Not yet!...Kind of frustrating...The wait continues...

Almost every day our new "Birdie" stops by for bits of meat he'll eat from my hand.  Already, he responds to my voice.  It was fun to capture him sitting atop this small stature.
No, the computer hasn't arrive which according to Fed Ex tracking was due to arrive yesterday by 6 pm.  We'd anticipated a customs check but didn't expect it to totally stop movement of the package.

When we spotted this notice on the tracking website, we moaned in frustration over yet another wait.  The website states, "Clearance Delay.  No scheduled delivery date available at this time."
This magpie wanted in on the action.
Soon, we'll call the Mantraville Fed Ex processing center located about 17 km from Sydney to ask the status of our shipment.  According to online customs information, there are no customs fees collected if the value of the item itself is under AU $1000, US $760.74.

The cost for the laptop without tax was under AU $920, US $700 so this shouldn't be an issue.  If we do have to pay customs fees, we may qualify to have them returned to us once we leave the country.  We'll see how it rolls out today.

With his mouth open, he welcomes a bite to eat.
Even if we discover the package is back in motion, most likely we won't receive it until tomorrow or later.  Tom's holding up well without a computer which surprises me. 

He entertains himself with his smart phone, reading and responded to the zillions of email messages he receives daily, Facebook posts and can access and Cruise Critic, two sites he particularly enjoys.

The second package is due to arrive today.  Based on the fact it was shipped from Tasmania which is an island in Australia, we're hoping we don't experience any customs issues.  Most likely that package's contents were examined somewhere along the way.

Kookaburras are carnivorous thus we feed them tiny raw pieces of meat.
Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment to get a prescription for the four-week post antibiotic regiment for Helicobactor Pylori test to determine if its been eradicated by the two rounds of two antibiotics I took last month. 

In Australia, a patient cannot order their own tests making a doctor visit mandatory as is typical in most countries.  I have no desire to see a doctor but its imperative to have this completed now, hoping to discover the infection is truly gone.

Plumeria are often used to make leis in Hawaii.
I'm still not feeling 100% but have read it can take months for this particular condition to fully heal, long after treatment has ended.  I'll report the results once I know.  In the interim, I may request a few more tests to determine if along the way, I may have contracted any other intestinal bugs contributing to the slow recovery. sounds as if we're "whinging."  That's not my intention.  In our continuing efforts to be real and open we share our experiences exactly as they occur. 

Pretty pink flower.
On occasion, situations transpire over which we have little or no control.  Its during those times that we may feel frustrated.  Surely, our readers could easily lose interest in our posts if we were always upbeat, cheerful and "overly bubbly."  We all know "that person" who is way too cheerful at all times. Their demeanor may eventually become boring and monotonous.

Rainbow at dusk during storm from Cyclone Debbie.

I stopped while preparing this post, long enough to call Fed Ex.  Our package was at a complete standstill, waiting for us to call.  They didn't read the included invoice which stated the purchase price of the laptop was under AU $920, US $700. 

The rep advised me to send the actual invoice which I prepared as a PDF and sent promptly to her email.  Now, back to the waiting game as she determines based on receipt of our invoice that we do not owe any Australia custom taxes or fees.

Cloudy day at the beach.
Back to our obsessive checking of the Fed Ex tracking page to see when its on the move once again.  As for the second package, that is supposed to arrive today according to this morning's Austalia post tracking page.

A few determined surfers on a rainy day at the beach.
We shall see what transpires...We wait.

Hopefully, you don't have to wait impatiently for products or services today!

Photo from one year ago today, April 4, 2016:
Tom got a kick out of how many chickens and roosters began to follow us during our visit to Taranake Pioneer Village in New Zealand, one year ago.  Please click here for more photos.


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