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There are many areas in Phuket with more modern homes, many occupied by expats and tourists.
We love hearing from our readers.  The feedback we receive means the world to us.  Many write personal email, not intended to be posted and some write at the end of any given post to express their views, comments or make a suggestion regarding the current or a recent post.

Agreeing with us or not, we enjoy each and every comment and appreciate the time and effort the reader took to stop to say hello.  We invite any of our "lurkers" to write as well. 

Across and down the street from our villa, a woman was washing her face outside near the road.  We wondered if perhaps she didn't have running water.
As a lurker myself, seldom commenting on any sites I peruse, I certainly understand the hesitancy toward commenting.  I've analyzed why I don't say a word after reading a particular site for possibly years and can only come to the following conclusion...I'm not confrontational enough to oppose a view publicly, nor am I inclined to let my opinions be heard without specific inquiry. 

Oh, you may disagree with me based on my constant spewing of what I (we), think of this and that.  But, that's comparable to voicing one's opinions in one's "own house" as opposed to doing so in a public venue. 

There are many rental cottages and cabins such as this in the area.
I suppose since we don't have a home of our own, this site in its own way becomes our "home" with all of our loyal readers as occupants with whom we freely share our day to day mumblings, significant or not.  In its own way we are a family of sorts for which I am merely the "documenter" of its daily "goings on."

This is not to say I'm not a person of considerable opinions.  I am.  Tom listens to them daily in one form or another.  Oh, and he's opinionated far beyond me for which those of whom engage with him in Facebook are well aware.

Modest huts and homes are prevalent in the area.
As far as I'm concerned my opinions are best left unsaid in "this house" or even on Facebook where I seldom opine about anything other than that which I may consider an interesting travel photo or experience or an appreciation of the photos and stories of others with a "like" or an applauding-type comment.

Its not as if others are waiting in anticipation for my opinions on politics, world affairs and entertainment gossip (although I must admit I still check out what celebrities are up to in Hollywood). 

This is a restaurant on a quiet street near our villa.
Bottom line?  What others think is up to them.  What's happening in our home country and in the world impacts all of us in one way or another.  Unfortunately, my personal opinion on any of it has no bearing whatsoever on the outcome.  Its not as if we're in a position to effect change other than in small ways we choose along the way in our world travels.

Of course, if I'm asked for an opinion in a public arena such as with other passengers on a cruise ship, I can spew it out as vigorously as anyone else.  But, not everyone agrees on most topics and I vehemently avoid confrontation.  "Overly bubbly" types prefer to avoid conflict. 

As we drove further away from our area, we were surprised to find rows and rows of shops, rentals and restaurants.  Its much more built up in Phuket than we'd anticipated.
I must confess, I thoroughly and selfishly enjoy hearing comments from our readers, regardless of the topics.  Often, such comments are warm fuzzies we embrace with happy hearts. Where else do we get positive feedback other than from one another?  

Other comments we receive are observations, suggestions, opinions and the sharing of personal experiences all of which we devour with enthusiasm and appreciation even if we don't agree.  On a rare occasion, we receive a "hateful" comment for which we decided long ago doesn't deserve a response by us or our readers. 

Many shops are multi-use such as this beauty salon and motorbike rental.
So, we ask with a bit of trepidation over our own hesitancy to comment on the sites of others, please don't hesitate to write a comment at the end of any of our daily posts or, if you'd prefer send a private email, none of which we'll post without your specific permission.  (Please click the link on the top right side on any given day's post to contact either of us by email).

Many homes are gated, such as ours which also includes a security system with CCTV.
We received such an email yesterday and anxiously await permission from the loyal reader to allow us to post a portion of her message to share with all of you for an interesting idea she offered for our upcoming visit to the US.  Hopefully, we'll be back with that soon!

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, August 7, 2015:

One year ago, Tom was reading while soaking up the sun at the pool in Trinity Beach, Australia.  For more photos, please click here.


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