Hard to resist...Rocking the night away...Lautoka, Fiji...

Freighter beyond a peninsula while docked in Lautoka, Fiji.
I can't recall the last time we danced as much as we have on this cruise.  Oh sure, when we first started dating in 1991 it wasn't unusual for us to go "on a date" to end up on the dance floor rocking the night away. 
Again, last night there was another "silent disco."  Immediately after dinner, both exhausted from too much fun, we walked past the event on the way to our cabin hoping to turn in early for a change.

Many Fijian islands are small as shown here.
Alas, Tom grabbed two lighted headsets off the DJ's table, plopping one on  each of our heads.  Our instantaneous response was to immediately start dancing while the 1965 Four Tops song, "I Can't Help Myself" was blaring on the "red" channel.

Once we started moving, it was nearly impossible to stop.  When Tom left for the restroom, I continued to dance by myself until some 30 something guy grabbed my hand and twirled me around, suddenly my new dance partner until Tom returned.  Oh, good grief!

There are hundreds of islands in Fiji.
It easy to remember music from "the old days" especially when today's younger generation has a profound interest in music from our era in the 60's, 70's and 80's when some of the best dance music rocked the radio waves and sound systems in our cars and homes.  We often hear the old songs in movies, TV shows and at a variety of venues.

Sure, most of our dance moves are still the same from our distant past.  Hardly ever does anyone adopt a new style of dance when as amateurs we kind of "loved the one we're with" in more than one way...our personal dance style and, our preferred dance partner.

The industrial port held little interest for us in getting off the ship.

Isn't it funny how when we're dancing we each think our style is still upbeat and trendy?  Any yet, as we looked around it was easy to tell how old the dancers were, beside inspecting the laugh lines on their faces and crinkles around their eyes.  Their dance style gave it all away and we were no exception to the rule.

Its during the gyrations on the dance floor that suddenly we become young again, energized, hopeful for a long and healthy life and overall grateful to be alive and able to move about to the fast paced thumping of the music. 

Buses were lined up at the port to take passengers on a variety of tours.
A variety of songs played on the three colored lighted stations consisting of red, blue and green lights on the headset.  One need only notice the color of their own favorite song on their headset to dance with someone else listening to the same station, same color. 

Although many couples and groups didn't seem to care if their partners were listening and dancing to different songs, everyone regardless of the songs couldn't seem to stop dancing, laughing and interacting.

Booths were set up along the port for tourists to shop.  No interest in that!
Perhaps the average age in the overall group was probably around 50 with many of the dancers were well into their 70s and some into their 80s.  There was only a handful of 20 somethings.

What great exercise!  I wish I could have kept up with Tom who has proven he can dance non-stop for hours.  Maybe by the next cruise, I'll have recovered sufficiently enough to keep up with my five years younger husband.  In any case, I did my fair share on the dance floor.

Many passengers enjoy cruising for the shopping.  For us, we're only interested iin spending our remaining AU $133, US $100 non-refundable cabin credit. 

Hoping for an early evening Tom didn't get to sleep until well after 1:00 am and it was 2:15 am the last time I looked at the time on the phone.  Today, another sleepy day, we'll attempt a short nap at some point. 

Neither of us are good at napping when its hard to turn off the "music" in our heads.  I suppose in essence, that's a good thing!

May you have music in your head today and always!
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