Part 2...Balinese food prep and arrangement...Expenses for four night resort stay...

Bruschetta was served at our table each evening.  Tom ate my portion as he often does when such items are served.
This morning, after we finished our final included breakfast we walked up the steep stone steps to the lobby to checkout and pay the balance allowing us to quickly be on our way by 1:45, hoping to be early in the queue at the immigration office.

This mixed seafood dish was my favorite over the four dinners.
The fees for the two visa extensions were IDR $710,000, US $54.63, which we paid on Wednesday's visit.  Our hotel bill at Puri Bagus Lovina , in its entirety, including the room rate, two pairs of pants, one shirt and bottle of custom made Balinese body oil came to a grand total of IDR $10,313,030, US $793.49. 

Avocado and feta salad.
We were pleasantly surprised with the total and couldn't have found a more enjoyable and affordable alternative to driving back and forth to Lovina three times in five days for the required process. 

Although this doesn't appear to be sweet and sour pork, it was indeed.  Tom said it was delicious ordering it two consecutive nights.  Note what's  beneath the green cone in the next photo.
When we return to the villa we'll pay for the rental fee for the van which will be IDR $200,000, US $15.39, per day for five days totaling IDR $1,000,000, US $76.94, plus fuel at IDR $200,000, US $15.39, bringing our grand total for the entire experience to IDR $12,223,300, US $940.47.

The server removed the green cone to display the rice beneath.
It was a lot easier than flying out of the country as some tourists may choose to do in order to get a new visa stamp allowing an additional 30 day stay, depending on one's passport of origin. 

I ordered these roasted vegetable skewers along with the yellow fin tuna salad shown above and in the next photo below.
We've had an exceptional experience at Puri Bagus Lovina  with all the thoughtful attention we received from the management staff in appreciation for our four days of stories highlighting their exquisite property.  We couldn't be more appreciative for the many ways they reached out to us.

This rare tuna salad I ordered was exceptional.
Today, we're posting photos of the delicious and beautifully presented meals during the four night stay.  Not only was the food in the superb category but the gracious service and attention to detail further exemplified the objectives of this Balinese resort abundant in charm, ambiance and service. 

Western style omelet bar where made to order omelets are prepared to perfection.
Not a single meal disappointed us.  Flavorful, fresh and well seasoned platters were placed in front of us, course after course, never faltering in perfect timing and graciousness.  Beverages were served exactly as we prefer with lots of ice (an American thing) and in big frosty glasses. 

Tom and I both ordered the surf and turf platter.  He gave me his prawns, squid and veggies while I passed him my fries, flatbread and onion rings, requested on a separate plate.  The steak was a tenderloin, cooked to perfection and the most tender we'd had in a long while.

Management had encouraged us to notify them of any less than ideal food or service.  Long ago we accepted the realities of "island time" as we had no need or desire to mention that which is merely cultural in rush, easy does it. 

There are several fixed price three course options on the varied menu.  We were allowed to mix and match items we preferred.  Tom ordered this salad, unbeknownst to me, with the intent of giving me all the prawns.  What a guy!  He's always thinking of me.
Many tourists fail to accept such cultural differences when coming from a hustle and bustle lifestyle in their home country.  They want something and they want it now.  This is not to imply service was slow at Puri Bagus Resort & Spa.  It wasn't.  It was gracious and done in a manner that never made us or the attentive staff feel rushed or stressed.

Tom's said his French onion soup was divine.  He hadn't had this soup in quite some time.
The Hindu culture centers around a gentle, low key sense of peace and well being.  Puri Bagus Resort & Spa definitely exemplified this culture with ease and seamlessness in not only its good service but also in its traditional focus on nature, cleanliness incorporating the Hindu and the Balinese ways of life.

Last night I ordered this platter of three types of fish including John Dory, halibut and snapper with a few prawns and grilled squid rings.  Fabulous!
We've packed our belongings and will be ready to head out the door in time to make the 2 pm appointment at the immigration office.  Shortly, thereafter, we'll change into our shorts for the long two hour harrowing return drive to the villa.  Its ironic the roads are so crazy when the people of Bali are so calm and peaceful.  There again, its purely a cultural thing.

Tom's Western style dinner last night; steak, onion rings and twice baked potato.  Again, he passed me his veggies.
We've yet to share many other photos we've taken over these past days which, as we continue with our stories in Sumbersari, Bali, we'll incorporate into future posts. 

Tom's dessert...crème brule, a round profiterole cookie with a white frosting base and bits of fresh fruit.  He enjoyed every morsel.

Stay tuned, folks.  We'll be back tomorrow with lots more photos and new "Sightings on the Beach in Bali."

A special thanks to all of our loyal readers for traveling with us wherever we may go!  We always feel your presence at our side.  Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, September 30, 2015:
Savusavu, on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji is a busy little village.  We loved going to town to shop at several locations for our week's groceries.  Many locals and some tourists take buses to other parts of the island.  Our driver Rasnesh, took care of all of our transportation needs.  For more details, please click here.


Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad said...

I've recently found your blog and wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed catching up on what you've been up to. It's quite the adventure you're on! I love your writing and observations, and I'm a gluten free traveller too so I read your food posts with interest. I'm glad the resort was so accommodating to your needs, and understood them so well (not often the case). Have you found the rest of Bali so good? I'm hoping to visit next year and knowing I can eat well will definitely put my mind at rest.
Good luck for the ride back tomorrow! I hope it goes as well as it can...

Jessica said...

Rachel, how wonderful to hear from you. I looked at your site. It's beautiful! How wonderful that you travel as often and you do! Often young people like you aren't able to travel quite as much as you. Its fabulous you've been able to do so.

As for food in Bali in general, most likely you may have trouble finding gluten free dining in casual dining establishments. Also if you restrict sugar and starches as I do entirely, its very tricky. You'll have cross contamination issues in most local restaurants but at resorts and more upscale restaurants they're more used to accommodating dietary restrictions. Our villa in Bali has two cooks who have learned to prepare our meals exactly to my specifications without a single issue. They don't speak much English so I showed them online photos of local foods I can and can't eat. They totally understood. Most villas have cooks which is your least costly and safest option. We've love Bali. Hopefully, you will as well. Its filled with amazing surprises.

The ride back was good albeit a bit scary. But Tom saved the day, as usual. Please say hello again when you can.

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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