Part 1...Fabulous time out and about...Many new acquaintances...More new photos...

Upon entering the Market @ Franklin we immediately met Natalie who's  natural bath, skincare and beauty line, Naturally Spellbound, is made with all organic products and essential oils.  Natalie can be reached here
After yesterday's post discussing our occasional lack of motivation to get out and the fact that it was a blissfully sunny day, we decided to "hit the road."  With our vacation/holiday home located on a long highway with few outlets to other areas and, not feeling up to spending a few hours in the car, we headed back to Franklin.

The Market @ Franklin is held the last Sunday of every month in the historic Palais Theatre in Franklin, Huon Valley, Tasmania.  This attractive venue may be rented for weddings, celebrations and other events.
A few days ago we'd spent the afternoon at the Australia Day celebrations in Franklin, Tasmania.  Grace, the alpaca products vendor, directed us to the brick building and on Main Street where on the last Sunday of every month, a comprehensive farmers type market is held.  She encouraged us to attend when sensing we'd certainly get a kick out of it.

As we moseyed along the rows of displays, this display caught our eye, especially after we were offered a sample.
Grace was right.  No more than moments after entering the door of the historic Palais Theatre we encountered Natalia who not only represents her fine products (photo shown here) but also is the organizer of the year round event as shown here:

"The Market @ Franklin

The Market @ Franklin in the Palais Theatre  on the last Sunday of the month all year round. Come along and enjoy a great market day out, and inspect the wares, crafts and fresh produce of Huon Valley's locals.

The Huon Valley Growers and Makers Market features 30+ stalls showcasing and selling the best produce and craft of the Huon Valley including seasonal fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, jams, chutney, honey, cakes, pies and olive oil, plants, seedlings and herbs, ceramic wooden and textile crafts, jewellery and alpaca products. 
For stall enquires please contact Natalie via email:"

After tasting the naturally "smoked" sea salt, we couldn't resist making a purchase from Smoked Salt Tasmania.
We chatted with Natalie for quite awhile, taking photos of her beautiful display and reveling over this wonderful area of the Huon Valley.  As is the case of many we've met in Tasmania their roots started in one of the big cities in Australia's mainland.
Much to our pleasure we engaged in a lengthy conversation with Miffy and Don, the owners and creators of this unique product, Smoked Salt Tasmania. For more information on the most delicious salt on the planet, please click here. They may also be reached at Facebook: Smoked Salt Tasmania. What a delightful couple!
Many have shared that they'd longed for the less hectic lifestyle of big city life to eventually relocate to Tasmania for a simpler, easy paced life on this remote island.  Less than a two hour flight to Sydney and more to other big cities, many locals have found the move to Tasmania fulfilling in many ways.

There were a few home grown vegetables left but we had all we needed.  We arrived at the market around noon after we'd uploaded the day's post.
After we left Natalie, we headed toward the many other booths/displays offering a wide array of fine products.  The vendors couldn't have been more friendly.  Once again, we ran into alpaca farmer and product maker Grace.  Seeing her once again was comparable to running into an longtime friend.

Cute, homemade little felt booties. 
As we continued on our way, it didn't take long to meet the delightful couple, Don and Miffy, who innovated the delicious, Smoked Salt Tasmania, a bag of which we couldn't resist purchasing at a cost of AU $15, US $11.34. 

All the displays were set up beautifully and overall, prices were reasonable.
Naturally aged in barrels (without the use any of the popular toxic smoke seasoning or other chemicals) the smoked salt is made using natural sea salt harvested in Tasmania.  The sample we were offered on a little slip of paper sent our taste buds on a frenzy.  I couldn't wait to get back "home" to use the salt in some way for our dinner.  It was indeed a flavor bursting treat.

More items included in Julia's display.
Not only did the product excite us but after our lengthy conversation with Don and Miffy they invited us to visit them at their home in Snug.  We just may do that during our remaining month in this area of Tasmania.

After viewing all the remaining displays, drooling over a few food offerings, we headed back outdoors where additional items were offered for sale.  With too many photos for one day's post, we'll include the remaining photos in tomorrow's post.

The homemade cupcakes looked delicious.
Rushing a little today with Marguerite, our cleaner, arriving shortly, we'll wrap it up for today and see you tomorrow with more.  Cloudy and rainy, we're heading out for our weekly grocery shopping in Huonville in order to be out of her way while she cleans.

Have a peaceful and yet meaningful day!
Photo from one year ago today, January 30, 2016:

Many signs and names of towns are were based on the indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand, the Māori who's language has had official language status, with the right to use it in legal settings such as in court, since the Maori Language Act 1987. There are around 70,000 native speakers of Maori out of a population of over 500,000 Māori people, with 161,000 of the country's 4 million residents claiming conversational ability in Māori." For more photos please click here.


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