Part 1...A visit to new friend's home in Sumbersari...A walk along the beach to more visions of paradise...Exterior photos today...Interior tomorrow...

As we approached Pia and Thomas' fascinating villa that fully utilizes the concept of outdoor living.

One of many views from the veranda. Wow!
"Sightings on the Beach in Bali"
 Is a crab using this coconut as an additional form of shelter as well as the hole in the sand?
When our new friends Pia and Thomas invited us to their home, a 10 minute walk along the beach, we were anxious to get on our way after we uploaded yesterday's post.  

Pia found this adorable piece of wood on the beach which appears to be an animal head.
We had no idea as to the beauty were we about to experience as we searched for a path toward the house which is set back a short distance from the beach.  Thomas had described the landmarks that would easily steer us in the right direction with several villas scattered along the shoreline...lots of umbrellas.

Crystal clear infinity pool with spacious veranda and fully equipped covered outdoor kitchen, the only kitchen needed in this enchanting property.  More photos of the outdoor kitchen in tomorrow's post.

Every area of the grounds presents a natural environment and yet possesses a well planned ambiance with the Balinese culture in mind.

It was indeed easy to spot. Finding the short path with ease, we avoided maneuvering through dense vegetation. Within moments we'd entered a veritable paradise of beautiful grounds, flowers, trees adorned with traditional Balinese/Hindu décor and religious artifacts as we were warmly greeted with a kiss on each check from our lovely hostess Pia and then Thomas moments later.

A simple outdoor shower.

Driveway to the street entrance to the property.
As we made our way toward Thomas who was on the veranda finishing up a business meeting, Pia gave us the tour of the grounds including the Balinese hut they'd built for an additional authentic feel, called "lumbung."

Pia and Thomas built this lumbung on their property which can be used for guests as needed.

Ocean view from the lumbung.
They'd designed the exquisite main house on a computer and brought it to life several years ago, fulfilling a lifelong dream.  As we wandered toward the house from the gardens, we knew we were in for a special visit, not only to engage with their delightful personalities but also with the opportunity to see their unique home. 

View of the sea from the interior of the lumbung.

Detailed roof in the lumbung done by local workers.
When they'd described their home a few short days ago when visiting us at the villa, we expected a simple Balinese style abode. How modest they'd been when sharing the a few details of their property! 

Tom walking through the Pia and Thomas' garden. 

Plants, trees and flowers adorn the grounds.
From the outdoor-only modern granite kitchen with full stainless steel appliances and local wood handcrafted cabinets to the upper level with expansive views of the sea, nothing was spared in design, décor and accoutrements in creating a supremely comfortable, functional and eye appealing living environment.

Fresh flower arrangement on the veranda.

Flowering plant and Buddha head similar to that at our villa.
Each room as shown in our photos over the next few days has a unique persona and inviting presence, causing us to swoon with delight.  How smart they'd been in their ideas and subsequent execution. 

View from the second story.
Often people dream of such a home in a tropical paradise and never are able to bring it to fruition.  This determined couple did everything possible to make it happen even with a diligent budget in place.

Another ocean view from the veranda area.
As we slowly perused the house admiring each enticing element, we finally settled in the upper level lounge/living room where cooling ocean breezes dried the moisture on our skin as the result of the humid rainy day.  Pia commented on the disappointment of the cloudy day wishing we’d been able to take sunny day photos.

Shack in the sea used to repopulate small fish and possibly rebuild some of the coral.
To our surprise, the clouds didn’t seem to have too much of an impact in the clarity and presentation of our photos.  Of course, we always prefer sunshine but with Pia and Thomas returning to Thailand in a few days, yesterday was the only opportunity for us to visit. 

Additional view from the second level.
We wished we’d met them sooner but, they were only here a few weeks this trip when Thomas’ work in Thailand (they’re younger than us and he’s yet to retire) necessitates his return.  Both German citizens, they have a smaller home in a quaint town in Germany where they stay when they visit from time to time. 

A sunny day would have been all the more beautiful but we were happy to see their special home.
They too, left everyone they love behind to follow a dream.  This mutual connection precipitated considerable conversation that kept the four of us chatting enthusiastically for the hours we spent together.

Flowers blooming in their yard.  Grass is hard to grow in most of Bali due to the sandy ground, lack of rain at times and the heat.
Tomorrow's post will include more photos of Pia and Thomas' island paradise aptly name uToPia (notice that the Tom and Pia are in the name!) and more on our enjoyable visit, conversation highlights and return walk along the beach as a storm was brewing.

The name of Pia and Thomas' retreat in Bali," uToPia," is carved in the stone in the front the home.
Be well.  Be happy.

Note:  Due to the poor Wi-Fi signal and the huge number of photos, we're unable to edit line and paragraph spacing.  We apologize for the lack of continuity.


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