Day 30...Circumventing the Australian continent...Are we disappointed its ending in three days?

This morning's sunrise from our balcony over industrial port of Auckland, New Zealand.
"Sighting on the Ship in Australia"

Art from the ship's gallery.
Tom and I both agree this cruise didn't seem to pass too quickly nor did it linger with hopes for it to end.  We've loved every single day.  But we bear no disappointment in it soon ending.  Our journey continues on to yet another adventure which we anticipate with an entirely new sense of awe and wonder.

No doubt, a big part of the pleasure we've experienced on this cruise has been the often hilarious and interesting evenings we've spent with our friends Lois, Tom, Cheryl and Stan and the many other passengers we've met aboard this lengthy cruise.

Freighter and tugboats in Tauranga.
Each early evening at 4:30 pm, we've gathered at the Diamond Club lounge with our four friends for our complimentary wine and cocktails taking advantage of one of the many perks provided by our newly acquired Crown and Anchor Society designation after acquiring sufficient points from past cruises to become members.

With the friends preferring an early dinner, by 6:30 pm we all headed to the Cascades dining room to the same table each night for dinner.  By 8 pm, our friends had their fill of a busy day and headed to their respective cabins for the remainder of the evening.

More pretty views of port of Tauranga, New Zealand.
Other than a few nights, Tom and I stayed out playing pool, dancing, watching shows and mingling with other guests not turning in until after 11 pm.  By 6 am each morning, we were awake and preparing for yet another action packed day aboard ship or heading out to sightsee.

Its been quite an ideal routine but, once we're settled in our new home in Penguin, Tasmania in three days, we'll be ready for a little more sleep and to establish another new routine we'll quickly incorporate into our lives, one we'll certainly relish with equal enthusiasm.

City of Tauranga, New Zealand.
Its been easy to "live in the moment" during this lengthy cruise.  During this period, we've avoided conducting much research for future travels as each day aboard ship has presented its own unique brand of entertainment and diversions. 

Today the ship is docked in Auckland, New Zealand.  We've decided to stay onboard to prepare for tomorrow's Part 2 of our world travel seminar which will be again conducted in the same venue at 11:15 am.  The agenda is in place but we'll need to prepare the video portion of our presentation which may take few hours. 

The sea and an island at a distance.
With many other passengers off the ship for various tours we'll have less distractions and zip through it in no time.  We'd previously visited Auckland and have no regrets to be staying aboard the ship. 

This second part of the presentation will give us a better perception as to whether or not this is something we may want to explore for future cruises.  Is the prospect of conducting seminars while cruising something that appeals to us?  We aren't decided as yet, still uncertain if it will feel like too much like "work." 

What a beautiful location!
Its for that very reason we've avoided writing a book or appearing on talk shows.  Keeping our sense of freedom firmly implanted into our lives of world travel is vital to maintain the level of fulfillment we derive each and every day. 

If we commit to a greater degree of work than we currently perform in presenting our daily posts, it could change everything.  We've loved the way it is.  Why mess with that which isn't broken? 

Fishing boat in bay in Tauranga, New Zealand.
People often ask, why don't you settle somewhere?  Our answer is always the same, "Why change what we're doing when we already happy?"  Recently, many have asked why we didn't tour New Zealand's South Island while spending three months in New Plymouth, located on the North Island?

Here again, our answer was simple.  We were experiencing so much joy on the alpaca farm, we saw no reason to change anything at all.  But, isn't that how life is, as we always say, "Love the One You're With."  If its not broken and we're happy, why change it? 

The big and busy city of Auckland, New Zealand. 
We're not subject to some perceived notion of what we should be doing, as opposed to what we want to do. A big piece of the magic of our lives, is in living our lives as we choose, on our terms, maximizing that which proves to provide us with the most enrichment.

May your day be enriching and meaningful however you may choose to spend it.

Photo from one year ago today, November 29, 2015:
In Fiji, a neighbor's newly planted garden coming to life. Many Fijians plant gardens in the rich soil.  For more details, please click here.


Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad said...

I completely agree, if it ain't broke don't fix it! Also, I think when people ask questions like that it says more about the questioner than it does about you.

Glad to hear your first presentation went well, good luck for the second although it sounds like you've got it down!

Jessica said...

Rachel, so true. But we find many people have a preconceived notion about what travel should "look like" in a more traditional sense as opposed to that which appeals to the traveler's personal desire.

We're now wrapping up the details on this morning's second presentation. We're excited for another opportunity.

Thanks for dropping by!

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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