Part 1,...Oh, What a Night!...Surprising private dinner...Who knew?...

Baby Grand player piano in the living area of the Penthouse Suite on Celebrity Solstice.
"Oh, What a Night" it was indeed! Click here for the song."  We feel so fortunate for the wide array of experiences in which we embark along the way, especially those we least expect.

Cruise Critic members lounging in the living room of the Penthouse Suite.
Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 pm we joined a group of Cruise Critic members for an activity referred to as a "cabin crawl."  This event is made available by Cruise Critic members who are staying in a variety of staterooms at varying prices, willing to show them off to the members.

52 inch LCD flat screen TV and sound system with a second smaller unit in the bedroom.
We were more curious to see the higher priced cabins as opposed to those comparable to ours (mid range) or the inside cabins which to date, we've never booked.  We like to have access to the outdoors and are willing to pay the added fare required for balcony cabins.

Appetizer spread on dining table in Penthouse Suite.
It's never been on our radar or a longing desire to book a penthouse suite.  Although, we found yesterday's experience of viewing the luxury cabin, not for one moment did we long for or consider doing so at any time in the future.  Based on our continual world travels such an expenditure would be highly impractical especially when priced anywhere for US $2,000 to US $3,000, AU $2,633 to AU $3950 per night.

Kitchen/bar area in Penthouse Suite well equipped for the tour.
With the enjoyment of meeting passengers throughout the day and evening, we only sleep in our cabin, shower and dress for the day and the evening.  Its a rare occasion we'll spend more than one hour a day lounging in the cabin. 
If  passengers can afford such a luxury suite, one might feel obligated to spend time inside rather than exploring and meeting others throughout the day and evening.  But, no doubt the experience would be outstanding.

King sized bed with sliding doors to the veranda.
Those who are easily able to afford the expensive accommodations, often choose the Penthouse Suite for a variety of reasons;  the lush comforts; inclusive butler and food service from any of the specialty restaurants; avoidance of dining and mingling in often crowded venues and also the vast number of inclusive amenities that we're sharing here today including the following: 

"Penthouse Suite

Category PS
Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors; master bedroom features king-size bed, 52" LCD TV, vanity, walk-in closet, marble master bathroom with whirlpool tub, shower stall with dual shower heads, double washbasins and 26" LCD TV; separate living room with dining area; baby grand piano; sofa queen sleeper; full bar; lounge seating; Surround sound entertainment system with 52" LCD TV; full guest bathroom; veranda with whirlpool and lounge seating. (Stateroom: 1,291 sq. ft.,(120 sq. meters) Veranda: 389 sq.ft (36 sq. meters).

Walk in closet in the bedroom.
When the group of approximately 30 Cruise Critic members finally gathered to explore the various cabins, we were on our way to the 11th deck where the first is our tour was the Penthouse Suite.

Shower stall with dual shower heads.
Of course, we were in awe as the lovely engaged couple graciously welcomed us at the door.  Not only had they generously offered to show their suite but they also had an elaborate display of appetizers, beverages and champagne.  It couldn't have been more well planned and beautifully presented.

Jacuzzi tub for two with leather headrests in master bedroom en suite.
Mulling around the suite, we chatted with other passengers many of whom firmly planted themselves on the comfortable furnishings with food and drink on their laps. 

The veranda is huge at 389 square feet (36 square meters) as shown in this photo and the photo below.
In taking our photos we intended to accomplish two things; one, maintain the privacy of the suite occupants and; two, take as many photos as possible without other passengers impeding the view.  We did our best and with a bit of editing we were able to avoid most shots with the 30 plus people in the suite at one time.

Alternate view of the veranda.  I wonder why Tom was looking down.
As we were about to leave we stopped to thank the host and hostess and a short conversation ensued during which they invited us to a private dinner later that evening in their suite.

We were delighted by their thoughtful invitation assuming we'd be part of a larger group attending dinner in the luxury accommodations. Little did we know we were the only couple attending.

This is quite a plus...a jacuzzi tub on the veranda.  This appealed to me the most of all of the amenities.
The evening was delightful and memorable.  More on this story in tomorrow's post including photos of us with our new friends. Right now, we have to get moving while the ship is docked in Nuoma, New Caledonia.  Who visits New Caledonia and what possible treasures might it behold?

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago, March 4, 2017:

Kitty-corner crosswalks are legal in many locations in New Zealand.  A year ago today, we purchased our current camera. For pricing and information, please click here.


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