We made the right decision…Documents to handle…Difficult to send on slow Wi-Fi…Three days and counting…

This pretty barnacle covered coconut washed ashore.
"Sightings on the Beach in Bali"

We found this pretty shell on the beach.
We have no doubt that we’ve made the right decision in leaving the villa on Monday.  With Tom’s driver’s license renewal application and our absentee ballots, we hadn't be able to process any sized attachment to be sent via email.  However, as I continued working on this post, finally we were able to get online long enough to send the email and attachments.
Tom’s license renewal is due to arrive no more than 60 days prior to the expiration date according to Nevada’s laws for those out of the state when the renewal is due. Tom’s birthday is December 23rd.

This out of state renewal is only allowed every other time one must renew.  Next time we’ll have to appear in person.  I’ll go through this same process in two months when mine renews on my birthday, February 20, 2017. 

The view changes dramatically as the tide rolls in.
We’d be in one awful predicament if for any reason the renewal didn’t go through.  We’d be unable to rent cars and be subject to returning to Nevada in person sooner than planned in order to be able to do so. 

This would be quite a predicament when we’re renting a car in Tasmania in December and then again when we return to the US in May for over two months.  One can only apply to the state in which they’re a resident, as we are for Nevada.

After we finally got online we emailed the completed documents to son Richard in Nevada who will in turn snail mail them to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Hopefully, in doing so within 60 days, we’ll receive the license on time.

This cute little dog is always with the buffaloes when they're walked along the shore to the river.
Another requirement of the Nevada DMV is that they will not snail mail the actual license to an address in Nevada since we’re stating we can’t come to their office in person right now.

Thus, we’re having it mailed to daughter Tammy in Minnesota who will then mail it to our mailing service in NV, who in turn will overnight express mail it to us in Tasmania. Once again, its the nature of our lives that makes processing required documents cumbersome. 

We’re unable to avoid asking our kids for help from time to time.  They’re usually not tasks that require more than a fax, a copy or placing an item into an envelope and mailing it.  We certainly appreciate the assistance.  How else would we do these things?  We wonder how other long term travelers or expats handle such tasks.  Any comments would be welcome.

Another interesting crab pattern in the sand.  How artistic!
Tonight, we'll complete our absentee ballots and have that task out of the way as well.  Recently, we used the villa’s old printer to print a few copies of my food list for the upcoming cruise (in 10 days!).  The ink is running out and copies aren’t as clear as we’d prefer but for now it will have to do.

We could wait the 10 days until we board the ship or even print them at the hotel in three or four days.  However, our nature and intent is to have everything done upfront in plenty of time to avoid thinking about it more than necessary. By the time we arrive in the hotel in Kuta on Monday, we’ll have nothing specific to process.

As we’ve indicated as our slogan, “Wafting Through Our Worldwide Travels with Ease, Joy and Simplicity” we make every effort to keep our lives as uncomplicated as possible; no drama, low stress and no surprises we could have avoided had we been more diligent. 

The government in Bali stocks this contraption with fish to provide sources of income for the locals.
This isn’t always an easy task and at times, avoiding stress requires spending more money such as in our leaving the villa five days earlier, losing the rent we paid for the remaining days.  Had the cost for the hotel been higher than it was, we may have decided otherwise. 

Also, recently booking the hotel in Lovina for the visa extensions was another example of reducing stress again costing additional unplanned expenses.  We often stay in hotels for one night (or more, if necessary) to reduce the exhaustion and stress between long and uncomfortable flights and, to avoid missing a cruise departure when a flight may be delayed for one reason or another.

These types of decisions are usually factored into the budget when we establish new line items in the Excel spreadsheet for estimated expenses for a new location.   As for the unexpected items as indicated above, we always maintain a "miscellaneous" category which covers most unanticipated expenses.  Without doing so, we could end up with many surprises at the end of our stay.

These young boys arrived by motorbike to play with their boat in the river.  It always surprises us how 7 and 8 year olds drive motorbikes and hang out alone at the beach, often for hours at a time.
There’s no doubt that avoiding stress is costly but in doing so we’re more able to maintain our sense of control over those situations we can control as opposed to those beyond our control such as cancelled flights, delays, unexpected layovers, etc. 

Isn’t it ironic that most of our potentially stressful inducing events revolve around flights?  If it were possible and if we could afford it, we’d cruise from location to location when generally the only major potentially stressful events include embarkation and debarkation, each of which may require hours of waiting. 

The boy's boat brought them hours of entertainment.
After 14 cruises and traveling to 54 countries we’ve become experienced enough to avoid being stressed when having to wait in long queues for cruises and the often lengthy waiting periods at airports for customs and immigration processes.

Today, slightly cooler and less humid (less flies too), we’ll continue to enjoy every last minute at the villa, write the online reviews for the villa (depending on the signal) as we continue to revel in the loving and kind people surrounding us, along with the exquisite scenery.

May your day find you appreciating loving and kind people surrounding you.

Photo from one year ago today, October 21, 2016:
View of the coral reef in Fiji.  For more photos, please click here.


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