Time flies...Soon, we fly...Three days until we board the cruise...Regaining fitness and health...

Beautiful fresh flower arrangements in the hotel lobby.
This week has flown by quickly. Tomorrow evening, we'll leave for the airport at 9:45 pm using the already booked free hotel shuttle.  As the week as progressed, I've had less and less angst about the red eye and plan to take it in my stride.  Its only one day of being tired and out of sorts.

This morning we're doing two loads of laundry in the spotless hotel laundry room. The cost to do wash and dry two loads is IDR 200,000, US $15.33, pricey for a self serve laundry but a lot less than we'd have paid to send it out.  We'll board the cruise with clean clothing except for the few items we'll wear in the next few days. 

As its turned out, since Tuesday we've only eaten the included breakfast in the hotel as our one meal a day.  The first day we arrived, Monday, we'd left the villa without anything to eat planning to have dinner in the evening in the hotel restaurant.

Hotel pool.
The dinner was mediocre with my dietary restrictions and Tom's fish and chips were good.  In both cases, we left the table still hungry after the smallish portions. 

Instead, we decided to load up on the buffet breakfast, ordering omelets, bacon and a few sides, enough to get us through the next 24 hours until we'd eat again.  If we felt hungry in the evenings, we'd go have dinner.

Not surprisingly, eating very low carb, neither of us have been hungry at any time during the remainder of the day and evening.  We felt satisfied and comfortable never once thinking about eating or snacking. 

As we've mentioned in the past, eating one meal per day is considered intermittent fasting.  If medical studies appeal to you there are countless studies revolving around the benefits of fasting, as least for a part of each day. 

Flowers blooming on the hotel grounds.
The old theory of eating every few hours will soon be discredited as a foolhardy means of maintaining health, weight and fitness.  It hasn't been working for most people with rampant Type 2 diabetes and obesity prevalent in almost every part of the world.

Then again, what do I know except what seems to work for us as we continue to strive to maintain a level of health and fitness that hopefully will see us through many more years of world travel  Everyone has the option to choose a health plan that works best for them.

None of this makes us exempt from illness, injuries and generally not feeling 100% every day.  Like many of you on certain days, we don't feel up to par, energetic and ready to tackle the world. 

Artwork in the pool area.
After months of being relatively inactive during recovery from the June 1st injury I'm struggling a little to regain my strength.  Working out everyday at the hotel has been helpful but like physical therapy, its a slow process. 

Expecting overnight results  isn't realistic.  I'll continue to exercise over the next two days and then daily on the upcoming cruise, adding to the time and difficulty of my routine a little each day.  Hopefully, by the end of the 33 night cruise, I'll have returned to my former level of fitness and energy.

At that point, we'll be ready to resume preparing meals which we haven't had to do in over three months, since we were in Phuket ending on September 1st.  In both locations in Tasmania we'll have bi weekly house cleaners so we won't have to do more than tidy up, laundry and cooking. 

Balinese style abounds in the hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn Ngurah Rai Airport.
Tomorrow, we'll be back with our final post from Bali including the total expenses for our the six nights at this hotel.  At 12:10 am Sunday we'll fly overnight to Sydney, arriving in the morning. 

Later in the day we'll post again after we've hopefully taken a nap after the red eye flight.  As a result, the post from Sydney on the 30th (29th for those in other parts of the world) will be posted late.  Please keep an eye out.  We'll be back!

Have a beautiful day filled with sunshine!

Photo from one year ago today, October 28, 2015:
These Fijian women were sitting on the floor while one gave the other a massage while working at the farmers market in Savusavu, Fiji.   For more photos, please click here.


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