Part 1...Taranaki Pioneer Village..History at it best in this region...Here comes the judge!...And, the witness...

Tom stood on the witness stand in the old courthouse at the Taranaki Pioneer Village, a style that may be seen in more modern day courthouses throughout the world.  See story and more photos below.
Its been days since we walked in the neighborhood to visit our favorite cows, bulls and sheep nor walked the muddy distance to the paddocks where the other alpacas are grazing or where Mont Blanc and his mom are located in hopes of improving his precarious health.

What a wonderful view of Mount Taranaki as we made our way out of town.
Don't get me wrong...we aren't bored or annoyed with the much needed rain.  Seeing the mountains, hills and grass grow greener each day only means more nutrition for the grazing animals and growth of fall seasonal vegetables on local farms.

This sign grabbed our attention while we traveled along Highway 3.
Speaking of the fall season, the clocks changed here overnight..."fall back" not  "spring forward" as recently occurred in the US and other parts of the world that observe Daylight Savings Time. 

The entrance to the Taranaki Pioneer Village.
Here in the South Pacific, its been awfully dark upon arising each morning.  Now, we'll be able to adapt to brighter mornings and earlier evening darkness. 

Its still a bit odd to us, these time and entire day differences.  In a mere 13 months we'll be on our way back to the US and everything will change.  Luckily, sailing across the seas makes the transition less noticeable at a one hour change each night. 

It was interesting to read about the historical buildings.
To date, we've yet to experience any major "jet lag" after crossing many time zones on cruises and flights.  In almost every case, we adjusted within 24 to 48 hours with only our waking times feeling a bit disrupted.

Continuing on with stories and photos of recent sightseeing, today we begin sharing photos from a visit to the Taranaki Pioneer Village.  We stumbled upon this unplanned popular tourist location when we spotted a sign as we drove on the highway. 

Many of the antiques ranged over a 100 year period such as this doctor scale, table and clock in the visitors center.
It was worth checking out the village, as Tom quickly whipped into the parking lot.  With few cars in the lot we wondered if it was open, let alone curious as to what a pioneer village has to offer.

World War I nurse's uniform located in the visitors center with a old scale to the left.
With the intent of preserving the history of New Zealand, the Taranaki Pioneer Village is an ideal sightseeing location for both adults and children.  Following is a description from their website:

"Welcome to Taranaki Pioneer Village!

Open every day from 10am to 4pm at Stratford South in Central Taranaki. Open at other times by arrangement.

Phone 06 765 5399

Taranaki Pioneer Village on State Highway 3, just south of Stratford in Central Taranaki, offers 10 acres of Taranaki Heritage. Take a nostalgic stroll through yesteryear and experience an outdoor museum presenting the life of Taranaki pioneers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - recall childhood memories and introduce ‘the good old days’ to the younger generation”

A major central Taranaki visitor attraction that appeals to all ages with modern amenities which contrast with a 'stepping back in time' experience as visitors enter village main street."

Most buildings on the site were moved from other locations in the Taranaki Region to preserve them in one central location such as this building from the Opunake Railway Station, more railroad "stuff" to appeal to Tom.  This miniature train is used to transport visitors through the grounds. We preferred to walk on the beautiful day.
Upon entering the visitors center, we were warmly greeted by two staff members who seemed delighted to see us, a woman at the reception desk where we happily paid the senior entrance fee of NZ $10 per person, US $6.90 per person and a man who was equally a wealth of information about the venue.

We entered this old courthouse.  With no one in sight, we took advantage of a few photos ops as shown below.
We could have spent hours talking to them about New Zealand history but after a half hour or so, we decided to move along to see what the Taranaki Pioneer Village had to offer and take photos while it was still bright and sunny.

During our entire several hour mid-week tour of the village, we never saw any other tourists.  It was pleasant having the entire 10 acre site to ourselves.  We imagine it would be busy over the weekends and holidays.

Tom teased me when I sat in the judge's chair behind the big desk.
Over the next few days, we'll be posting both exterior and interior photos of the interesting historical buildings we visited including businesses, a hospital and a variety of homes.  Also, we had a funny animal encounter for which we took a video we'll soon post which may appeal to our "animal lovers" readers.

May your day bring you unexpected humor and laughter.

Photo from one year ago today, April 3, 2015:
This was the view as we began our daily walk in the neighborhood in Kauai over a four month period.  For more Kauai photos, please click here.


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