One package arrived!!! Threatening note in the box from US Homeland Security...Yikes!

These houses are all valued well over AU $3,000,000, US $2,269,500.  As we've mentioned in prior posts, home prices are high in Australia, more than we've seen in any country.  This photo shows Bob's house on the far left. Our apartment is located on the lower level with doors wide open as shown.  The house in the center is up for auction this coming Saturday.  We'll tour the house, take photos and post them here on Sunday along with the results of the auction. (Not our photo).
Yesterday around 3 pm, the package finally arrived with our supplies shipped from Nevada to Tasmania and then to us here in Fairlight, much to our relief.  Every item was intact except one as mentioned below, although it was evident they'd opened most of the items for inspection.

Surprisingly, a note was contained in the box stating that an "illegal" drug contained therein had been confiscated and could result in further action.  Oh, good grief. 

Multi million dollar houses are stacked up along the shore with small lots.
It was a bottle of  generic Benadryl, an-over-the-counter allergy medication we may use on occasion when we've have a bad cold, allergic reaction (we're both allergic to bee stings) or an annoying runny nose.  The bottle was in the box, emptied of its contents with the note below, warning of our illegal  shipment.
Had we known this is an illegal substance, we certainly wouldn't have purchased it from Amazon.

The note we found in the box of supplies from the US Department of Homeland Security.
Gee...we hope the US Department of Homeland Security has better things to do than worry about our bottle of Benadryl.  It was this same over-the-counter item that may have saved Tom's life years ago when we were in Arkansas on our way to a convention when he was stung by a hornet. 

Homes nestled in the hills.
I had him put one of these pills under his tongue to buy time to get him to a hospital where he was further treated.  It was this experience that prompted us to ensure we always had a supply of Benadryl on hand wherever we travel throughout the world.
Otherwise, all items were in the box based on the checklist our mailing service had included.  To finally have our drivers licenses, tax documents, my year's supply of contact lenses, my new smart phone, a few items of clothing, a variety of nutritional supplements and more, was quite a relief.

Contemporary homes facing the beach.  There's no one architectural style that predominates homes in Australia.
We spent the remainder of the day unpacking the items, checking off the list and of course, I spent time setting up my new phone.  Last night,  it was quite a treat to be able to go to bed with my own phone, read the news and wander off to sleep.

In a few hours, Bob will drive me to the Stockland Mall where the medical clinic is located.  Tom will stay behind and wait for his laptop to arrive.  As it turned out, Australian Customs accepted our receipt for the purchase of the computer from Amazon. 

Homeowners continue to renovate their homes, adding greatly to the value.
Subsequently, we don't have to pay any customs fees or taxes.  As the day progressed I "chatted" back and forth with a rep at Fed Ex who kindly agreed to oversee the process to ensure we'd receive the package today. 

Many homes have long steep driveways.  Since it doesn't snow or often reach freezing temperatures in Sydney these steep driveways are navigable.
The Fed Ex rep mentioned he'd noticed the link to our site at the bottom of my email and started reading our posts, thoroughly enjoying our story while anxious to read more in his free time.  We've found it always helps to build some type of commonality with people from whom we may need some assistance. 

I have no doubt the package will arrive today, especially when we noticed the tracking information had been updated this morning indicating it will arrive by 6 pm.

Many homes are built into the hills making full use of nature.
We apologize for the frequent mention of the pending arrival of these two packages. With the contents being of such importance to us, hopefully our readers have been patient with the frequent comments over these past many posts. 

In our narrow little world, a laptop, an unlocked phone, our drivers licenses and tax documents become very important to the quality of our lives.  Perhaps, these items are more important than the booking of a flight, a holiday home or a cruise.

Small watercraft lined the beach in this area.
Speaking of cruises, in 17 days, we'll be leaving on the cruise back to North America. As much as we've enjoyed this amazing continent and part of the world, we are looking forward to the next leg of our journey.

Back at you soon!  Have a meaningful day filled with wonderful surprises.

Photo from one year ago today, April 5, 2016:

It was this photo that prompted us to notify Trish and Neil when we suspected something was terribly wrong when tiny Mont Blanc (on the left) who was attempting to nurse from his mom while another born-that-season cria nursed from her as well, an uncommon scene.  Even Mom Giselle looks surprised by this event.  Click here for the post on that date.  It was at this time that we all knew little Mont Blanc's life was nearing an end.  For the rest of the story, please click here.


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