Eyes drawn to beach after beach...Is Tasmania as amazing as Hawaii?

We took this photo from downtown Penguin.  Wow!
Two years ago, at this time we were on the Big Island of Hawaii while 12 family members had visited us at the two vacation homes we 'd rented next door to one another.  It seems like a lifetime ago. 

We were watching from our front veranda as a massive flock of birds (most likely seagulls) were on a frenzy over a school of fish.
To view some of our photos from that period please begin searching through the archives beginning here.  Below is a photo of Tom in our "backyard" in the Big Island, taken the day after we arrived, awaiting out kids and grandchildren soon arriving.  What a view!
Two years ago Tom stood in the backyard of one of two of the vacation homes we rented awaiting our family's arrival for Christmas.  Here is the link for this particular post , the same as indicated above.
Having spent a total of eight months in four of the Hawaiian Islands; Oahu, Maui, Big Island (aka Hawai'i) and Kauai we left the exquisite US state with fond memories of amazing scenery and experiences.

Scene of Penguin from a distance.
Now, after only three weeks in Tasmania we're finding ourselves entrenched in the beauty of this island not only for its amazingly friendly people and ease of living but also for its simplicity.  Nothing feels rushed here.

Farmland view of the sea.
Is it possible to compare the islands of Hawaii with Tasmania with their expansive ocean views, white sand beaches, mountains, hills and lush vegetation? 

From of the ocean from a country road.
Tasmania offers the exact same features that makes visiting this island state of Australia comparable in many ways to visiting some of the Hawaiian islands in the US.

This is a view from an elevated road in Penguin.
A few differences we've observed during this short period in Tasmania:
  • Considerably less tourists in Tasmania due to it distance location to many countries. Hawaii is easier to get to from many countries in the northern hemisphere.  Most of the popular islands of Hawaii are packed with tourists creating traffic and commotion typical of life in many island communities, not necessarily bumper-to-bumper traffic, but  it may be difficult to find parking spots at popular beaches and venues.
  • Its generally more expensive in Hawaii, perhaps a trade-off for the added time and transportation costs to travel to Australia from many other countries.  Rental cars were more expensive here.  Groceries are less expensive.  Dining out is comparable. (Continued below).

Many homes and farms in Penguin have beautiful ocean views.

  • The weather?  Its sunny and warm in Hawaii year round although it may rain off and on, with most rain storms quickly moving through to returning sunny skies.  In Tasmania, we're experiencing three cloudy and rainy days in a row (which may be unusual during these summer months) with considerably cooler temperatures during the spring and summer based on its distant proximity to the Equator.  Winter temperatures are cooler.  Not all travelers care for warm climates. 
  • Friendliness factors in both locations?  Comparable.  We found the people of Hawaii to be outrageously friendly.  Here in Penguin...in Tasmania in general?  The locals are equally friendly if not more.
  • Recreational activities:  Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, diving, whale watching, shopping and the availability of tourists spots are readily available in both locations.

Tasmania has many roadside viewing areas on the highway.
In reality, for most travelers, it all boils down to cost, weather, proximity and crowds.  If a traveler prefers a quiet laid back experience with temperate weather and can travel the long distance, Tasmania may be preferred.  If one is looking for a more active location with nightlife, warm sunny days on the beach, Hawaii (on some islands) may be preferred.

Walkers exploring the beach.
As for the scenery, they're equally exquisite in their own way and we treasure the opportunities we've had in visiting both lstates.  The ocean and mountain views, the green grassy hills, the abundant variety of vegetation and wildlife and the cooler climate has made us feel we've come to the right place at this point in our travels. 

An early evening guitar playing session while sitting on a rock.  Photo taken from our veranda.
Have a beautiful day as we work our way toward the end of 2016.  Its been a good year for us.  We hope its been so for YOU as well.

Photo from one year ago today, December 28, 2015:
  • One year ago in Pacific Harbour, Fiji Tom was engrossed in watching a ski movie on the projection screen in Baka Blues bar/restaurant in the Arts Village.  For more dining out photos, please click here.


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