Many others "shucking it all!"...Is this life for YOU?

Pond on a farm.
During this past week we've received three email messages from readers stating they are in the process of selling everything they own in order to travel for an extended period of time.

Also, we hear from others who've already been living as nomads for a number of years, as is the case of these readers/Cruise Critic members who wrote the following to us in the "comments" section at the end of yesterday's post.  See comment below photo:

Expansive views of the Huon River.
Jess and Tom,
I found your blog on cruise critic and have just finished reading the whole blog. What a journey you two have been on.  It's amazing to read your stories and about your travels. So many people are afraid to act upon their dreams.We live a life on the road in our RV.  Have been in this lifestyle for 15 years.  We also will be on the same cruise to S.America on Celebrity in Nov.and Dec. We will look forward to meeting both of you.

Carolyn and Sam"

We replied to Carolyn and Sam as follows:

"Carolyn and Sam,
How wonderful to be traveling the country in an RV (caravan, here in AU) for 15 years!  We seldom hear of travelers living life on the move for such an extended period. We commend you for your passion and dedication to living your dream life.

You've inspired this next post's topic for taking the time to say hello. We often hear that readers start from our first post back in March, 2012 and read each one to the current post. This is such a joy to hear! Thank you for your kind comments.

We hope to meet you on the South America cruise in November and December. Sounds as if you're also doing the 30 day back-to-back. Please find us at the Meet and Mingle Party on the first sea day.

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom"

Few RV travelers are as enthusiastic as Carolyn and Sam, many eventually discovering they've become tired of the small space in an RV and in moving from location to location. 

Many traveling by RV have written to us (or spoken to us on cruises) explaining they find a few favorite campgrounds in choice locations and return to them frequently often staying for extended periods while readily able to visit family at their leisure. 

Its not as green in the Huon Valley as it was in Penguin but its still quite beautiful.
We'll be anxious to talk to Carolyn and Sam in November to hear about their favorite itinerary and some of the nuances and difficulties they've experienced maintaining and managing a "moving home."

Others have written explaining they are in the process of selling their home and belongings (many with storage in the event they don't find the experience to their liking) and some with small apartments or condos they can return to now and then when visiting family and friends.

Brush growing in the shallow water.
Of course, there are drawbacks such as in our case, of not having an apartment or condo in our original home state where most of our family is located. In less than four months we'll be in Minnesota for six weeks for a family/friends visit. With no residence of our own, we have no choice but to stay in a hotel.

Our three grown children and significant other living in Minnesota each have lovely homes with our grandchildren occupying all the bedrooms. In two cases they have cats to which I'm allergic.  With our visit occurring over six weeks this while the grandkids are out of school during summer break, there's no way we'd want nor expect our grandchildren to forgo their bedrooms for this extended period.

Driving down a country road back to the main road that runs along the Huon River.
Long ago, in analyzing the costs for maintaining a "place to live" in Minnesota there was no way it made sense.  A hotel stay is the logical alternative especially since free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, swimming pools and many other amenities are included. 

We'll be fine in the lovely conveniently located hotel for the six weeks when our accommodations are less important than the opportunity to be with our family.   In only 111 days, we'll be arriving in Minnesota.

The reason these trees had been cleared in this forest is a mystery to us.
This life is not for everyone whether traveling by RV or as we do living in vacation homes, on cruise ships and occasionally in hotels.  For many, the lack of feeling rooted is a huge obstacle, along with the distance from family and friends. Many struggle with the thought of selling all of their treasured belongings.

We certainly understand their disinterest in sacrificing so much.  Each situation  is unique and predicated by a special set of circumstances that inspires people like us to embark upon such a nomadic life. 

Bodies of water always remain a focal point for our photos.
Please don't hesitate to share your story with us.  If you prefer to be anonymous, feel free to send an email which we won't publish without your permission.

We're hoping for sun today which has been lacking this entire week.  Its been rainy and cool as we've continued to wear our flannel shirts or hoodies to stay warm. 

Have a warm sunny day wherever you may be, at your home or...on the move.

Photo from one year ago today, February 4, 2016:
Horses in New Zealand (and other parts of the world) wear blankets to regulate their body temperature and protect them from the elements.  For more photos, please click here.


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