Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me...Late posting unavoidable when having too much fun...

Clock tower of Lands Department building in Sydney city centre. (Photo taken a quite a distance..please excuse the blur).
We're obviously not on a sailboat but we're on a ship that "sails the seas."  This song came to mind last night as we gushed with enthusiam at being on yet another cruise.

Here are some of the words from the song by Christopher Cross, "Sailing" popular in 1980 (click here for video):

"Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me"

Commuter train crossing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Its was 10:00 am when I began writing today's post/  Tom was participating in Cruise Critic's "slot pull" in the casino while I was comfortably seated in the Cafe al Bacio in our usual spot on this particular cruise. 

This morning we attended the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet and then each took off for our plans for the rest of the morning.  Of course, I got sidetracked with people stopping by to chat and by noon when Tom returned it was time to go to lunch.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.
We do most activities together.  This morning, realizing how late it was getting after breakfast in the Epernay Dining Room engaging in interesting and diverse conversations with other passengers and afterward attending the Cruise Critic event, I suggested that I hang out in the cafe preparing and uploading today's post.

Please don't think that for one moment I'm not enjoying doing the daily posts while aboard a ship which in this case  happens to be the beautiful Celebrity Solstice, our 17th cruise since we began, our third time on this ship. 

The bars were all packed with passengers getting their drinks on embarkation day.
This month on March 15th, we'll have been posting for a total of five years.  Once we transitioned to posting daily on March 1, 2013 we've never missed a day except when we had no Wi-Fi signal or a power outage.  In most cases, we were able to get back online and post later in the day, the evening or a day or two later, even posting on travel days from the airport.

Last night, the Solstice embarked from Sydney Harbour at 6:30 pm as soon as we were settled at our shared table for 10 in the dining room. We were so busy having fun, we hardly noticed we were headed out of the Sydney Harbour to the Tasman Sea. 

There are several of these unique benches on the upper decks.
Its no wonder we love cruising.  The commonalities that cruise passengers possess is astounding.  At times, we meet poeple who've been traveling all of their lives resulting in as many, if not more, experiences than we've had to date.

The flight from Hobart to Sydney was quick and easy arriving in 90 minutes.  The cab ride from the airport to the cruise terminal took less then 30 minutes.  Our bags were wisked away (we always keep the carry on bags with us) and found no queue required to check in for the cruise.

Packed ocean front buildings on the Sydney Harbour.
From the time we arrived at the cruise terminal to be entering our cabin was only 45 minutes, one of the quicker check-ins we've had.  We were pleasantly reminded of the value of the upgrade when we entered our cabin on the 10th deck.  On this particular cruise we purchased the upgraded Concierge category since it was priced better than our usual veranda category. 

With this category, we received several perks which we'll share in a future post.  For now, we're loving every moment.  I'm eating small meals twice a day and my protein smoothie in place of breakfast.  

Visitors walking toward the Sydney Opera House.
This plan seems to help although I'm not as free of symptoms as I'd expect after nine days of taking two types of antibiotics and the PPI.  Maybe I'll have "safari luck" and this medical issue will be resolved by the end of the cruise.  If not, more doctor appointment may be required during the 40 nights in Sydney. 

I was almost finished with the post when it was time to head to the dining room for a light lunch.  After getting wrapped up with more fabulous people we only recently returned at 2:00 pm to our favorite spot in the cafe on this ship and I was able to complete today's post.  Sorry for the delay.  Please expect our posts to be available three or fours later than usual.  Once we're on land after March 14th, we'll return to our usual time.

Sydney Opera House. We're thrilled to have reservations for an opera on March 18th, only weeks away.
As we cruise along we'll have more to share including many photos at ports of call we'd yet to visit.

Have a great day, "sailing" with us on this latest journey!
Photo from one year ago today, March 2, 2017:

It was such fun to hand feed the alpacas their special grassy feed. Some were too shy to participate. For more photos, please click here.


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From a cruise tragic, love reading your posts at sea. My cruise critic name is 'charlii' we are Heather and Ray. Trying to get organised for world cruise leaving Melb. 22nd May, on Sea Princess. Maybe we will cross paths 1 day. Happy continued travelling.

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