as a result of the pounding noise in the middle of the night from the disco below.  (That was the last time we selected Carnival Cruises, not quite our type of cruise).

We'll be back tomorrow sharing a "dream come true" while in the interim we're totally wrapped up in the excitement in our backyard after Trish and Neil moved the alpacas to our backyard enabling us to enjoy them up close and personal during this final week.  We'll be sitting on the veranda most of the day watching them. Its wonderful! 

May your day be wonderful as well!

Photo from one year ago today, April 8, 2015:
Could this albatross chick be any cuter?  A year ago while living in Kauai we spent hours observing the lives of the Laysan Albatross and their growing chicks.  This experience added so much joy to our four months on the exquisite island, along with all the friends we made.  What great memories!  Click here for more photos.


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