The 12 hour trip from the ship to Bali...

Had we not been traveling the highway as such a clip, we'd have been able to take dozens of photos such as this, of famous Balinese gods, kings and queens.
There remains a sense of awe and wonder for this life we live.  After our taxi whizzed  through Singapore's 7 km tunnel under a part of the city and the sea, we couldn't help feeling charmed by the crisp cleanliness and beauty of the hot humid climate creating an exquisite environment in full bloom.

There are more motorcycles on the roads in Bail than anywhere else in the world.
We'll return to Singapore for a week in a mere 59 days with a hotel booked and paid with our only upcoming expenses meals and transportation.  In the interim, we look forward to life in Bali.

These types of stone statues are frequently included in new construction design to maintain the integrity of the Balinese culture.
In our old lives such a week's long holiday that we'll have in Singapore would have left us reeling with anticipation and excitement.  Now, entrenched in this peculiar lifestyle, we attempt to avoid taking it in our stride.  If we ever lose that sense of wonder we still so passionately possess, it would be time to reconsider.

Interspersed with newer buildings many historical structures remain in Bali.
For now,  on occasion we awaken in the middle of the night  wondering for a split second where we are only to realize that we're living this life. A smile washes over our faces in the dark and we know we are home...wherever that may be and... it still feels good.

The over two hour drive (of a total of four hours) through the capital city of Denpasar (pop. approximately 856,412), has numerous shops and malls, some very old and operated by local merchants and others more modern as shown here.
The fact that we stand together in this passion remains a mystery.  How did we get here so united in our interests and desires?  How did this commonality fester and grow  to provide such a strong foundation in both our relationship and our commitment to carry on?

Typical scene on the narrow highway; a old Balinese structure and the helmet of a passing motorcyclist.
Perhaps, the answer is irrelevant. Perhaps, like life itself, we acquire a quiet acceptance of our place in the world.  Somehow, we've found ours.

These are typical shops along the main road as we traveled to Negara.

As I spew these thoughts aboard the flight from Singapore to Bali,  I'm  reminded of our vulnerability and the need to let our future in part remain in the hands of hopefully qualified pilots and means of transportation. 

Basket weaving in commonly seen in tropical climates as a means of adding to a vendor's wares.
We can't always be in control.  In part, our ability to hand over the reins at times with dignity, grace and ease becomes as much a vital part of this journey as when we have the potentiality of being in the driver's seat.

Balinese architecture remains a constant in Bali.
And thus, as we've arrived in Bali after the harrowing four hour drive through some of the worst traffic on two lane roads, we've ever seen, we're prepared for this leg in our journey.  We're unpacked, in our swimsuits and absorbing the exquisite views and property.

Pottery making is common in Bali, some plain, others highly decorative as shown in the far right.
We look forward to the adventure with the same degree of passion we felt 42 months ago.  Photos and stories of tropical island life begin.  Stay with us, stay beside us,  as we continue on, longing to share it all with you.

As darkness fell we finally reached the area of the road with an ocean view.
Tomorrow, we'll be back with more photos of Bali, as a dream of paradise on earth is definitely in our midst. 

Happy day to you as well.

Photo from one year ago today, May 1, 2015:

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