News overload...Dreaded "red eye" flight upcoming...A cultural dining experience with photos and amazing prices continue...

This fish soup looked delicious but contained a small amount of flour for thickening.
Finally, we have access to US and world news.  Although by no means have we been out of the loop as to what's transpiring in the US and around the globe.  Voraciously, we read online news daily to stay abreast of what's transpiring worldwide that may have an impact on our lives as we continue to travel.

This fried soy appetizer was served at our table.  Tom didn't like it and I don't eat batter fried foods or any soy.
Some may assume that our lifestyle may dictate an "out of sight, out of mind" philosophy. But, we're definitely not living "off the grid." We may have been living outside North America for almost four years, except for a three day stay in Boston to see family two years ago, although we've never been out of touch with the state of affairs in the US and many other parts of the world.

Coconut water is served in the coconut with its soft flesh.  Not a fan of the liquid neither Tom nor I ordered one.
ettled in at this comfortable hotel in Kuta, Bali, we've busied ourselves online while watching English speaking news on the TV running in the background.  After an hour or two, we'll flip the channel to Nat Geo Wild, or another of National Geographic series, many depicting places we have been thus far in our travels.  Less stress inducing, by far.

As the days quickly dwindle to our departure in three nights, I must admit I've had a little angst about the red eye flight which departs around midnight Saturday (actually Sunday, at 12:05 am).

Tom's and Egon's lunch consisted of fried rice topped with bits of chicken, a fried egg and a few bite of vegetables. 
We'll have to leave the hotel prior to 10 pm Saturday (we paid for an extra night for the late check out) to ensure we're at the airport two hours in advance as required for international flights.  At times, getting through immigration can result in long delays.

Francoise's grilled fish.
I suppose I wouldn't feel any angst about the red eye flight if we could sleep well on a plane.  Its just doesn't happen easily for either of us.  We may dose for short periods.  With my recent injury, sitting for long periods is most challenging at this time, as I experienced on the four hour drive from Sumbersari to Kuta. 

Searching online I found a few tips that may be helpful from this site.  Regardless of tips and suggestions, the reality is, its only a six hour flight.  In no time at all, we'll arrive in Sydney, so I keep telling myself. 

Pioni and I shared this platter of boiled crabs, a little tricky to get out of the shells due to their small size but the flavor was good.
We've certainly experienced longer and more difficult flights including many hours of layovers.  At least Sunday's flight will be nonstop making it a whole lot easier.

Continuing to think positive thoughts and focusing on the enthusiasm for the arrival in Sydney on Sunday morning with one hotel night in the hotel which is conveniently located across the street from the pier where our ship will await boarding passengers. 

Watermelon, a hearty crop in Bali was served at our table.
Most likely, we'll arrive at the hotel  in Sydney by 10:30 or 11 am (a two hour time difference), hoping for an early check in. As "regulars" at this hotel and members of their priority club, I feel confident they'll accommodate us.

From there, we'll get a good night's sleep and be ready to board the ship for our scheduled time at noon on Monday, October 31st, the day of our four year anniversary, certainly a day to celebrate.

Thanks Francoise and Egon for hosting our lunch.  I asked to take a photo of the bill to post here.  It was shocking to see the five person lunch was only IDR 198,000, US $15.22!
We'd hope to use this hotel's pool over these several days.  The weather has yet to cooperate.  Soon, I'll head to the hotel's gym for my third workout, increasing intensity a little each day. 

Sure, its quiet and low key for us over these several days but we're doing well, feeling cool and enjoying getting caught up on a number of tasks we weren't able to accomplish over these past many months.

Be patient, dear readers. The action will pick up in only a few days!  Take care!

Photo from one year ago today, October 26, 2015:

Typically in rainforests, we've observed insects and birds as more colorful than in less dense areas of vegetation. Tima, our guide to Vuodomo Falls, spotted this caterpillar we easily could have missed.  For more details, please click here.


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