Two days and counting...Moving right along...The SHED...

The alpaca in the middle here has a tendency to hog the food from my hand, never giving the others a chance.
Our goal had been to post favorite New Zealand photos today but I've decided to do that tomorrow.  Yesterday, when I'd intended to go through the zillions of photos we took here in New Zealand, I found myself distracted with organizing our stuff, tidying the house and preparing the final expenses for our last New Zealand post upcoming in two days.

Today, after we upload this post we'll drive into town to purchase roasted chickens for the next two evening's meals and to make a quick trip to the health food store to restock probiotics.

Hand feeding the alpacas has been pure joy! Often they "honk" at one another as they try to have a turn.
When we return we'll finish packing, weigh our bags and pay the excess online to save 10% on the baggage fees as opposed to paying at the airport.  Last night, Tom completed the online check-in for the cruise and tomorrow, 24 hours prior to the flight to Sydney, I'll check us in for the flight.  As always, its all coming together as we each undertake tasks we usually handle.

As Tom busied himself chatting with other passengers at CruiseCritic who are booked on the same upcoming cruise he discovered the following after posting an inquiry.  He wrote:

"Last year, May/June, we were on a cruise from Honolulu to Sydney.
There were about 1400 Aussies on this cruise making it one of the best cruises we've ever been on.

On sea days at 14:00 or 15:00 there was a SHED get together for guys only.
All the problems of the world were solved each and every time we met.

Being a Yank I didn't know what the SHED was.   It was very enjoyable.
After the first get together ended I met up with my wife and she asked, "What is the SHED and what we did we discuss?"

I told her what the guys told me to tell her. "What happens in the SHED stays in the SHED.  If I tell you I'd have to kill you."

I sure hope some of the Aussies set up a SHED get together for sea days. It was very enjoyable."

None of the youngsters are interested in being hand fed.
A short time later, he received a response from another cruise passenger which read:

The shed meeting is on the ship's Compass Magazine every afternoon at the Pig and  Whistle Bar on the Voyager. You will have your man shed for sure  :)

Great looking forward to them!  :)"
This made Tom smile from ear to ear.  Actually, it makes me equally thrilled to know he has a chance to interact with other guys without me always at his side.  Its a much needed break for him although he'd never put it that way.

Many of the adult moms are shy and have no interest in being hand fed.
The SHED will be scheduled on the daily "Compass Magazine" for mid afternoons, usually around 3 pm, on the nine sea days during the 14 day cruise.  During this two hour period, I'd often stay in the public areas reading, working on the next day's post and photos. 
More often than not, I'll busy myself conversing with other women who's significant others are also at the SHED.  This was a good time for us to each have a little time apart.

This alpaca who's name we don't know if quite interested in the food.
Luckily, neither of us are the types that require "alone time."  I can't recall either of us ever saying, "I need time to myself."  If we feel compelled to get away from one another for a bit, we'll naturally gravitate to some sort of project to work on without any analysis of any particular emotional need at the moment.
Over the years we've learned to give each other "space" when we're engrossed in reading, writing or talking on Skype.  Its these commonalities that add to the ease of being together 24/7 as we live this peculiar life on the move.

A few will come to the deck after the hand feeding ends to eat the scraps that fell during the process.
Speaking of this life on the move, as these last days wind down, we still spend as much time as we can interacting and observing the beautiful alpacas.  Without a doubt, it will be hard to say goodbye but we look forward to all the wonderful people we'll be meeting in the next few weeks aboard the ship.
Tomorrow, we'll be back with our favorite photos of New Zealand and on the following day, the final expenses of spending 87 days living on the farm. 
Have a beautiful day!
Photo from one year ago today, April 13, 2015:
This photo from the Princeville Botanical Garden was a favorite from the venue.  The Jackfruit is known for its health benefits.  See this link for nutritional details.  Please click here for more photos.


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