A local annual holiday event in Penguin...Penguin Surf Club...Locally owned business...

This health and wellness display presented by Belinda at Natural Intuition caught my eye.
To contact Belinda, email her at:  naturalintuitionwellness@gmail.com
The little case in the center of the display was filled with therapeutic grade essential oils.  If I had room in my luggage, I'd have wanted one of those kits.  Again, practicality prevails.  We had a chance to chat with Belinda.  She was warm and welcoming and we enjoyed every moment.  Had she not be going to Queensland for the holiday, we have no doubt we'd have been getting together. 

Another view of Belinda's health and wellness display.
When Terry, our new friend and landlord, dropped off a flyer for the Penguin Surf Club Christmas Market occurring on Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, we were excited at the prospect of attending.

Upon entering the Penguin Surf Club we knew we were in for a treat.
Although we had no intention of making any purchases at this local annual holiday gift and arts and crafts sales event, we thought it would be fun to mingle with the locals and take photos.

Handmade aprons, pot holders and more filled this area.

We chatted with Leone, the local rep for Tupperware.  She was delightful and welcoming us to her town.  There was an item here, I'd have loved to purchase, that red pull chopper.  Again, no room in the luggage for kitchen gadgets.  To reach Leone for Tupperware, call her at 040-921-7730. 
We'd already purchased all the Christmas gifts for our six grandchildren in the US.  Long ago, we'd decided to forgo gifts between us and our adult children due to the inconvenience of receiving, shipping and purchasing items from around the world.

Adorable flannel its including baby blankets and bibs.

A variety of locally made olive oil and products filled this pretty table.
For the grandchildren, we always purchase items and gift cards from US vendors making returns simple and uncomplicated. Within 24 hours of our arrival in Penguin, I sat down and got to work and within a few hours our online shopping was completed.

Cute stocking stuffer items.
Yesterday, we made a late lunch of cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon (the best bacon we've found anywhere!) and a favorite; low carb, grain, starch and sugar free coconut pancakes.  We'd found maple syrup sweetened with Stevia at Woolies to which we added to the glob of delicious grass fed Tasmanian butter.

There was a wide array of adorable handmade items on this table.

Several tables offers spa and bath products.
Each time we make this meal I always say I could have this meal everyday and love it.  But, in an attempt for variety we only make it every so often, especially since in many countries we can't find coconut flour although, coconuts are commonly found in many warm climates.

Hand carved wooden toys and games filled this display.
Satisfied after the great meal, at 5:30 we headed out the door for the 10 minute drive to the edge of town to the Penguin Surf Club where Terry has been an active member for many years. 

I hadn't seen a Mary Kay display in years.
As we perused the facility beyond the multitude of booths with holiday offerings, we noticed his name over and over again on many plaque and awards.  Having lived in Penguin all of his life, he's been actively involved in community activities and events.

Tom really got a kick out of these lighted glass blocks.  Clever idea!

I flipped over these "map of the world" shoes.  But, practicality always prevails in our lives.  They weren't meant for lots of walking and each of my five pairs of shoes are practical except one pair of dress shoes which I'm considering giving the heave ho.
At the entrance to the building, we paid a "gold coin" each for a entrance fee equivalent to one AU dollar (US $.75). The place was packed, the energy uplifting and holiday-like and we couldn't have been more thrilled to be a part of this small town's special seasonal event.
Tie dye baby clothing.  Too cute!

This chair and cover were made to look like a toy stove.  Cute!
We began wandering from display to display, some containing homemade gifts, foods and holiday décor and others packed with more traditional commercial items.  Many were unique as we both giggled over spotting the same items simultaneously.

I always loved these handmade dolls.

Wall décor made with rocks and wood found in nature.

If, we had a home or were living near family, there were many items we would have been tempted to purchased. But with the high cost of shipping items to the US none of it made sense, especially when our grandkids have no interest in craft items nor do their parents want their homes filled with more "stuff."

Colorful scented Play Dough.  Fun!
Being able to chat with a few of the vendors was the highlight of the event.  We took photos of their wares, offering to post photos on our site today.  Had it not been so busy, we'd have had a greater opportunity to talk to more vendors to later share their products and information.

Scents and hand and body sets, perfect for holiday gifts.
Today, cool, windy and cloudy we plan to stay in, work on future travel related tasks. At long last, we're making our low carb gluten, starch and sugar free pizza after finally being able to find all the ingredients needed for our recipe.  We haven't been able to make the pizza since we were in New Zealand almost a year ago. 

An oar we spotted in the food area where Terry was one of the crew for an event. 

The bar wasn't busy yet but give it a few hours and it would have been packed.  Food was offered for sale in this area including burgers, brats and hotdogs.
Watch a movie? Eat pizza?  Yep! That's fun too!  Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Photo from one year ago today, December 9, 2015:
Walkway from one area of the Arts Village to another while in Pacific Harbour, Fiji. For more photos, please click here.


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Enjoying your blog good to see our region through fresh eyes

Jessica said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you so much for your comment. Of course, our newbie perspective could easily be naïve and unfamiliar. Please feel free to correct us if we miscommunicate anything about your wonderful Penguin. We feel so welcomed and anxious to learn more during our time here.

Please write again!
Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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