Final Cruise Expenses - See totals here...Off we go to Sydney/Manly...Favorite cruise photos...

View of Sydney from the ship on embarkation day.
Let's start with our expenses for the 12 night cruise on Celebrity Solstice from March 1, 2017 to March 13, 2017 as follows:

ExpenseUS DollarAustralian Dollar
Cruise Fare-Concierge Class $            4,505.36  $         5,992.52
Airfare  $                241.68  $             321.46
Taxi  $                  45.11  $               60.00
Cabin Credit $              (375.00) $           (498.78)
Wi-Fi         included           included 
Gratuities         included           included 
Premium Beverage Pkg         included           included 
Additional Gratuities $              100.00  $           133.01
Cruise Bill for Purchases $                   8.94  $             11.89
Total $            4,526.09  $        6,020.10
Avg Daily Cost - 12 days $               377.17  $           501.68

This life we live seldom leaves us feeling sad when one adventure ends, knowing another begins the the same or next day.  We never experience that slump that we recall from our old life when many years ago we traveled on a rare occasion.

The dreaded pile of unopened mail and unread newspapers, the phone messages on the home answering machine, the unpacking, the mountains of dirty laundry, the immediate need for grocery shopping, and the rotting food in the refrigerator, all left the returning traveler in a tizzy upon returning home.

The pastry chef prepared this suitable dessert for me each night.  It was amazing!
With the lawn's desperate need of mowing and trimming or the piles of snow on the steps, walkways and driveway requiring immediate attention only added to the stress of returning home after a time away.

Another view of Sydney.
In this life, we only need to unpack, wash one load of laundry (as Elite members we're entitled to 30 free laundry items on the ship) and grocery shop upon arrival.  That's it.  Oh yes...get the Wi-Fi working and familiarize ourselves with our new home for weeks or perhaps months yet to come.  Easy.

It was such fun to spend time with new friends Christine and Harold and to be able to enjoy dinner in their Penthouse Suite.
Today, we'll arrive in Sydney/Manly Beach where we hadn't arranged for a rental car.  Instead, we'll use the Manly ferry and public transportation (both walking distance to the vacation property) to take us anywhere we 'd like to go. 

Our favorite sea and city photo of Noumea, New Caledonia from the ship with rainbow in the background.
Once we're settled, we'll head out on foot for the local bus to take us to the closest Woolie's market.  Most likely, by 4 pm, we'll be back with roasted chickens, fresh veggies and salad fixings for our first night's meal in our new home for the next 40 days.

We love this face at Luna Park, located in Sydney Harbour.
Each time we make our way through this exploratory process, we do so with the wonder of a wide-eyed child, eager to know more and more.  Instead of having angst about the vacation/holiday period ending, we're excited as the new leg of our journey begins.

This sugar free vanilla latte has been a delicious treat for me.
No doubt, as we mentioned many times in our posts, we love cruising and the outrageous amount of socialization we readily embrace.  When its ends with a degree of commotion required to disembark the cruise, its a bit cumbersome and at times, annoying.

We can't wait for the "night at the opera" for which we have tickets on March 18th.
Once we're on our way in the taxi or rental car, our hearts flutter with enthusiasm.  Hopefully, today won't be an exception.  Over time, Tom has experienced less and less "overly grumpy" periods while I've maintained my usual "overly bubbly" demeanor, making the end of yet another travel day relatively painless.

We never tired of the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Tomorrow, we'll be back with photos of our new location, hopefully at ease and content in all that it has to offer.  See you soon!

Photo from one year ago today, March 13, 2016:
Upon arriving "home" after a drive to the countryside in New Plymouth, NZ we laughed over this photo of Belted Galloway cattle that appears to be what??? A six legged bull?  No. The photo was a fluke with one bull standing behind the other.  We didn't stay longer for better photos when they began showing signs of aggression.  For more details, please click here.


Unknown said...

Hi Jess & Tom,
Firstly congrats on your 26th wedding anniversary and thank you for your posts over the last 2 weeks on the cruise - found them all very interesting and trust you will enjoy your time at Manly - you must go top Shelley's Beach and the restaurant there - a lovely walk past the surf club out to a headland. Penguin people are still asking about you so keep the blogs coming - cheers to you both Terry & Fran.

Jessica said...

Terry & Fran, thanks for anniversary wishes. Being on a cruise is a fabulous way to spend an anniversary. We're settled in Manly for now but after you read today post, you can see we're a little concerned. Last night we went to dinner at Shelly's Beach. What a gorgeous place wind, rain and all. We'll return on a sunny day for sure. Give our love to the Penguin people and a hug to both of you.
Jess & Tom

JB said...

OK, silly question, If you are gone for more than a month, why not have a lawn service cut your grass? I am new to your blog and you might address it. We are going to be doing some of this once we retire.

Jessica said...

Dear JB,
Perhaps you haven't had an opportunity to read more of our posts but actually, we sold everything and we don't have a lawn, a house, a car or storage. All we have are 3 checked bags and 2 carry on bags as we travel the world for 53 months to date. Thus, no lawn to mow.

Thanks for stopping by,
Jess & Tom

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