Isle of Pines, New Caledonia...Planning a get-together with our readers while in Minnesota...Please RSVP by email...

The beginning of the miniature golf course on deck 12.
Our ship, Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas has reached land after two and a half days at sea since leaving Sydney on April 22nd.  We plan to embark on a tender boat for a 20 minutes ride, to have an opportunity to browse the island and take some photos.

All is going well thus far as we thoroughly enjoy every moment aboard the ship, meeting more and more wonderful people, engaging in lively conversations while sharing endless stories of travel and life.

A small uninhabited island off the coast of New Caledonia.
Many passengers aboard the ship are from other parts of the world beside Australia and  are of varying ages.  We received the following information from the Diamond Club concierge where we're seated at this time.  See this information below:

Passenger stats
Australia:  1889
US:            830
Canada:     147
UK:            103
NZ:             81
Germany:    44
Brazil:         10
Ireland:       10
Other:         92
Total passengers: 3186
Diamond Club & above: 880

Ages of Passengers
22 - 30:         75
31 - 40:         89
41-50:          151
51-65:        1162
66-75:        1311
75 and over: 305

The basketball play area on deck 12.
Last night we had another engaging evening in the Sapphire Dining room while half of our table of 12 became engrossed in a discussion about politics.  Not precipitated by either of us, Tom was excited and animated to participate in discussing world affairs with a few other politically minded individuals at our table.  He was in his element.

Based on the fact that we prefer to keep our views under wraps in our posts, he was thrilled to be able to spew his opinions with other like-minded individuals.    I listened intently occasionally interjected a short blurb into the conversation. 

Another island in New Caledonia.
When the dining room was about to close, we wandered to the Palace Theatre to see a comedian performing a late night "adult" show.  Both of us dosed off during the show.  I awoke with a stiff neck and rattled Tom's shoulder stating, "Let's go to the cabin and get some sleep." 

Off we went to our cabin for what proved to be a good night's sleep.  By 7:30 am we were seated in the Sapphire Dining Room with two couples at a shared table for breakfast.

Rock climbing wall.
As for the upcoming date for our get-together in Minnesota, we're shooting for Friday, June 9, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm.  We'll get back to our readers with a location once we have an idea of how many people may be able to come. 

The location will be near Highways 394 and 494 located close Minnetonka/Plymouth.  The exact location will be posted over several days as the time approaches. 

Please email me if you'd like to attend at the link on our web page on the right side of each day's homepage or by clicking here.

Today is ANZAC day, a day of remembrance for lives lost in wars in Australia and New Zealand.  A presentation was conducted on the ship's pool deck at 5:45 am.  We didn't attend but later watched the event on TV. 

We'll be back tomorrow with photos from our visit to Isle of Pines, New Caledonia.  Have a blissful day!

Based on the poor Wi-Fi signal aboard the ship, it appears we won't be able to post any "one year ago" photos until after we arrive in Vancouver on May 15th.   Thank you for your patience.


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