We made a booking error!...Final hotel expenses...Tonight's the night!...We're off to Sydney on the red eye...

The hotel chef made a special spicy sauce to go with my skewers.
Gee, this week whizzed by considering how little we did hanging out in our hotel room for days, content as we could be in air conditioned comfort with nary a fly in sight. 

As a matter of fact having meals without having to bat off the flies was rather pleasant for a change. But, we know this cool comfort and fly free zone won't last forever. 

Once the 33 night cruise ends on December 3rd, we'll spend a total of three months in two locations in Tasmania which is rife with wildlife and insects of all sorts, a fact that attracted us to this Australian island. 

Tom had another bowl of fries not shown in this photo.
Luckily, we're become accustomed to the creepy crawlies we've encountered otherwise we wouldn't have chosen to visit Costa Rica, South America and again Africa in the future.

As for our stay here at the Hilton Garden Inn Ngurah Rai Airport a most peculiar thing happened yesterday...we discovered we'd made an error when booking this hotel.  Here how it went:

1.  First, we'd booked the hotel for Saturday, October 29th to Sunday, October 30th, although we're checking out tonight at 9:45 pm when it will still be October 29th.  With this late flight we preferred not to spend hours waiting at the airport so we booked the hotel for the one night with the very early checkout.  With the low rate of US $50, IDR 652,874 it was better than the alternative.
2.  When we decided to leave the villa early due to the poor Wi-Fi signal, we created an additional booking at the same hotel from Monday, October 24th to Friday, October 28th.

Is my booking error obvious? 

Each morning Tom had a few of the doughnuts shown on the right.
Based on how I booked this we'd be without a room between Friday and Saturday.  I should have booked the added nights from Monday, October 24th through Saturday, October 29th and then...our extra night would kick in. 

Yesterday at noon, staff at the front desk called our room (we were wondering why our room hadn't been cleaned) kindly explaining we needed to clear out of the room (duh) and return today for the 2:00 pm check in time.  That would have been some predicament!

We wondered what the huge red pot contained.  Was it decorative or a buffet item?
Well, safari luck kicked in, we rebooked yesterday's one night at Hotels.com on our site for which rates, last minute had escalated but the hotel was able to let us stay in the same room.  Thank goodness.

We apologized profusely for our error, had our Wi-Fi and key cards updated and continued on with our day.  We finished and packed our clean laundry and once again I worked out.  Later we closed and weighed our bags to see if we'd be charged for overweight luggage. 

The gym was nicely chilled and spacious.  This guy of the left was the only person I'd seen in the gym in five days.
Virgin Australia charges per piece for economy (that's us) and also for overweight fees.  Each of our two clothing bags are within a kilo and of the 23 kg max with our third bags well under without an extra inch of space to stuff the slight overages.  We'll see how it goes.  On this particular international flight paying online in advance for baggage isn't allowed.

After a good breakfast, by dinnertime, we both felt hungry and decided to head down to the restaurant for a meal.  The menu was tricky with many items that wouldn't work for me. 

I ended up ordering a specially prepared satay dish without sugary peanut sauce which consisted of two small skewer of chicken, one small skewer of beef and a skewered medium sized prawn.  Knowing this would be ultra small, I also ordered two fried eggs and a half of avocado.  It all worked for me.

It felt good to get on the cardio equipment.  Over the six days I improved my endurance more than expected.
Tom, prepping for his "cruise diet," ordered a bacon cheeseburger (with bun) with fries and extra fries.  Here he goes!  He'll be dining to his hearts content while I've promised (as usual on cruises) not to say "boo" about what he eats until we're settled in our next vacation home when I'll start cooking again.

We'll forego dinner tonight and grab a little something at the airport if we're hungry or we may use our remaining IDRs to purchase nuts for the flight.  After all, we'll be awake all night, a little munching might be in order.

As for the hotel bill for these six nights including meals, tips and taxes:

Room rate for six nights:   IDR 4,989,658,  US $382
Meals not included:           IDR    806,242,  US $ 62
Total for six nights:        IDR  5,795,900, US $444
Average cost per night:      IDR    965,983   US $ 74

Flower blooming on a tree by the pool.
Wow!  This was reasonable, less than our average cost per night when living in vacation homes.  Sure, we forfeited six nights at the villa but we'd already factored those costs into our budget and certainly received our money's worth.

Tomorrow, as mentioned, we'll be in Sydney staying overnight in the hotel.  Our post may be late if we didn't sleep on the plane.  If we were able to get some sleep on the plane and feeling alert in the morning, we'll post at our usual time.
These are interesting flowers blooming on a tree by the pool..
See you from Sydney, one of our favorite cities in the world!  Bear with us once again, since we'll be posting photos of the amazing scenery of the Sydney Harbour.

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 29, 2015:
We could only imagine how beautiful our photos would have been in Fiji had it been a sunny day when we went sightseeing.  That's life in the tropics!  For more details, please click here.


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