Pretty, funny, yummy and cute...Do we always have exceptional views?

Cute.  Last evening I took this photo through the glass of the window in our living room when we happened to see this rabbit on the shore of the Huon River.
Our heading for today's post certainly connotes the theme of most of our desired photos; pretty, funny, yummy and cute.  On occasion, we get lucky and acquire of shot of a scene or situation even we consider to be acceptable.

Both of us are always on the lookout for photo ops not only when we're out exploring but also on days when we're staying in, frequently looking out the window for possibilities. 

Cute, boys and their cars!  Tom and a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500.
Unfortunately, the set up of this otherwise ideal vacation home isn't perfect for photo taking when indoors.  Views of the Huon River in front of us is somewhat impeded by the glass of the windows which don't open adequately for photo taking.

The main floor of this upper level unit (in a two unit house) has a door to a small veranda but most of the river views are blocked by trees and vegetation.  However, we are able to capture a stunning scene through the glass of the windows which don't open adequately for a glass-free shot.

Funny.  Extra large calf nursing from almost same-sized mom.
As a result, the above photo of the rabbit was taken last evening around 7 pm through the glass of the windows.  I didn't expect it to be as clear as it was due to the distance and also the water marks on the glass after a number of rainy days.  

Tom always calls it "safari luck" when I get a good shot, while I have a tendency  to fluff my feathers a bit over finally learning to get it right after all these years.  With a less-than-professional camera and my amateurish skills I suppose that on occasion I'm lucky under the right circumstances.

Yummy apples.
While researching vacation homes we don't necessarily list an easily accessible, view-rich veranda as a criteria. However, when we discover its available, its a definite bonus.

As most of our long term readers have observed, in most cases, we have some type of view in itself an important criteria which we've learned from past experience.  Only in a few cases over these past 51 months have we lived in properties without a view.

Pretty scene.
In only four of our past vacation homes were we dealing with a lack of an astounding view including Kenya (a basic backyard view), Morocco (living in the souk with no exterior view except from the difficult-to-access rooftop), the second house in Fiji (a backyard pool view only) and Phuket, Thailand (a backyard pool view only).

As we continue on, we find ourselves fine tuning our criteria but cost and availability are often factors in determining the prospect of achieving such a finite expectation.

Yummy looking baked goods.
When booking hotels for only one or two nights, we're seldom willing to pay extra for a view. Although in many hotels we've been fortunate to have stunning city views, bodies of water or mountain views.  Without a doubt, views have the potential to make or break the quality of the experience.

In Morocco, living in a riad (a two story house with an open air center courtyard) we didn't have a single window looking outdoors.  Instead, we'd look up to the sky as shown in this photo below:
Looking up at the sky, day and night, is a rare treat, from inside the riad, defined as traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden or courtyard. (This huge house was for the two of us only).  For more photos of this property, please click here.
Don't get me wrong, the house in Morocco was amazing.  However, the lack of a view had a definite impact on the quality of our experience.  After awhile, one can feel a little trapped especially, as was the case in that particular location, it was impossible to rent a car with no parking available in the souks. 

In any case, it was a good experience from which we gleaned a lot of knowledge adding to our repertoire of interesting (to us) times in our world travels.  We've accepted that location is not always perfect for the nuances that work best for our needs.

Pretty scene of the Huon River near our vacation homes in Castle Forbes Bay.
 As for this location, the property, the views, the landlords and the people in the area, we couldn't ask for more.  Comparable to Penguin, some of the most friendly people on the planet live here.

Already, after only a little over two weeks since our arrival in the Huon Valley, we've been sending email back and forth to people we've met along the way.  Of course, meeting locals requires a diligent effort on our part to get out to locations that attracts locals to ensure face-to-face encounters.  We're always seeking such opportunities as evidenced by our photos.

Pretty roses growing in the yard..
Today, rain or shine, we're heading out to another of those events where locals may be found mulling around, photos of which we hope to share over the next several days.

Rain or shine, snow, sleet or hail, have a safe day!

Photo from one year ago today, February 1, 2016:
Cloudy, rainy view of Mount Taranaki in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  For more details, please click here.


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