Which did we prefer in Tasmania, Penguin or Huon Valley?...Three days and counting...

Young woman riding a horse in the country in the Huon Valley.
As far as scenic beauty is concerned both Penguin and the Huon Valley are stunningly beautiful.  Although a common theme of exquisite countryside is prevalent in both areas, the towns and local communities vary greatly.

If a travelers asked us which of the two would be most appealing for a holiday/vacation of one or two weeks, their personal tastes and preferred activities and expectations would be of first consideration.

Beyond that, there's an obvious difference of scenery; Penguin has breathtaking ocean views and nearby beaches; in the Huon Valley one only need drive about 40 minutes to arrive in beach towns with some of the whitest sand we've seen anywhere. 

Dirt road we traveled in the countryside.
Penguin has the opportunity for sea fishing and boating while in the Huon Valley fishing may be experienced on both the Huon River and out to sea as Tom experienced a week ago.  It was his first time fishing on the ocean.

In regard to day to day easy activities such as walking, shopping, and perusing local business on a boulevard, Penguin has a lot more to offer.  The centre of Penguin is enchanting with its quaint shops, cafes and beach town feel. 

However, there are a number of charming towns within a half hour drive from here in Castle Forbes Bay, such as Huonville, Franklin and Geeveston, all of which we've often visited for shopping, events and photo taking. 

There are many horses in Tasmania.
Huonville is the largest of the three towns where we've shopped during these past six weeks although, there are some options for shopping in Franklin and Geeveston.

If a tourist is interested in purchasing souvenirs in the area, the best spot would be at the Visitor's Centre as we described in this post on February 5th when we stopped to check it out.  We weren't disappointed with their wide array of interesting items and of course, their Honey Pot which was over-the-top. This is a must see spot when in the area.

In the Huon Valley, based on where we're living in Castle Forbes Bay, its not as easy as heading out for a walk when our house is located close to main Highway A6.  Walking on the winding narrow road is risky with many blind spots.

This part of Tasmania is surrounded by hills and mountains with a massive river at its core, thus the Huon River and the Huon Valley.
There are a number of out of the way country roads and paths one may choose to walk but since this is a "valley" most of the walking  requires up and down steep hills which may not be suitable for all travelers.

We won't get into all the various tourist attractions in either area.   Its easy to check out TripAdvisor for information on activities in Huonville and surrounding areas here.  For options for Penguin, please click here.

Had we arrived a month or two earlier, the hilly countryside would have been a lush velvety green.
There are many other tourist websites with endless options for exploring and experiencing scenery and indoor and outdoor activities in either of these two lovely areas.

As for friendliness, they both are some of the most friendly areas we've visited in our travels, comparable to Kauai, Hawaii and Marloth Park, South Africa, our previously two favorite "friendly people" places.

Clear blue sky days are at a premium in the Huon Valley during the summer months making locals are giddy with enthusiasm on warm sunny days.
Tomorrow, we'll share details of this lovely property with photos, links and the comfortable experience we've had staying in this well equipped and maintained property.

Have a lovely day!

Photo from one year ago today, February 26, 2016:

The pair of alpacas were placed in a smaller paddock for the purpose of mating.  Notice the others looking on with considerable curiosity. For more about photos and a video of mating alpacas, please click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I have a question re cruising. You have mentioned you like cruises as a way of getting from A to B however I see a number of times you have cruised out of Sydney, returning to Sydney. Is this because you like cruising? Want a change of pace? Or has it to do with length of time you are allowed to stay in one country? We are ever closer to our dream of becoming home free, we will find out next week if our house has sold. I am terrified and excited at the same time!! I am happy to hear you are feeling better each day. Kind regards, Susan

Jessica said...

Susan, thanks for writing! Yes, to all of the above! We do use cruising as a means of getting from Point A to Point B. However, we cruise when we're in an area where we have an opportunity to visit more countries and...we love cruising. It is a great change of pace and we really relax. But more than anything we love meeting the other passengers. Invariably, we have so much fun meeting people and dining with new people every night. We always choose My Time Dining rather than having a set seating arrangement with the same people every night.

Let us know how it goes on your house. We wish you the very best in this process.
The terrified and excited??? We felt the same way at first. Now, we're just excited.

Warmest regards,
Jess & Tom

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