Day 10...Circumventing the Australian continent...Sea day...Conversations surrounding US politics...

The hallway of the Shops of Centrum.
"Sightings on the Ship in Australia"

More art from the art center aboard ship.
How is it possible that we're having such fun day after day, night after night?  It never seems to end.  Nor do we have periods of time where we're wondering what we should be doing to fill our time.

Each day's pleasant routine allows us to be face to face with new people along with those we've already met.  The interactions are filled with interesting conversations.  Over the past few days, conversation has mostly centered around politics, escalating today on election day. 

The Shops of Centrum have an array of pricey shops.
Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and others are very interested in the results of this US election when the outcome will reverberate throughout the world in many ways.

As we mentioned in the past, we've chosen to avoid political views on this site. Although both of us are highly opinionated on the topic of politics we've decided that those views aren't relevant on this site. 

Now that I wear the FitBit, no longer do I have any interest in watches.
Although we're closely following the election results as they roll in, we won't be discussing it here.  We've all been bombarded with this campaign for long enough. 

Our intent is to focus primarily on the stories and photos of our daily lives and experiences of two happily married retirees traveling the world, homeless, unencumbered and feeling free to make our decisions as to what appeals to us the most.

Jewelry stores are most popular shopping venues on ships.
This is as opposed to that which others may expect from world travelers such as a continuous travel log of sightseeing, adventure sports and dining.  For us, its all about the people, the culture, the common features of where we live at any given time and the exquisite beauty of nature and our surroundings.

Living onboard a ship for 33 nights leaves us reeling over the simplicity of this temporary life; no meals to cook, no dishes to wash, no bed to make, no cleaning and for now, no time to watch any of our favorite shows at night. 

For US $19.99, AU $26.11, these gift sets are hot sellers.
Our social life is beyond our hopes or expectations for this cruise or any cruise for that matter.  No doubt, a part of it revolves around the fact that both of us are friendly and outgoing welcoming every opportunity to chatter with whomever comes our way.

Today, a sea day, once we're done posting, we'll head to the movie theatre, one hour before the movie begins in order to ensure two seats together.  The tiny theatre only holds 50.  We bring our laptops while we continue to work and research until shortly before the movie begins.

After not owning a handbag since 2013 I can easily pass by these displays without giving it a thought.  In Kenya, I threw out my handbag when the risk of it being stolen was too high.  I have learned with function without a purse especially with Tom's roomy pockets.
Yesterday's movie, "Tarzan, the Legend," was a favorite of mine.  Tom only nodded off for a few minutes while I stayed awake and alert during he entire screening. Today's movie, the 2016 remake of "Ben-Hur" should appeal to both of us.

Duty free liquor store.  Any alcohol purchased during the cruise may not be brought to a cabin.  It is stored until the last night of the cruise.
Tonight, we'll hang out with our new US friends at the Diamond Club and again for dinner.  Gee...this is great!  We're loving every minute!

Be well.  Be happy!

Photo from one year ago today, November 9, 2015:

Badal visited us almost everyday in Fiji checking out what may be on the evening's menu.  We never failed to give him a plate of something delicious.  After his meal he'd sit cross legged on the veranda looking at me, hoping for second helpings.  For more photos, please click here.


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